I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 4

I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Push Cart Out for Business!Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios After Xu Le mixed the noodles in the small bowl, the fragrance became even stronger.

The aroma of the chilli, oil, onion, garlic, and various other spices were all mixed together as it spread.

When Xu Tian smelled this scent, she became even more hungry.

“I can eat it myself.

”She picked up a small fork from the table and picked up a few strands of noodles while trembling.

1“Oh?” Xu Le was a little surprised.

Normally, Xu Tian would never eat obediently.

Not only was she picky about food, she also needed her parents to feed her.

3And now… Xu Tian was asking to eat herself?It was really unexpected, like the sun rising from the west.

However, Xu Le thought about it carefully.

After all, the dish on the table was made using a perfect recipe given by the [Strongest Master Chef System].

It was not surprising that it was so tempting.

Xu Tian ate the noodles with a small fork.

Almost at the same instant it entered her mouth.

Xu Tian’s eyes widened as she sucked the noodles into her mouth.

“Brother, these noodles are so delicious!”Xu Tian waved her little hands excitedly and knocked her fork against the side of the bowl, making a tinkling sound.

“It’s just too spicy.

” After swallowing, Xu Tian picked up the glass of milk beside her and took two sips.

Then… she dipped her head back into her bowl of rice and started gorging herself.

9Xu Le was pleased to see Xu Tian eating silently.

After Mom and Dad left, Xu Le felt that there were two things that were the most troublesome.

The first thing was to earn money to pay off the mortgage.

The second thing was to take good care of his sister.

If the only task was for him to live on himself, it would be a piece of cake.

But paying off the mortgage and taking care of his sister was indeed a difficult task.

At this moment, Xu Le suddenly heard a system notification.

Ding!“Congratulations to the host for completing the mission.

Reward: [Small store push cart]!”A push cart appeared in Xu Le’s system space.

And it was the kind that Xu Le could take out at any time.

“Are carts so advanced nowadays?”Xu Le was shocked when he saw the push cart.

On the small cart, there was a cooking pot, an iron plate, and a gas tank that could light a fire.

There was a large amount of storage space below that could store all the prepared ingredients.

A chopping board could be extended from the left side to be used for rolling the noodles or cut vegetables.

There were also two small stools on the right side.

When there were no customers, Xu Le could sit down and rest anytime.

In short, such a push cart was like a mobile shop that could satisfy Xu Le’s needs.

“As expected of something produced by the system.

It’s definitely not simple!”In his heart, Xu Le had already come up with a plan to set up his stall at the kindergarten Xu Tian attended.

5An eight-year-old child was going to set up a store by the roadside.

Has anyone seen this before? 4None.

Well, everyone would see it the next day.

Xu Le had absolute confidence that with his current culinary skills, he would definitely be able to win over the taste buds of countless people.

His business would definitely become very popular.

While he was thinking, Xu Tian had already finished the entire bowl of oil doused noodles.

“Brother, your noodles are so delicious.

Burp, they’re even better than Daddy’s! Burp!” 5Xu Tian’s face was flushed red as she burped and spoke excitedly.

“Alright, since you’re full, hurry up and finish your homework before going to bed.

” 5Xu Le patted his sister’s head affectionately.

After supervising his sister’s homework, Xu Le sat by her bed and read her the fairy tale story “Snow White” for 10 minutes.

He only left the room softly after Xu Tian fell asleep.

Xu Le returned to his room after washing the dishes.

He planned to set up his stall at the entrance of the kindergarten the next morning.

After Xu Tian finished her noodles, the system issued a second mission.

[Mission Details: The host shall start his business and sell at least one portion to get the customers’ approval.

][Mission Reward: Recipe for “Kung Pao Chicken”]Xu Le was very confident about this mission.

Based on the taste of his Oil Doused Noodles, he could even sell 10 or 100 servings, let alone one serving.

2“Since tomorrow is the probation period, I shall prepare 30 portions.

”Xu Le took out a notebook and recorded all the materials he needed.

As time was tight that day, Xu Le used handmade noodles to make the noodles.

Since he was going to set up his stall the next day, it would be best if he could knead the dough on the spot to produce the best taste.

“Five kilograms of flour, one kilogram of vegetables, a bag of salt, 500 grams of coarse chilli, 200 grams of fine chilli, 100 grams of various spices, two buckets of vegetable seed oil…”Xu Le recorded all the ingredients that he needed to purchase the next day in a small notebook before falling asleep.

4…The next day, at six in the morning.

Xu Le woke up early and went to the market to buy everything he needed.

1Then he went home and woke Xu Tian up.

“Brother, why are you up so early today?”Xu Tian rubbed her sleepy eyes and asked listlessly.

“We’re going to set up a stall outside the kindergarten to earn money today.

” 3“Set up a stall?”Xu Tian scratched her head.

For a three-year-old like her, she still didn’t know what setting up a stall meant.

Xu Le brought his sister downstairs.

The brand new push cart was already parked there.

All the ingredients were arranged neatly, and there was a bright red signboard on the front—”Authentic Oil Doused Noodles”.

It was already 7:30 AM in the morning when he pushed the cart to the entrance of the kindergarten.

The kindergarten classes started at nine o’clock.

Most of the teachers, students, and parents would come at around eight o’clock.

Since there were no customers yet, Xu Le decided to have a go first and make breakfast for Xu Tian.

The noodle dough that had been prepared for 40 minutes were kneaded into a long strip and broken into balls of dough that were the size of a fist.

The weight of each ball of dough was about 70 grams.

After slowly rolling it, it became a cylindrical shape about 15 centimeters long.

After flattening it and rolling out the dough with a rolling pin, he grabbed the two ends of the dough with both hands and pulled hard, turning it into a long, wide noodle.

Next were the steps that Xu Le was familiar with.

A few minutes later, the noodles were served.

He sprinkled some condiments and poured a spoonful of boiling hot oil over it.

Accompanied with the thick white smoke, the fragrance spread all over the street.

“Xu Tian, hurry up and eat.

”Xu Le propped up a small table and placed a bowl of noodles in front of Xu Tian.

“Thank you, brother!”Xu Tian gobbled down the food, her face covered in red oil.

At this moment.

It was almost 8 AM and there were already parents sending their children to school.

A chubby little boy walked past Xu Tian and sniffed hard.

“It smells so good!”“Mommy, what’s that smell?”The little boy looked at Xu Tian’s bowl and his eyes widened at the bowl of fragrant and tasty-looking oil doused noodles.

“Mommy, I want to eat this too!”“Sob—”Under the temptation of the fragrance, the little boy burst into tears.