Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 139

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 139

After the catastrophe was over, the only countries remaining on the map would probably be Padaski, Moon, Panthera, and a few others.

All the others that hadn’t been wiped out wouldn’t have many people left.

The Moonians became very active online.

Earlier, they had been complaining to everyone about how unreliable the underground shelter was, determined that they would die.

Some had knelt on the floor and prayed while others embraced one another.

Right now, they were all jumping up and down, and their faces were covered by tears of joy.

“Moon is amazing! I can’t believe we actually survived that!” “The IVE Extractors are so powerful! Hail the underground shelter! Hail Mr.

Soan!” “Mr.

Soan has saved us all! We owe him our lives!” “I’ve said some disrespectful things to Mr.

Soan, and I want to apologize to him! I’m sorry, Mr.

Soan, but you’re right! I’m such an idiot! I hope you can forgive me!” “I won’t worry if I were you.


Soan would never be offended by someone like you.

He probably didn’t even see your comments.

However, I do feel offended, and you’d better not let me find out who you are or where you live.

Otherwise, I’m going to find you and beat you into a pulp!” .



“Count me in! These people are detestable! I want to punch all of them in the face!” “There’s no need to do that! I’m going to slap myself! Here’s the video!” “Here’s another one called ‘Sorry, Moon!’ I’m truly sorry!” Apologizing wasn’t all they were doing.

Many people were appealing to the government, asking them to save the people on the arks.

Most of them were teenagers or in their early 20s.

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COM “Tony is my idol! Please bring him back to Moon!” “Tony has done great things for our country.

We can’t let him die!” “Don’t forget about Charles! He’s an important figure to Moon! We can’t let anything happen to him!” “Please bring Thomas back! I can’t live without him!” “OMG! My goddess Mildred has posted a video asking for help! We must help her! Please send the flying soldier to Neige and bring back our goddess! If Sky Eye won’t go, we will!” People who weren’t into celebrities were shocked by such suggestions.

The astonishment soon passed though.

Some were amused by these youngsters, while the others were infuriated.

“Is this the purpose of your lives, being fans of celebrities? What do you see in them, anyway?” “Do you want to save them on your own? Go ahead! No one will stop you! We won’t cry for you when you’re dead!” “You’re still alive because of your country and Mr.

Soan! Without them, you would have died a long time ago! You can’t even save yourselves.

How are you going to save other people? Don’t make me laugh!” “Who are these people? Have their parents taught them nothing? How important can those celebrities be? They make it sound like the world would end without their idols.

” “What have those people ever done for our country? Did they make donations? Did they help with scientific research? What contributions did they make? All they have are their pretty faces!” “Look at the world outside! People are dying everywhere! Some of them are more handsome than your idols, but it didn’t help them at all!” “If you have to be someone’s fan, be Mr.

Soan’s! He’s young, handsome, and so much better than your idols!” “Comparing Mr.

Soan to those people is an insult to Mr.

Soan! They’re useless and can’t be more helpful than Mr.

Soan’s pinky! Those fans are beyond saving! Just let them be!” Youngsters were always rebellious.

Once they were determined to follow someone, they wouldn’t change their minds no matter what they were told.

The fans revolted, arguing with whomever that was accusing them.

They believed that their idols couldn’t do anything wrong.

Sammy was Tony’s loyal fan.

He contacted some of the most agitated fans and tried to start a secret rescue mission.

“Guys, we can’t let our idols die out there! We must do something!” Sammy created a chat group that included all the fervent fans.

It was impossible to pretend to be a fan to join the group because one had to answer a series of questions that only the most loyal fans knew the answers to.

Moreover, the Moonian website was the only working website at the moment.

One wouldn’t have a search engine to search for answers.

Vivian said, “That’s right! We must find a way to bring them back!” John wrote, “What can we do? The government won’t save them.

My dad asked me just then if I was into celebrities, and I told him I wasn’t!” Sammy said, “If the government won’t save them, we’ll force them to! I have an IVE Extractor here, and it’s operated by people of our age.

We can replace them when they change shifts.

We’ll then open the door and charge out!” “Charge out? Seriously? People are going to die!” “Yes! I know that, but it’ll show the government how determined we are! They’ll never let us die! When they come to save us, we’ll ask them to save our idols first, or we’ll never come back!” “I think that’s a plausible idea.

” “But it’s too dangerous outside!” Sammy said, “That’s exactly why we’re doing it! It’ll prove our determination! They’ll have to save us!” Vivian said, “We won’t be in danger! Haven’t you seen our technology? We have the most advanced technology in the world! I’m sure they’ll find a way to save us! Everything will turn out fine!” Seeing that no one replied, Sammy asked, “What do you say? Think about it, but I need to remind you that we don’t have much time left.