Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 263

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 263

Once a hundred cultivators from the three divisions were equipped with iron swords, they would form an army that would provide Moon with unchallenged power in this united world.

Such a force could silence all opposers.

Himmel Soan wanted to build this army to prepare for any contingency.

“A hundred? I can finish by tomorrow.

I can figure out all the parameters after personally forging three or four swords.

I’ll then input the data into the computer, and we’ll be able to make the swords as fast as on an assembly line,” said Roams.

Building swords in that way wasn’t difficult.

With adequate data, they could mass-produce such swords.

Iron swords built by machines would be the same as the ones forged by Roams.

As long as the swords were made, he didn’t care about the method.

He only needed them to have the same quality and effect.

“Keep working on it.

I’m going to see the president.

” Himmel Soan disappeared from the spot.

He didn’t need to hide his ability in front of Roams.

Back when they were at the bottom of the ocean, Roams had reached the conclusion that he was from the seventh age.

In that case, Roams would only find it normal that he could demonstrate some supernatural power.




Himmel Soan knocked on the door to the president’s room.

Charles was the president of the world now, so he couldn’t directly teleport into his room.

He had to knock on the door to show some courtesy.

Meanwhile, Charles was looking at the messy files on his desk with a frown.

The world had just been unified, and he needed to handle a lot of things.

People from different countries would find it difficult to get used to the Moonian rules.

Therefore, incidents of various scales were happening everywhere.

Charles needed to look at all the reports.

He would only know how to solve the conflicts after he understood their nature.

No matter how small the incident was, he couldn’t ignore it.

Such a conscientious attitude had kept him working for 39 hours in a row.

He could barely make out the words on the paper and couldn’t hear very clearly either.

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COM He wasn’t sure if he heard a knock on the door or if someone was knocking on another door.

However, he still involuntarily said, “Come in.

” “Mr.

President, I want to discuss something with you,” said Himmel Soan.

The word sounded so unfamiliar.

Discussions would usually only happen between presidents.

But he was the only president now.

The former presidents would only report to him in the future.

Charles looked up in amazement when he heard that word.

He had been analyzing the files when Himmel Soan walked in, not knowing who was talking to him.

He only recognized the newcomer after he raised his head.

Without thinking, he stood up to greet Himmel Soan.

Right then, a dizzy spell overcame him, making everything a blur.

His vision went dark.

Himmel Soan secretly injected the tiniest fraction of spiritual essence into Charles’s body.

It couldn’t cure all diseases, but it could put a stop to his dizziness.

It could even improve his health and make him feel fit again.


President, it’s a good thing that you care about everything that’s going on in this world.

However, you can’t ruin your health!” said Himmel Soan.

“The people’s livelihood is an important issue, especially now.

The world has been united, but the people haven’t abandoned their old habits and ideologies.

They have been ingrained in their minds.

“Many people have different understandings about things, and when they live together, they will have conflicts.

We need to solve these problems! “I can’t sleep now.

I’m afraid once I close my eyes, the conflicts will escalate into an irredeemable tragedy!” Charles spoke his mind to Himmel Soan.

He wouldn’t tell Henry or Gordon what was on his mind.

But Himmel Soan was different.

He was God to the people on Earth.

As the Moonian president, Charles was privy to some knowledge that was out of ordinary people’s grasp.

For instance, Himmel Soan was a cultivator.

Other people only speculated, but he was sure of it.

The information was Moon’s top secret that had been passed down from one president to the next.

Charles could let his guard down in front of Himmel Soan.

“No matter what, you have to look after yourself.

If you collapse, how are you going to run this country?” Charles nodded.

“I see, Mr.

Soan!” Although Himmel Soan didn’t say much, his voice alone had appeased Charles.

He knew Mr.

Soan would have his back no matter what happened.


Soan, what do you want to talk about?” Charles didn’t use the word “discuss,” showing his stance.

No matter what Himmel Soan wanted to discuss, as long as it was his decision, Charles wouldn’t refuse him.

Of course, Himmel Soan understood what he meant, but he didn’t point it out.

He could see Charles had some mood swings.

If Charles was reluctant, Himmel Soan would give up on that idea.

“Moon is a vast country now, but we’re not powerful enough.

I’ll pick a hundred members from the three divisions and have them join the Moonian army to enhance our armed forces!”