Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 122

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 122

Chapter 122 Savior In Neige.

Maruse put on the tie for Oraman, who was wearing a tailored suit with his hair slicked back.

However, with his sparse yellow hair, the hairstyle didn’t do much to improve his look and only made his hair look more like hays.

“It’s our turn to save the world.

The world is yet to see the energy cannon’s power, and the people will witness it now!” He was probably very serious.

However, if Himmel Soan and the other Moonians heard this, they would crack up.

Oraman looked at himself in the mirror and was filled with joy.

“Neige is going to have its greatest president today! I’ve been the Neigerian president for 32 years, and I’ll be remembered forever!” Maruse nodded.

“I’m so honored to be working under you, Mr.

President! I’m sure you’ll be the greatest president our country ever had! Your picture will be on our future banknotes!” Oraman laughed and pointed at Maruse.

“Yours will be there, too.

” .



Maruse was thrilled.

He believed that the energy cannon would definitely stop the super meteorite.

Neige would be the savior of the whole world, and Oraman’s leadership was what made all of it possible.

“Moon will never be the savior! Never! The space cannon is a joke! It can never succeed! Even if it can, it won’t happen in 2022.

5022, maybe!” “I agree with Mr.


Just because they used some trick to hack our network doesn’t mean they get to show off their ability! Power is the most important thing in this world.

As long as we have the energy cannon, Moon will never surpass Neige! Never!” Oraman nodded.

He looked into the mirror again and was extremely pleased with himself.

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COM “Are we ready?” “Yes! The live stream can start at any moment!” “Good! Switch to the satellite image.

I’ll show the world how we’re going to destroy the super meteorite.

” “Yes, sir!” Oraman’s image suddenly appeared on the Neigerian website.

“Hello, everybody.

” Oraman waved at the camera.

The number of visitors surged from seven million to 1.

9 billion.

Everyone knew that Neige was going to take action.

Oraman smiled at the camera.

“I’m so glad to talk to you now because it means my viewers are all safe.

Based on the accurate calculation of our scientists, the meteorite will reach us in 75 minutes and 36 seconds.

Everyone was astonished.

According to the Moonian website, the meteorite was still 128 minutes away.

That was over two hours.

Who should they believe? Oraman then posted the satellite image online.

It didn’t have the highest definition.

However, one could still make out the approaching meteorite.

“Why is it so blurry? The 80s wants its camera back!” “The Moonian image is so much clearer!” “The Moonian one is in 1080p, while the Neigerian one is only 360p!” The Neigerian satellite image was nothing compared to the Moonian one.

But it was the best Neige could do.

It wasn’t easy to process satellite images.

In a moment of crisis like this, they were lucky to get any image back at all.

Himmel Soan had to admit that Neige had the most advanced technology in that aspect.

No other country could have done it.

What Himmel Soan did could be considered cheating As the meteorite’s speed was 1/360 of the speed of the light, the image Neige was showing was something that happened 12.

5 seconds before.

Neigh used the travel time of light to calculate how far away the meteorite was.

Because of that, there could be deviations.

Himmel Soan had used his mental force to record the image and put it online.

The technology on Earth probably couldn’t do it in one hundred years.

Not probably! It would definitely be a no! It took light 12.

5 seconds to travel from the meteorite to Earth.

Therefore, it would take the meteorite 360 more times.

It was equivalent to 4,500 seconds, or 75 minutes.

That was how Neige calculated the meteor’s ETA.

Of course, it wasn’t accurate.

First of all, they couldn’t be sure how long ago the light had traveled.

They could only calculate the distance the meteorite had covered based on comparisons between two consecutive images.

The closer the meteorite came, the sooner the images would be sent back to Earth.

Using various formulas, they managed to guess its location.

They would eventually get a definite answer.

In the end, it might take the light one second to travel to earth, but the meteorite would need six minutes.

All the information would become accurate, and no calculation would be needed at that time.

Then, Oraman would fire the energy cannon.

Seeing how the people had questioned the image, Oraman replied calmly, “This is the actual image! We’re not faking anything.

Unlike certain countries, Neige wouldn’t show the world a sci-fi movie to win your trust!” He was obviously talking about Moon, its only enemy at the moment.

Oraman knew Skynet had been showing the super meteorite.

“So far, no technology on Earth can reach the speed of the light, nor can any country videotape such a fast-moving meteorite.

Please watch more closely and don’t let them fool you! The Neigerian images are the only real thing!” Those words earned Oraman much trust, and people also questioned Moon on the Skynet.

Himmel Soan and his fellow Moonians weren’t surprised.

Neige never liked Moon and would pick on them no matter what the country did.