Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 298

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 298

The feast didn’t last long.

People began to scatter after eleven o’clock.

Although it was a big event, they still needed to go home and rest.

Moreover, Miss Lida Baih’s wedding was the next day, and they needed a good sleep before that.

The lights in the city went out one after another, but the city lord’s manor remained brightly lit.

Lida also found her father’s behavior today rather odd.

He seemed to have changed after talking to that stranger.

The wedding and the feast aside, it was also very unlike her father to stay up so late.

Even if he didn’t want to sleep, there was no need for him to stand on the city wall.

It seemed he wanted to stand there forever.

Everyone who saw him would think he was going to stand there until sunrise.

“Dad, it’s getting late.

Come back home!” Peklon remained fixed in his spot.

Lida wondered if he was standing there because he was mad at her for talking back earlier today.

She bit her lip and said, “Dad, I’m sorry about what I said this afternoon.

The feast is over, and my wedding is tomorrow.

Please don’t be mad.

“I’m sorry, Dad! Come back and go to bed!” Peklon felt conflicted.

He had always doted on Lida and would do his best to give her everything she wanted.

When he heard about Shif’s questionable background, he had to verify it himself.

If it was true, marrying Lida to him would be disastrous.




“Sweetheart, I’m not mad.

I’m just happy for you.

My daughter is a big girl now and is going to get married.

You’ll be somebody else’s sweetheart, and I just feel a little overwhelmed.

“You always followed me around when you were young.

It still feels like yesterday.

I’m only reliving my memory here.

” Peklon wouldn’t tell her the problem with Shif.

He knew she wouldn’t accept it, whether it was true or not.

Telling her now might even alarm Shif, so it was better to keep her in the dark.

“Dad, married or not, I’m always your daughter and your sweetheart!” Lida also recalled the old days.

Her childhood memories made her feel sorry for what she had said that afternoon.

“Dad, I’m going to bed.

Don’t stay up too late.

” Peklon nodded.

As he watched Lida leave, he was even more determined.

He couldn’t let anything bad happen to his daughter.

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COM Time ticked by, and it would soon be three o’clock in the morning.

Shif was an outstanding young man in the city, and his family was influential as well, which was why Peklon chose him.

More importantly, his daughter was in love with this young man.

Peklon arrived at the Woad manor’s front gate.

He wasn’t going to be stopped by a door.

The next second, he was in the courtyard.

Only one room was still lit—Shif’s.

That fit the suggestion of the three o’clock incident.

However, it could also be a coincidence.

Peklon knocked on the door.

“It’s me, Peklon Baih.

” “My lord?” Shif opened the door in surprise, but he also seemed nervous and flustered.

“My lord, what brought you here at this hour?” Shif asked tentatively.

Peklon smiled.

“You’re going to marry Lida today, and I’m having a hard time falling asleep, so I took a walk in the city.

I saw your lights on and thought I could chat with you.

” Shif was a little relieved.

Although he didn’t know how much truth there was in those words, he still relaxed a little.

He smiled at Peklong with great respect.

“I’m so happy to marry Lida that I can’t sleep either.

I didn’t know you were the same, my lord.

I know I should be resting now so that I’m in my best shape when the wedding ceremony starts.

“My lord, are you here to talk about Lida? I promise I’ll treat her the best when I marry her! I swear to God! Please trust me!” Peklon nodded, fancying the young man’s attitude.

If Shif turned out to be alright, he would be relieved.

But how could he be sure? It was almost three o’clock, but nothing had happened yet.

Was everything going to be fine? He hoped that was the case, but he still had to wait until three o’clock.

“Shif, I hope you won’t mind me switching the two events around.

I know you want to marry Lida, but it also breaks my heart to see her go, so I selfishly delayed the wedding for one more day.

I hope you can understand.

” “Of course, I don’t mind it!” Shif shook his head.

“I can’t thank you enough, my lord! You gave me more time to get prepared! I need to thank you for that!” At that moment, Shif felt the stirring energy inside him, and his face twitched a little.

“No, I can’t expose myself in front of Lord Baih! Damn it! He shouldn’t be here! “Why would he even come out at this hour?!”