Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 293

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 293

Seeing that Himmel Soan was confused, Oech explained, “I see you’ve really forgotten about everything… “There are eight emperors on the continent of Stelladom.

Their surnames are Tzi, Oogh, Zea, Shwa, Baih, Uru, Rir, and Waf.

“Only the people with royal bloodlines can have one of those eight surnames.

They are all important figures! “As for the ban of the surname of Soan, that is the rule set by all eight emperors.

“Our region is ruled by Emperor Baih.

” Himmel Soan nodded.

After arriving in this world for a month, he finally learned a few things about it.

Through Oech, he knew that this place was called the continent of Stelladom and was ruled by eight great masters.

He was now certain that he was no longer in his original universe.

This was a whole new world.

He would look for Gina here.

He knew he didn’t come here as a coincidence.

Maybe he was meant to come here.

He didn’t know the reason yet, but he felt it had something to do with Gina.

“Is this the only continent on this planet?” Himmel Soan asked.

“Planet? What’s that? Stelladom is Stelladom.

This continent is our world.

There’s no other continent.

” Despite his confusion, Oech remained patient.




He thought Himmel Soan was suffering from the after-effects of his amnesia.

He couldn’t understand anything Himmel Soan said before, so he didn’t think there was anything strange with those questions.

Himmel Soan frowned and pondered.

According to Oech, this continent was the only land in his world.

What shape would this planet be? Of course, it could also be because ordinary people didn’t know much about this world.

To learn more, he should ask someone in charge, such as one of the emperors.

They should know much more than these villagers.

“Do you remember anything else besides your name? What about your cultivation level?” Oech probed.

He had been wondering about that question for a long time.

He couldn’t detect any spiritual essence in Himmel Soan.

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COM Since Himmel Soan could breathe in the spiritual essence, other people couldn’t detect the process.

Himmel Soan had lifted such a big bear.

That strength shouldn’t belong to an ordinary man.

Oech was curious about his real capability.

“My cultivation level? I can’t remember, but I know I haven’t recovered my full strength yet,” said Himmel Soan.

Hearing the mention of cultivation level, Himmel Soan knew he had come to a cultivation world.

But he didn’t know what his cultivation level was by the standards of this world.

Although he was God in his universe and on Earth, he couldn’t say for sure in this world.

Still, he didn’t think it would be too different.

“Have you been injured before? That’s probably why you’ve lost your memory.

I think you should be a very advanced cultivator.

” Oech had a bold speculation in his head.

He didn’t dare delve too deeply.

The teenager’s surname was Soan, his cultivation level was unclear, he seemed to have come out of that forest, and he had lost his memory.

The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he felt.

Himmel Soan’s movement caught his attention.

“What are these rocks?” Himmel Soan took the beast cores out of his pocket.

He wasn’t worried about them being stolen.

To him, they were no different from ordinary rocks, and he didn’t find them very important.

Moreover, even if Oech wanted to take them, he couldn’t do it while he was watching.

“What? Where did you find these cores?” Oech was embarrassed when he asked that question.

Himmel Soan had lost his memory.

Of course, he couldn’t know where the cores came from.

Furthermore, Himmel Soan obviously didn’t know what those cores were, or he wouldn’t have asked the question.

Oech had guessed Himmel Soan should be an advanced master.

To them, the cores didn’t mean much.

“These are magical beast’s cores.

They cultivate just like us and form cores in their bodies.

The color of the colors will determine their level.

“Ordinary beasts like hares and hogs don’t have a core.

They will gradually grow one when they absorb some spiritual essence.

At first, the cores are white.

“A beast’s capability is represented by the color of their cores.

From the weakest to the strongest, the colors are white, pale blue, blue, pale yellow, yellow, pale orange, orange, pale red, red, pale golden, and golden.


Soan, of these cores, the strongest ones are red.

They belong to beasts far beyond our reach.

” Oech changed his way of addressing Himmel Soan.

He felt he should address him as Mr.

Soan because he deserved respect.

He would even call him Lord Soan.

“What can I do with them?” “They can be used for cultivation and refinement.

Though they’re mainly used for medicine refinement.

The energy in the cores isn’t pure because it has some animalistic traits.

If one keeps absorbing it, they’ll get affected after some time.

It’s better to use essence stones for cultivation.

“Essence stones and cores can both be used as currency, but cores are much more valuable than essence stones! “This red one is worth at least a hundred top-grade essence stones!” Himmel Soan understood this world a bit more.

It was indeed a world of cultivation.

He didn’t have anything else to ask.

He had learned enough.