Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 193

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 193

Gordon’s video was received with outrage.

“Bullshit! Have you been to Atlantis yourself? Why do you know what they did? What authority do you have?” “Mr.

Soan has gone to Atlantis to collect evidence? Are you sure he’s not defecting to the other side?” “Even Mr.

Soan has switched sides.

What choice do we have?” “I see.

Moon is negotiating with Atlantis in secret! Is that it? You’re the most powerful country in the world now, and you’ve turned us into pawns so that you can profit from it.

Am I right?” “You have a point! I understand why Moon has been trying to stop us! We’re not Moonians, and they wouldn’t care about what we do.

Why would they? As it turned out, they’ve turned the people of other countries into bargaining chips so that they can trade with Atlantis! That’s just evil!” No one knew if the commentators were Earthlings or Atlantean robots.

However, the following comments had to be from human beings.

“Moon has made it very clear.

What are you thinking? There’s no free lunch! It applies to everything!” “I’ve always suspected the authenticity of the Atlantean video.

It’s bullshit! If they’re going to give you everything, why do they need you?” “I thought the same! If Atlantis is so wonderful, why do they need us to share their wealth? It can’t be explained! If their life is already so wonderful, why share it? Why don’t they keep the maids and servants to themselves? Who wouldn’t want more servants?” .



“I agree with Moon! Compared to Atlantis, we’re backwater! We’re the people who have just invented wheels! They can wipe us out in no time! Stop dreaming about your life in paradise.

It’ll be hell!” Those weren’t paid posters.

They were just wiser than the others.

They had noticed the abnormality from the beginning, but they didn’t dare say it.

They were worried about the criticism.

Moon disagreed with the rest of the world and expressed their views without holding back.

They revealed the truth, even if not everybody believed it.

However, the Moonian authority was confident that they had announced the ultimate truth.

After all, it was such a ridiculous incident.

If someone said they could travel back in time and bring the ancient people to our age so that they could enjoy the convenience of modern life, everybody would think he had gone mad.

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COM Many people couldn’t afford their own houses; why would they help some ancient people? They probably would turn those ancient people into slaves.

The convenience of modern technology? In their dreams! “What an idiotic speech! Didn’t you hear the Atlanteans? The bottom of the ocean is a vast place, and there’s more than enough room for everybody! They’re using AI now! They don’t need human laborers!” “Do you know what AI is? It’s not created out of thin air! They need researchers to develop it! What knowledge can you bring to them? Why should they let you enjoy everything for free? You’re not one of them!” “Maybe they’re just being friendly!” “Maybe? What if they’re not? Nobody is that generous! After what Moon did for you, you’re still criticizing them.

What do you think Atlantis will do to you?” “Oh, shut up! If you don’t want to go, just stay here! We’re not from the same country, and it’s none of your business where I want to go!” “You idiot! Go to hell! I don’t care what you do!” Anybody with the right mind could see that it was a trap.

Strangely, only less than 30% of the population seemed to see through the lies.

Over 60% of the people looked forward to Atlantis.

After all, the picture they painted was too attractive.

Throughout history, men used to have more than one wife, and monogamy had only existed for a few hundred years.

Many women wanted to have more than one husband.

Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by handsome men? Atlantis had fed into that fantasy.

“What would Atlantis do to us? We aren’t strong enough for manual labor.

Why would they want to use us? It can’t be a trap! I want to go!” “Me, too! Moon is so meddlesome! Why are they interfering with everything? We’re not Moonians.

It’s not their business!” “Let them go to hell! I won’t let them control me! I’m not their bargaining chip! I choose Atlantis!” The Moonian video was compelling.

Many people changed their minds after watching it.

At first, only 10% of the population thought the Atlantean video was fake.

Now the number had risen to 30%.

However, many more people were enraged by what Moon said.

They hated them for it.

As Moon’s allied countries, Padaski, Panthera, and Hosia, still believed in Moon.

However, not all the people had the same faith.

A small proportion started worshiping Atlantis.

One would think that even if the rest of the world bought the Atlantean scam, those allied countries wouldn’t.

They couldn’t help it.

The temptation was too great.

Some people suspected the authenticity of that video, but they still wanted to check out the bottom of the ocean.

If it was real, they could be settled for the rest of their lives.

“I want to go to Atlantis!” “Bullshit! We’re Padaskians.

We should always support Moon!” “I do support them, but Atlantis didn’t say they were going to wipe us out.

” “How do you know that? If they don’t want to annihilate us, are they going to build shrines for us? We’re low lives to them.

Why should they give you a comfortable life? Stop dreaming! Forget about the maids and servants! Use your brain!” “No! You use your brain! The ocean is so vast.

Why can’t they share it with us?”