I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 31

I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Boiled Cabbage! Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios The so-called ‘boiling water’ was actually using the purest chicken soup.

This soup needed to be brewed with precious ingredients such as an old hen, an old duck, pork trotters, pork ribs, dried scallop for at least four hours and then specially handled.

The chicken soup that was finally brewed was like clear water, but it also had a rich taste that refreshed one’s taste buds.

Only by watering the cabbage with such soup until it was cooked could it be called [Boiled Cabbage].

The final product looked like it was made of clear soup without any oil, but in reality, it was tender and beautiful, surpassing all the dishes in the world.

Xu Le did not had time to practice much in the system space.

This was also the first time Xu Le was making this dish in real life.

Hence, he could not help but feel nervous.

Half a pig’s front trotter, half a pig’s back trotter, a black farm chicken, an old duck, and a small piece of golden ham.




All the ingredients were washed clean.

The internal organs of the poultry were removed and cut in half.

He took out all the chicken breast meat for other use.

The golden ham was soaked in water and its outer skin was peeled off.

The organizers of the competition had already provided the best ingredients for all the contestants.

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COM The piece of golden ham in his hand had already been processed for 10 years.

The meat was firm, fragrant and fresh.

It was not at all inferior to the Iberian 5J ham in Italy.

He placed all the ingredients into the pot and blanched them.

After the water boiled, he removed the foam.

After blanching, all the raw materials were fished out and washed again.

Next was to cook the ‘boiling water’.

He took out a large pot that was more than half a meter tall and placed all the ingredients into it.

Then, he put in some chopped green onions and ginger slices.

He poured 15 liters of clear water into it and began to boil it.

This was another time-consuming job.

Because these ingredients needed to be boiled in the pot for three hours before they could be taken out for the next step.

“What proficient moves!” Seeing Xu Le handle the chicken, duck, and pig trotters skillfully, the chefs at the judging panel were all surprised.

Most importantly, Xu Le actually knew to cook these two dishes! Both [Boiled Cabbage] and [Pagoda Meat] were extremely difficult dishes.

Furthermore, the recipes for these two dishes were also secret recipes of various restaurants.

They would rarely reveal them to outsiders.

Some chefs who had been in the industry for four or five years were still not skilled enough.

Even if they obtained the recipes of these dishes, they would not be able to produce the desired effect.

As an eight-year-old child, Xu Le was actually able to operate in an orderly manner within the stipulated time.

This was already extremely shocking.

“Chef Lin, do you think… anyone can make all the dishes in this competition?” Lin Shuwei narrowed his eyes and pondered for a moment before shaking his head.

In the eyes of the judges, none of the ten experienced chefs present could cook all of the dishes, let alone obtain high marks.

The competition only lasted six hours.

The few dishes that the contestants needed to make were all extremely difficult.

Furthermore, each dish required a lot of time.

It was already very good to be able to finish a dish in a mere six hours.

Even from Lin Shuwei’s perspective, this was almost impossible.

However, when he came to the competition venue to be a judge that day, he had indeed gained a pleasant surprise.

At such a young age, Xu Le was actually able to master such difficult dishes.

Furthermore, he completed the production process in an orderly manner.

This had completely exceeded the expectations of the judges.

The remaining contestants were all extremely experienced chefs.

However, Xu Le’s performance in this segment could at least rank in the top three.

“Next, let’s see how they are going to deal with the osmanthus sweet wine.

” The smile on Lin Shuwei’s face couldn’t be concealed anymore.

He had added this dessert into that day’s competition.

His goal was simple.

He wanted to test the ability of these participants to adapt to the situation.

Osmanthus Sweet Wine – this dish required fermentation for at least 24 to 48 hours.

But they were only given six hours.

These contestants needed to find a substitute that was closest to osmanthus sweet wine on top of making the meat, vegetable, and main dishes.

After the chicken, duck, and pork trotters were all put into the pot.

Xu Le looked at the time.

It took him half an hour to process the ingredients.

In other words, there were less than two hours until the pork belly was frozen.

“Less than two hours…” Xu Le’s expression turned serious.

It seemed that he needed to find a dessert that could replace osmanthus sweet wine in less than two hours.

Xu Le actually found a seat to sit down in this tense competition segment.

He needed to think and try.

Everything around him became chaotic.

Xu Le’s consciousness was immersed in the system space.

And in the eyes of the audience and the judges, all of this was completely different.

“Why did Xu Le sit down all of a sudden? Did… did he run into any difficulties?” Even the host who was in charge of commentating could not help but raise his doubts.

In the live-stream, the bullet screen was filled with comments.

Many of the audience had come to watch this match because of Xu Le.

After all, the image of Xu Le as the eight-year-old little Master Chef in the past two weeks had already been deeply ingrained in everyone’s hearts.

Many netizens liked Xu Le’s character very much.

He was clearly just an eight-year-old kid, but he spoke and did things like a young adult.

He had a maturity that did not match his age, but most of the time, his actions matched his age very well, making him look very cute and adorable.

The number of fans on Xu Le’s personal social media account had already exceeded 7 million.

He could even be considered a huge internet sensation.

When they saw Xu Le suddenly stop in the middle of the competition, many of the audience felt their hearts ache.

The host also had a discussion with the program organizers.

After all, they did not know what had happened.

However, Xu Le seemed to be… resting? There was still time to rest during such an urgent competition? However, considering that Xu Le was only eight years old, his stamina would definitely be greatly exhausted after such a long period of hard work, so it seemed reasonable for him to take a break.

The production team planned to wake him up if Xu Le still did not respond after half an hour.

If a contestant fell asleep during the competition, wouldn’t it become a broadcasting incident?