Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 158

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 158

Those people needed to be transferred first.

However, there was no way to transfer all of them.

Only a few could be taken back to Moon.

The Moonians soldiers helped them find safe shelters.

Some of the places were buildings that were still standing, some were natural caves, and some were trains, buses, and airplanes.

The soldiers would leave IVE Extractors in these shelters and teach the people how to operate them.

The meteorite shower wouldn’t stop for another three hours.

As long as it continued, the rescue mission had to go on.

Himmel Soan returned to the base in the space cannon.

He was going to take care of the moon after replenishing his spiritual essence.

He was very low on strength and mental force.

At the moment, he was in a barely better state than when he went through his revival.

He didn’t have the energy to save any more people.

“Look! Mr.

Soan is back!” “Patriarch, are you alright? Are you hurt?” .



“Patriarch has been injured.

Quickly, get Doctor Hayden here.

” The people were flustered when they saw some scratches on Himmel Soan’s fists.

They immediately went to get Hayden.

Himmel Soan said, “Don’t bother.

It’s hardly a scratch.

Go back to your work! Is Viclan in his office?” “Alright.

Return to your work now.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V EL.

COM Himmel Soan took off the flying armor and headed for Viclan’s office.

He heard a loud boom when he was outside.

Energy surged from Viclan’s office, and the iron door burst out of its frame.

It almost injured some onlookers.

Heavy smoke rolled out of Viclan’s office.

“It’s Mr.

Viclan’s office! Help him!” “There’s no time for questions! Help the people inside!” “Check Mr.

Viclan first!” Himmel Soan was the closest to the office when the incident happened.

Even he was pushed back by the energy and almost fell to the ground.

“Was that a spiritual essence explosion?” Himmel Soan was surprised.

Spiritual essence explosions were used by cultivators of the Foundation Establishment Phase and above.

To master this skill, one had to reach the Golden Core Phase.

Viclan was only an ordinary person.

How did he make that happen? “Patriarch, are you alright?” Warren arrived with two members of the Soan empire and quickly examined him.

Himmel Soan shook his head.

“I’m fine! Go help the others!” He went into Viclan’s office.

The place was a mess.

Smoke filled the air, and the lab table was on fire.

The men put out the fire with a fire extinguisher and found Viclan in the corner, still in his explosion-proof suit.

He was unconscious.

The doctors examined him after removing the suit.

“He’s bleeding internally.

We must treat him now!” “What caused the explosion?” No one knew the answer.

Viclan was the only person who could explain it.

However, he had slipped into a coma.

No one knew if he would survive.

Viclan was a valuable asset to the country and a talented member of the Soan empire.

If something happened to him, both sides would suffer a significant loss.

“Bring Hayden here.

We must save Viclan!” Himmel Soan gave the order.

If he had enough spiritual essence, he would be able to save Viclan, but there was nothing he could do now.

Viclan was in critical condition.

If he could hang on for one more hour, Himmel Soan would recover some of his spiritual essence.

Viclan wouldn’t be able to die even if he wanted to.

The most urgent task now was to save Viclan’s life.

As the others carried Viclan out, Himmel Soan remained in the lab and looked around.

He saw a yellow rock on the table.

He felt the rock and realized that it was still very hot.

“It’s an essence stone and a top-grade one!” He immediately recognized what it was.

Warren had just left the room.

Hearing Himmel Soan’s voice, he immediately returned.

“Patriarch, what’s wrong?” Himmel Soan pointed at the yellow rock.

“Where did this come from?” “Right!” Warren smacked his thigh.

“Patriarch, I was going to report to you! Do you know what it is? We’ve found quite a few of them.

” “Tell me where you found it!” “It was the flood! A few ignorant kids opened the shelter’s gate and let the seawater in.

After the water was cleared, we found many yellow stones on the floor.

” Himmel Soan was pleasantly surprised.

“Many?” “Yes! There are a lot of them!” “Bring them all to me! Tell everybody they’re precious and very dangerous! No one is allowed to use them! I need all of them!” “Wait!” Himmel Soan shouted.

“I know what happened to Viclan! He must have been studying this rock! Tell all the scientists to stop working on the rocks, no matter what stage they’re at.

Viclan was lucky because his technique wasn’t advanced enough.

Otherwise, the explosion would have killed thousands!” Warren realized how severe the matter was and nodded sternly.

“I see.

I’m on it, Patriarch!” After Warren left, Himmel Soan picked up the essence stone that was still hot.

He closed his eyes.

The yellow rock turned into charcoal in three seconds.

In the end, it turned into crumbles.

Himmel Soan absorbed all the spiritual essence in the rock.

Essence stones were categorized into low-grade, medium-grade, and top-grade.

Himmel Soan had been living on Earth for thousands of years.

He had visited every corner of the planet and had dug out all the rocks.

Yet, he couldn’t find even an inferior essence stone, let alone a top-grade one.

The flood had brought so many top-grade essence stones to the surface.

Himmel Soan murmured, “That’s right.

I haven’t visited the bottom of the sea yet.