Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 202

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 202

“Not only will I turn you into a fishman, but I’ll also make you pregnant! You’re going to serve me like a dog!” Many people took advantage of the situation to take revenge.

“Richard, you owe me thirty thousand dollars! That’s my salary! Didn’t you think you were so untouchable? I’m going to kill you now! You don’t get to live as a fishman!” With everything spiraling into chaos, the conflict was no longer limited to between fishmen and ordinary people.

Many ordinary people used this chance to attack one another.

The riot gave them a window to release their hatred, frustration, and humiliation.

“You bitch! Do you think I don’t know you’ve cheated on me? You’ve been having an affair for three years! All my friends laughed at me! We’ve been divorced for five years, but I still can’t get over it! You married that bastard, didn’t you? Is this your kid? How adorable! You left me five years ago, but he’s already six years old! I’m going to kill both of you now!” The woman shielded her child and begged the man not to hurt them.

“I’m sorry! It was all my fault! The child is innocent! Please don’t hurt him! I cheated on you.

If you must kill someone, kill me!” “Please don’t kill my wife! I seduced her! Kill me instead!” .



“Screw you all! You’re all going to die!” The man stabbed the family repeatedly with his dagger, blood splashing all over his face.

Moon, Panthera, Hosia, and a few other countries held an emergency meeting.

The fishmen were out of control and wouldn’t listen to anyone.

The governments had no choice but to suppress them with force.

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COM The Soan empire had sent out flying soldiers to help their neighboring countries.

Panthera also sent troops to support the arks nearby.

Meanwhile, Moon was manufacturing the potion in large quantities and sending it to the allied countries.

As most of the land had been flooded, it was impossible to gather some of the ingredients.

They couldn’t produce as much potion as they wanted.

If all the current ingredients could be made into the potion without any failure or waste, Moon could make 80 million vials.

It was nowhere near enough to cure all the fishmen.

Soon, Panthera, Moon, and the other countries made some progress.

They successfully arrested about two million fishmen.

The first thing after the arrest was to inject them with the potion.

It was very effective, only taking five to ten minutes to show results.

Although it was a painful process, the outcome was satisfying.

However, the speed of curing the fishmen was much slower than the rate of infecting ordinary people.

Those countries cured two million in an hour, but the fishmen could infect ten to twenty million in that time.

That was after slowing down.

At first, they could infect up to fifty million people in an hour.

They had slowed down because ordinary people were prepared now, and many arks had kept their gates tightly shut.

All the battles that could happen had already happened.

Some fishmen were fighting for their lives at first, but gradually, they attacked ordinary people because it satisfied their evil side.

Even if they could be turned back into normal human beings, they probably wouldn’t want to.

Moon told all ordinary people to stay safe and wait for the rescue teams from Moon, Panthera, and several other countries that still had the power to send out troops.

After the first two batches of fishmen were cured, various videos were posted online.

“Look! The potion works! Here’s the entire process.

” “Mr.

Soan’s potion really does what it says to do.

It only takes five to ten minutes for a fishman to recover.

Guys, don’t lose hope.

You can go back to normal! We don’t need to give away the space cannon!” “Why aren’t any fishmen exploding anymore? It has been a few hours.

How’s Mr.

Soan doing?” “That’s right.

We haven’t heard from him since the live stream was cut off.

” “Has he entered Atlantis on his own?” “I think so! Otherwise, why has Atlantis been so quiet?” “Forget about Mr.

Soan! Don’t you have better things to do? If you really don’t, come here and help us! The fishmen are banging on our door! We can’t hold it much longer!” “Tell them to stop! There’s a cure! They only need an injection!” “You talk to them and see if they’ll listen! They’re not fighting for some noble cause.

They just want to kill people!” At the bottom of the ocean.

The people on land had guessed pretty accurately.

Himmel Soan had reached Atlantis on his own.

Roams was astonished because Atlantis had hidden itself very well.

No radar on Earth could detect it.

Moreover, Himmel Soan didn’t have any devices on him, so how could he locate Atlantis? To make it worse, Himmel Soan had destroyed all the transmitters in Atlantis.

When Roams pressed the button, the fishmen didn’t explode! The button had stopped working! Atlantis was 50,000m under the sea and far away from any countries on the land.

Even with their technology, they couldn’t set off the fishmen without the transmitters.

The transmitters had been floating on the sea, but they had the same color as the seawater and could change shapes with the waves.

It was impossible to spot them.

Himmel Soan almost missed them earlier.

It didn’t occur to him at first.

Then he realized that although he couldn’t destroy the control system in Atlantis, he could find out where the transmitters were.

After that, things would be much easier.

Without the transmitters, Atlantis wouldn’t be able to threaten him.

Once the transmitters were gone, Himmel Soan killed Kabaron and headed for Atlantis.

Roams didn’t think Himmel Soan could find Atlantis.

However, he easily located it as if he had a map in his mind.