I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 8

I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Kung Pao Chicken Ready To Be Served! Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios After the dough was kneaded, the next step was to leaven the dough.

This was not a task about the skills, but about time.

He applied a layer of soybean oil, sealed it with preservation film, and placed it there for half an hour.

During this half an hour.

What Xu Le wanted to prepare was “Kung Pao Chicken”.

Although Xu Le had already familiarized himself with making it 5000 times in the system space.

However, this was his first time preparing this dish in real life after all.

Moreover, he needed to gain the approval of the customers.

Therefore, he was somewhat nervous.


Li watched attentively from the side.

She was not good at cooking, but if she could learn 50%… no, even 30% from Xu Le, she would be satisfied.




In reality, that was indeed the case.

The Kung Pao Chicken that Xu Le made was the most perfect and authentic recipe rewarded by the system.

Even in a five-star hotel, the Kung Pao Chicken might not taste better than Xu Le’s.

The only possibility was… If it was made by some aristocratic family known for Sichuan cuisine or a descendant of a palace kitchen worker, they might be able to compete with Xu Le.

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COM Other than that, there was no point in comparing.

“First, add a bowl of Kung Pao sauce.

” While Xu Le was cooking, he explained all his steps.

As for how much Teacher Li could learn after watching it once, that would depend on her own talent.

“The ingredients for the Kung Pao sauce are 40 grams of soy sauce, 40 grams of vinegar, 40 grams of sugar, 40 grams of wine, 8 grams of dry starch, 3 grams of salt, and 15 grams of ginger water.

” The scallions and ginger water needed to be made on the spot, but it was also very simple to prepare.

He just needed to take some scallions, a piece of ginger, and add water before smashing them in the blender.

As he spoke, Xu Le finished adding all the condiments.

A bowl of bright red sauce had appeared in his hand.

It looked like ketchup, but it had a completely different flavor.

“Then debone the chicken thigh!” Xu Le placed a few chicken thighs he bought from the supermarket on the chopping board.

He took out a deboning knife and cut the drumstick at the joints before slicing it upwards.

At the edge of the blade, flesh and blood separated.

In less than ten seconds, the chicken thigh had been split into two parts.

There were no broken bones stuck to the chicken meat.

The bones were also clean and there was no trace of meat.

She could not even see it clearly.

She only saw Xu Le move like this and then do that.

Then, the chicken thigh was completely separated.

Soon, the five chicken thighs were deboned.

After the skin was removed, they were cut into small meat cubes that were one centimeter wide.

The reason why he chose chicken thigh meat instead of chicken breast meat was to make it more tender and smooth.

The chicken breast was too dry, so the taste was far inferior to the chicken thigh.

“Add 5 grams of salt, 2 grams of pepper, 10 grams of wine and mix it evenly.

” “Add another 3 grams of soy sauce and 20 grams of ginger water.

” As Xu Le spoke, the condiments were poured into the bowls one by one as though there was magic.

He no longer needed to weigh every seasoning he added.

After making it a few thousand times, the timing of adding the condiments and the amount to add was perfectly captured by Xu Le.

Even if he closed his eyes, he could do it accurately.

“Add half an egg white.

” Half of the egg white was added to the bowl and Xu Le continued to stir it.

“Now, there’s no need to add the egg white first.

Instead, you should add the condiments first.

The egg white is like clothes being put on the chicken.

If you put on the clothes and add the condiments, you won’t be able to taste it afterwards.

” After Xu Le finished speaking, Teacher Li nodded her head in confusion.

Not because she was too slow.

Instead, it was because Xu Le’s movements were too smooth and fast, not giving her any time to think.

“Add starch powder to seal the moisture.

” “Add pepper oil to seal the taste!” After a series of smooth operations, the five chicken thighs had changed drastically.

“Marinate the chicken for ten minutes.

” “During these ten minutes, we’ll fry the peanuts first.

” Xu Le turned around and walked to the stove.

As he was really too short and the stove here could not be adjusted to his height like in the system space, Xu Le had no choice but to step on a small stool.

Only then could he move around normally.

“Add the room-temperature oil into the pan.

The most important thing to frying the peanuts is to soak them in low temperature oil.

” “Force all the moisture out of it.

” Xu Le held the pan handle with his left hand and a big metal spatula with his right hand.

He stirred the peanuts in the pan continuously.

Soon, as the oil temperature rose, the fragrance of peanuts spread out.

“Now the peanuts are still sunk at the bottom.

We’re going to keep frying them until they float up.

” This process lasted for a few minutes.

After the peanuts slowly floated up, Xu Le picked up a ladle to scoop them up and strained them gently.

A crisp sound came from the strainer.

Just from the sound, one could imagine how crispy the peanuts were.

“The detail about Kung Pao Chicken is its spiciness, freshness, and crispness.

” “And the fragrance and crispness comes from these peanuts!” Xu Le emptied the peanuts on the kitchen paper to absorb the oil.

At this moment, the chicken that was marinated just now had already become flavourful.


Xu Le heated the pot to increase the temperature of the oil.

He added pepper oil into the pot, and one could even see the bright red Sichuan peppers.

“This pepper is from Gansu Longnan’s Da Hong Pao pepper.

It’s definitely numb and spicy!” Xu Le had bought this specially from the supermarket.

In order to make a good dish, quality ingredients were indispensable.

He added onions and garlic cloves into the Kung Pao sauce that he had just mixed.

This dish had officially entered the stir-frying stage! “To cook the Kung Pao Chicken, add some oil and use the method of frying in oil.

” As Xu Le spoke, he gently slid all the marinated chicken into the pan and submerged them completely in the oil.

Although it was called stir-frying, it was more like deep frying.

“Don’t move yet.

Let the chicken settle down.

” 20 seconds later, the meat turned slightly yellow.

Xu Le used a spoon to gently push the chicken and let it slowly move in the pan.

He waited until the red color faded and the chicken turned yellow.

This was already about 70% cooked.

“Now add some dried chilli, garlic, ginger, and a few spoonfuls of chilli powder.

” The chilli powder was added here to improve the fragrance and color.

After stir-frying everything evenly, he added spoonful after spoonful of the previously concocted Kung Pao sauce into the pan.

“For now, don’t flip the meat.

Wait until the sauce becomes thicker and slightly sticky…” As Xu Le spoke, he gripped the pan handle and started to stir-fry.

He quickly added a spoonful of pepper oil and poured the fried peanuts into the pan.

“Next, stir-fry it under high heat!” He adjusted the stove to its maximum heat and began to skillfully stir-fry.

Regardless of whether it was the pan or the spatula, he was extremely agile when using them.

It was as if they were just like Xu Le’s body, an extension of his limbs.

At the same time, white smoke rose.

Xu Le took a deep breath.

The white smoke contained a spicy and fragrant smell that instantly stimulated one’s appetite.

This was the “gas” that was very particular in Chinese food! From a scientific point of view, it was actually a burnt smell caused by the high temperature.

An excellent Chinese chef could perfectly control this so-called “gas”.

There was a world of difference between cooking a dish that produced the “gas” and a dish without it.

Hot, quick, dry, fragrant! Only by fulfilling these four points would the dish be considered a qualified one.

Xu Le scooped a spoonful and tilted the pan.

The food in the pan was served on the plate that he had prepared beforehand.

A perfect Kung Pao Chicken.