Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 208

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 208

Compared to five days ago, the sea level had obviously gone down.

The Pegasus Grassland had been completely flooded earlier, and the water at the deepest spots was over 20m.

The water had gone down by 50% now.

Some places were even shallow enough for people to walk.

At this speed, Moon would resurface in ten days, and its entire land would be water-free in twenty days.

Other countries on Earth would recover as well.

The world would recover in no more than a month.

Although the water hadn’t receded, Moon and its allied countries had started building base stations and service towers.

The world needed the internet.

Other countries aside, the five allied countries needed to share information before they could help the others.

Moon and its allied countries were the only ones that still had the resources for reconstruction works.

The others could only watch and wait.

These six countries weren’t affected by the fishmen, and their armies were relatively intact, so the fishmen didn’t dare invade them.

The other countries couldn’t even keep their people safe, let alone build service towers.

Still, the seawater had created much trouble for the reconstruction work.

If it receded some more, people hiding in the underground shelter beneath the Pegasus Grassland could come out.

After that, Moon could work much faster.

The Moonians could rebuild the entire communication system in a month.




Meanwhile, the Soan empire and the three divisions hadn’t given up searching for Himmel Soan.

They knew he was at the bottom of the ocean, but they couldn’t get there.

Even members of the Himmelian Pavilion couldn’t go that deep, so there was nothing modern technology could do.

At least the technology of the fourth age couldn’t do anything.

However, it would be very difficult for the human race to go beyond the fourth age.

Fortunately, after a week, all the fishmen had moved into the ocean.

As their mutation worsened, they could no longer live on the land.

It was the same as keeping an ordinary person in the water.

Although they would survive, they couldn’t stay there for too long.

Staying in the water for too long would cause overall edema, which could be life-threatening.

After all, ordinary people couldn’t breathe underwater.

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COM It was the same with the fishmen.

They could move around on the land but for short periods.

Otherwise, they would have trouble breathing, and their skin would dry up.

It would slow them down and weaken their fighting capability.

The incident seemed to end without warning, and nothing happened for a long while.

Of course, even if something happened, without the internet, people in other parts of the world wouldn’t know it.

Apart from the five countries and a few arks, very few people knew the fishmen had moved into the ocean.

Members of the three divisions put on their flying armor and delivered the message to all the arks they could find.

Moon also sent out planes to rescue people and deliver the news.

However, without the exact locations, it was too difficult to locate the survivors.

As the water withdrew, the land resurfaced.

Although everything had been soaking wet and destroyed, given time, it could be rebuilt again.

A month passed without further incidents.

The sea level around the world almost dropped to its original level, and more than half of the fishmen had been caught.

The reconstruction work picked up its pace, and the ingredients of the recovery potion were replenished.

Four hundred million portions had been made so far.

By then, the supply exceeded the demand.

All fishmen could get the injection whenever needed.

The five countries had set up service towers and could communicate again.

The speed was only as fast as the 2G signals, but in a special time like this, having that was better than nothing.

Unfortunately, they still hadn’t been able to get in touch with Himmel Soan.

According to Moon’s estimation, about 800 million to a billion fishmen were in the sea, which was one-tenth of the global population.

A month later, the total number of fishmen caught and recovered was only 470 million.

That was only half of the estimated number.

The global population had plummeted.

The riot had turned into a world war.

Calculations stated that eight million people had died while fighting the fishmen.

Atlantis had tortured Himmel Soan for a month! Himmel Soan had brought quite a heavy loss to Atlantis.

For one, he had destroyed millions of robots.

Robots were quick to repair, but that only applied to those that could be reassembled.

It was easy to make a new robot out of three broken ones.

One might have lost its head; one might have lost its body; the third one might have lost its limbs.

A new robot could be assembled using the first robot’s body, the second’s limbs, and the third’s head.

However, it would be very difficult to assemble three robots from three broken ones.

Himmel Soan had killed a million robots, and the spare parts could be turned into 300,000 new robots at most.

The remaining parts were useful as well.

Atlantis only needed to manufacture the missing parts to build new robots instead of building everything from scratch.

The robots alone had cost Atlantis trillions of dollars.

That was only one of the aspects.

Secondly, the plasma cannon broke the dome.

It was a protective shield that could block out dirty water and sea beasts, as well as benefit Atlantis in many other ways.

It was similar to Earth’s atmosphere.

The Atlanteans couldn’t live in dirty water for too long.

When Kabaron left Atlantis to meet Himmel Soan, he had tubes all over his body.

After all, their ancestors used to live on the land.

Although they had grown scales, they still longed for the surface.

A large quantity of dirty seawater had gushed into Atlantis, causing much damage.