I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 24

I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 24

Chapter 24: 6640 Repetitions of Mapo Tofu! Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios How many times could he make Mapo Tofu in a month? Xu Le used his actions to obtain an answer.

Xu Le had many problems and insufficiencies when he first made Mapo Tofu.

After a month of practice in the system space, his skills in making Mapo Tofu had reached perfection.

The Mapo Tofu had reached the pinnacle of numbness, spiciness, hotness, fragrance, crispyness, tenderness, freshness, and liveliness.

As soon as he took a bite, the smooth and hot tofu felt like it was going to explode in his mouth.

It was mixed with a spicy and fragrant taste, instantly bringing his taste buds to its peak sensation.

This was the true enjoyment on the tip of the tongue.

A month had passed in the system space, but only two hours had passed in the real world.

Xu Le had already finished studying the new dish.




Xu Le bought ingredients like flour, chicken thigh, and so on as usual.

However, this time, there was an additional gypsum tofu among the ingredients he bought.

If he wanted the taste of the Mapo Tofu to reach its extreme best, it would be best if he made the tofu by hand.

But that would be too much work.

Xu Le was alone, after all, and needed time to take care of his sister.

He could not do everything himself.

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COM When he arrived at the food stall, Xu Le wrote the new dish [Mapo Tofu] on the signboard.

The total number of dishes on the signboard also reached five.

Oil doused noodles, Kung Pao chicken, tomato egg soup, old vinegar radish, Mapo Tofu rice.

Although it was Monday, there was still an endless stream of pedestrians and customers on Hongxing Food Street.

As the most popular food stall on this street, Xu Le’s food stall naturally attracted the attention of countless people.

“Master Chef, did you add a new dish?” A customer asked in surprise.

“Yes,” Xu Le replied with a smile.

This [Mapo Tofu] was not only edible, but it could also be delivered.

After the Mapo Tofu was delivered to customers, although it wasn’t as hot anymore, the spicy and fragrant taste wouldn’t change at all.

“Give me a serving of it!” “I want one too, and a bowl of tomato egg soup.

” “I don’t like to eat tofu.

I still prefer to eat noodles.

Give me a bowl of oil doused noodles and a bowl of tomato egg soup!” “I want a serving of Mapo Tofu Rice!” The surrounding customers started to order their dishes one after another.

Xu Le also started to get busy.

The prepared tofu was boiled in a pot of water.

The soybean paste and tempeh were chopped up, stir-fried in the pot with beef fillings.

Xu Le handled all the steps smoothly.

He had practiced this dish more than six thousand times in the system space.

Even when he chopped the soybean paste into pieces, Xu Le knew what kind of knife technique could achieve the best effect – whether the taste of the bean paste was better when he cut it vertically or horizontally.

This Mapo Tofu dish was almost completed to its perfection by Xu Le.

After all, he had been practicing in the system space for a month.

He didn’t take any break and was practising the whole time.

He didn’t need to eat nor sleep.

He spent the 30 days all on perfecting one dish.

This was already comparable to two to three years of effort for ordinary people.

Coupled with the perfect recipe that Xu Le had exchanged from the system.

No one in the whole of China would dare say that they could cook Mapo Tofu better than Xu Le.

In less than ten minutes, a pot of fragrant Mapo Tofu was finished.

Xu Le scooped up a big spoonful and poured it over the prepared white rice.

This rice was also carefully selected by Xu Le.

It was made from the five types of rice from Heilongjiang.

The rice grains that were steamed were plump and tasted excellent.

At that moment, a large spoonful of Mapo Tofu was poured onto the rice, covering it with a thick layer.

The red gravy from the Mapo Tofu flowed down and soaked the rice.

Let alone eating tofu, just this gravy and rice alone could make people eat several bowls.

The minced meat and garlic sprouts served as embellishments.

Due to the fact that the beef fillings had been fried once, all of the fat had been extracted, making it juicy but not greasy.

The garlic sprouts had already been blanched and were sprinkled above.

They looked like they had just grown out of the ground, but they did not leave any strange taste in the mouth.

This bowl of rice was absolutely delicious! Soon, the surrounding customers were all served a bowl.

As Xu Le only had a small food stall, there were insufficient seats, so the customers could only stand at the side and eat.

But even so, they had no complaints.

With the popularity of Xu Le’s food stall, it was already very good to be able to reach their turn and buy a bowl.

Why would they still bother about having to stand and eat? “It’s so delicious!” All the customers who had eaten this bowl of Mapo Tofu Rice all gave Xu Le a thumbs up.

There was a mixture of fragrance from the savory, spicy and numbing taste and from the sauces.

Combined with the discrete and grainy rice, it was quite enjoyable to eat.

For many people, when they ate, they would mix the tofu and rice together.

When all the flavors were combined together, the taste was unparalleled.

Xu Le also posted the news of the food stall being able to deliver [Mapo Tofu Rice] on his social media account.

In an extremely short period of time, the dish had directly shot up to the top ten of the popular rankings.

And it was even number one on the Shanghai popularity rankings! On the food delivery platform, 300 servings of [Mapo Tofu Rice] were sold out in less than five minutes.

Soon, Xu Le’s food stall was filled with delivery men.

Even with Xu Le’s efficiency, it took him two hours to finish 500 servings of Mapo Tofu.

After they were done packing, Xu Le felt a sense of accomplishment as he watched the delivery man put them into the delivery box and deliver them one by one.

For a chef, what could be happier than watching his customers eat the food he made with contentment? Of course nothing was comparable.

After the meal time was over, the Hongxing food street became much quieter.

There were still some passersby visiting to take photos.

Xu Le started clearing up the tables and cleaned the stove and pots.

Two uninvited guests arrived at the food stall.

Xu Le looked up and saw that the other party was wearing a city enforcement officer uniform.

The city enforcement officers… what were they doing here?