Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 115

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 115

Chapter 115 The Missing Twenty Million People According to the experts, if the Pegasus Volcano erupted, the entire Pegasus Grassland and the surrounding cities would be affected.

It had been ages since the volcano’s last eruption.

Until now, nothing had woken it up, no matter how destructive the earthquakes were.

However, the record was going to break now.

On the eastern coast of Moon, an ark laid at anchor by the shore.

Many exhausted people stood by the doors and windows and looked at the water outside.

It was the only Moonian ark.

Several officials had built it with embezzled money.

It didn’t mean they were corrupt.

In fact, they were all good people.

They only took the money because they thought they could save some Moonians.

Hundreds of thousands of people worked 24/7 for seven days and finally finished the ark when the meteorite was ten hours away.

Lyton and the other passengers stood in the doorway and looked at what was going on outside.

They were filled with emotions.

They were glad that the ark was completed.

They capered about, shouting and laughing.

The ark gave them a sense of security and the confidence to face future catastrophes.




However, they couldn’t help but feel distraught when they saw their land getting destroyed.

Lyton sighed.

“After this is over, who knows what our country will be like.

” Jamie also sighed.

“We’ve done our best.


President won’t build arks, and we couldn’t change his mind.

Luckily, the people here supported us and found the materials we needed.

Otherwise, all the Moonians would have died!” “Did you watch the press conference? That IVE extractor…” “Do you believe them?’ Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V EL.

COM “I…” The crowd fell silent.

After the press conference, many videos were posted online, all claiming the conference to be fake.

According to them, the foreign scientists were all actors hired by the Moonian government, and the whole thing was a show.

Apart from the few loyal allied countries, no other countries had faith in Moon, including the people here on the ark.

They had questioned Himmel Soan’s theory from the beginning.

Because of that, they chose to build the ark.

They didn’t hate Moon.

On the contrary, they loved their country.

They only hated Himmel Soan.

Without Himmel Soan, the president would have built the arks.

With the resources and the population Moon had, they could work twice as fast as Neige.

That was a known fact in the world.

Moon was famous for its efficiency.

With the largest population in the world, Moon could finish construction projects much faster than any other country.

Moreover, the Moonians were hard-working people.

Yes, some of them were lazy, but the proportion was much smaller than the rest of the world.

The thousand-year-old wisdom enabled the people to work in harmony with one another.

Projects that took other countries three years to complete could be finished in six months or sooner in Moon.

A dam would take other countries ten years to build, but Moon could finish it in one year.

That was how efficient the country was.

Neige had over a thousand arks, but most of them weren’t built by the country.

The actual workers were the people taking shelter in Neige, using the materials Neige provided.

If Moon were to build arks, its large population could build over ten thousand arks before the meteorite arrived.

What a shame, thought Lyton.

People of this country had all been tricked into building underground shelters, wasting so much time.

Even now, they still believed they were doing the right thing.

Just then, Lyton saw something moving in the flood.

They were swimming against the tide toward them.

When they were close enough, people on the ark saw that the swimmers were some men.

Nathan Soan was a member of the Himmelian Pavilion, and he was on the way to rescue people from the flooded region in eastern Moon when they ran into this large ship.

He immediately led his people toward it.

The ark was tall enough to stay well above the water level, so all the doors and windows were open.

Many people were looking down at the water.

When Nathan was close enough to the ark, he saw the Moonians on it and spoke into his earphones.

“HQ, do you copy? We found an ark on the eastern coast, and the passengers are all Moonians.

I don’t know the exact number yet!” “Find out what they’re up to.

” “Yes!” The government had run some numbers and saw that only 92% of the population was in the underground shelter.

The other 8% was outside.

That was 160 million people! Where did they go? They broke down the number.

Eighty million were members of the Soan empire, the Dragon Tribe, Sky Eye, and high-ranking officials who were still fighting on their posts.

Thirty million were the wealthy people who had bought tickets to the Neigerian arks.

Twenty million had left the country a long time ago.

The convicts of the Dragon Cave trial, people who died in the disasters, and the researchers made up another 10 million.

Twenty million were still unaccounted for! The numbers didn’t add up.

It now seemed that they were here in the ark.

However, the ark didn’t look like it could fit 20 million people! There had to be others! “Who are you? Are you Moonians?” “Hello, Mr.


” Lyton smiled at Nathan.

He was a high-ranking official as well and had encountered the Soan empire before.

He knew Nathan by sight but didn’t know his name.

Most of the members of the Soan empire had the same surname.

Even if it wasn’t their surname, they could still be addressed as Mr.


Nathan was surprised.


Lyton, is that you?” “Yes!” “What’s going on? Did you build this ark?” “That’s right.

It’s a pleasant surprise, isn’t it? We’re the last hope of this country!” Nathan climbed onto the ark and looked inside.

“How many people do you have here?” Lyton didn’t try to hide anything from him.

“13 million.

” “What? 13 million?!” The ark didn’t look like it could contain so many people! Five million would already be a stretch.

“Are you sure?” “I can understand why you won’t believe me because you can only see the part above the water.

We have cabins under the water, too.

” Nathan nodded.

“You need to stop this and get to the Pegasus Grassland asap.

We’re running out of time!”