Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 137

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 137

“I don’t care! Moon has the power to help other people, so they have to save me!” “How foolish are you? You don’t get to give orders! They have no obligation to help you! What was your government doing when Moon told you to build underground shelters? Moon has even posted the IVE Extractor’s blueprint online.

Any country could have built the shelters.

Your country just wouldn’t listen!” “Where are you from? Why are you defending Moon?” “I’m from Panthera.

So what? Do you want a fight? Bring it on! If you’re still alive after this is over, I’ll come to you! I hope you’re as tough in reality as you sound online!” “A Panthese! No wonder!” The Panthese weren’t called “natural warriors” for nothing! It was said that they could kill bears with their bare hands.

It might be an exaggeration, but the Panthese were known to be an aggressive people.

After the great favor Moon did them, the people of Padaski and Panthera all started defending Moon online.

They remained silent earlier because they hadn’t seen any outcome yet.

They weren’t sure if Moon had made the right decisions.

As it turned out, Moon was right.

In fact, it was the only country on Earth that had made the right decision.

Moon had saved their lives, and they wouldn’t let anyone attack it.




“Panthera is very safe now!” “Of course it is! Panthera has followed Moon’s instructions and supported Moon from the very beginning! The Panthese are all hiding in their underground shelter, which is supported by IVE Extractors.

Right now, Padaski, Panthera, and Moon are among the safest countries!” “I regret it so much! I should have trusted Moon! I should never have come to Neige!” Before the catastrophe started, the rich people purchased tickets and went to hide in the Neigerian arks.

By now, they all regretted that decision.

Some of them were already dead.

The survivors complained online and asked Moon, their home country, to help them.

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COM “I’m George, a Moonian.

I believed in the rumors and bought a ticket to board the Neigerian ark.

I’ve realized how foolish that was, and I want to go home! Can Moon send someone here and pick me up? I can pay for the service! I have a lot of money! I’ll give you ten billion! As long as Glacier Bank still exists, my money is safe!” Glacier Bank was the largest and safest bank in the world, and many wealthy people liked saving their money there.

The bank had branches all over the globe.

One could use their card in all the countries.

“Glacier Bank? That country is probably gone, together with your money!” “Why should Moon come here to pick you up? You abandoned your country when there was trouble and spent your money in a foreign country.

You forgot about your country until now.

It’s too late to apologize! How can you even call yourself a Moonian? I’m a foreigner, and I can’t stand you anymore! You’re a disgrace!” “I’m Kimberly, and I’m a Moonian, too! Doesn’t Moon have a flying warrior out there? Please send him here and pick me up! I’m on Ark-14 in Neige! All the arks nearby have been destroyed by the meteorite, and mine can be in danger at any moment! Director Lang and General Marlow, please help me! I’m begging you!” “I’m Louis from Panthera, and I’m in Ark-64 in Neige! Mr.

President, please pick me up! I’ve made the wrong choice, but I’m still a Panthese! Panthera always looks after its own people, doesn’t it? I bought the ark ticket because Neige tricked me! Please get me back home! Please!” Tony, a Moonian popular singer, also asked for help.

“I’m Tony, a Moonian! I’d like to apologize to my country and my fans! I’m sorry to have fled Moon before the catastrophe.

It was a mistake, and I desperately need my country’s protection! I understand if my country won’t help me.

After all, I’ve made a mistake.

However, I still hope that my country could take me back home if that’s within their power.

I’ll spend the rest of my life repaying this grace!” “Please help me, Moon! I’m Regiel, the 8th richest man in Neige! If you can take me to Moon, I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned in running my business, and I’ll donate all my money to your country! Please send the warrior to get me! I’m in Ark-2! I’ve realized that the Neigerians are bastards! They’ve fooled us all! “If you can’t take me back to Moon, can you please send a flying soldier and let him guard our ark? You have two billion people, and there are no more than ten thousand arks in the world.

If you send out ten thousand flying soldiers, we’ll all be safe!” Where could Moon find so many flying soldiers? That one flying soldier was none other than Himmel Soan himself! There was only one Himmel Soan! Even members of the three divisions didn’t dare to go out now, let alone ordinary people.

So many people were posting comments online, asking for help.

The Moonian president frowned.

He wanted to lend a hand, but there was nothing he could do.

Gordon and Henry were frowning as well.

Warren, Yosef, and Drake were all in the room.

In the end, the president broke the silence.

He asked Drake, “Mr.

Soan, do we have any more flying soldiers?” Drake shook his head.


President, that flying soldier is our Patriarch, and there’s no other one like him.

Where are we going to find more flying soldiers?” Henry asked, “Is there another way to save those people?” Phoebe said, “Director Lang, we can barely keep all our people safe, let alone the rest of the world.

Camille sent a message just now and said the meteorite rain can continue for another ten hours.

There are simply too many of them, and most of the pieces have fallen into the atmosphere.

The Patriarch is having a hard time stopping them now.

I don’t think he can do it for ten hours!” “Drake, send out the three divisions! We’re getting those people back!” Himmel Soan’s voice rang out in Drake’s earphones.