Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 111

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 111

Chapter 111 In Full Strength “Mom! Mom! “Mom, I’m scared… “Mom… Help me…” “Honey, hold on! Don’t be scared! I’m here! Mom’s here!” The earthquake split a remote city in Woodia into two halves.

The left half had sunken 200m into the ground, while the right half was on the verge of collapsing as well.

The ground opened up so abruptly that many people fell into the chasm.

Then came the stones, and it was almost impossible to survive.

Even if one could avoid the falling stones, the 200m drop could still kill them.

Even a rock or a vehicle would be shattered by the fall, let alone a human being.

A little girl was hanging off the edge of the cliff, and her mom was holding her by her hand.

The mother was gritting her teeth, and tears were rolling down her cheeks.

She knew she couldn’t hold on for much longer, but she was still cheering her daughter up.

“Honey, don’t let go!” .



The woman’s lower half was almost gone.

When the stones fell, she pushed her husband out of the way, but her legs were crushed by the big rock.

Her husband didn’t survive.

Although the stone missed him, he fell into the chasm and had been missing ever since.

He was said to be missing, but it was obvious what happened to him.

No one could survive a fall from that height.

He was dead.

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COM Before the woman would scream, she saw her eight-year-old daughter falling over the edge.

Adrenaline kicked in.

She crawled to the edge of the chasm with her hands and caught her daughter in time.

However, she couldn’t hold on for much longer.

The pain of losing her legs was excruciating.

She had little to hold onto, and grabbing her daughter had drained her energy.

It was impossible to pull the girl back up.

After the earthquake, few people were still standing.

Even if they could, their top priority was to find their family.

The people closest to the woman were nearly 100m away.

No one could help her now.

“Mom, I’m scared…” “Baby, don’t be…” “Mom, why are my friends all in the ark? Why aren’t we?” “We can’t afford the tickets.

” “Aren’t they free?” Free? Who was she kidding? No country would do that! Even countries like Soilia, Grassia, Goldia, and Flamia were selling tickets, not to mention Neige, where everything had a price.

They had no choice.

There were too few arks and too many people.

Time was of the essence, and no country had enough time to build as many arks as they wanted.

The developed countries built thirty or forty arks.

The less wealthy ones like Woodia only managed to build eleven in seven days.

They weren’t the worst because some countries couldn’t build a single one.

What good could eleven arks do? Woodia had 200 million people.

Even 110 arks couldn’t fit all of them.

The girl cried when her mother fell silent.

“Why is the Moonian shelter free? Mom, I don’t want to die…” The woman wept.

“Honey, I can’t hold on for much longer, but I’ll be by your side! If there’s another life, I still want to be your mom! I hope we’ll be Moonians in another life…” Maybe the Moonians were foolish.

They didn’t build any arks before the catastrophe hit.

Instead, they trusted Himmel Soan and built an underground shelter.

However, they never gave up on any human being.

The Moonian shelters were all free.

Even if the country would be wiped out, everyone would die together.

Everybody was treated equally.

Woodia wasn’t like that.

Only the wealthy people could live here, while the poor were left to die.

The woman wasn’t afraid of death anymore.

At this point, all her opinions had changed.

She could accept death, but she didn’t want to die in frustration.

All lives were supposed to be equal.

Yet in the catastrophe, the wealthy people’s lives obviously became more precious.

The world wasn’t a fair place.

“Mom…” Sensing her mother’s grip loosening, the girl cried.

The woman studied her daughter’s face carefully because they would soon part forever.

She had lost all her strength.

She hoped she could remember the girl’s face when she was in another world.

“Honey, I’m coming with you!” The woman gave up and jumped into the chasm with her daughter.

Right then, dozens of men in black jumped into her sight.

They leaped from one spot to the next like beans bouncing off the ground, covering dozens of meters with each jump.

Some of them even stuck to the wall of the cliff like lizards and made their way to the ground level.

One of them caught the girl and another one caught the woman.

They threw out some hooks to fasten themselves onto the wall.

The woman was astonished.

“Who are you?” “We’re the Moonian rescue team.

Ma’am, please don’t give up! We’re going to take you back to our country.

You’ll be safe there, and your wounds will be treated!” The man was from the Himmelian Village.

He couldn’t speak the Woodian language, but the translation device he carried translated everything he said.

The woman’s first reaction wasn’t to rejoice.

Instead, she shouted, “Help my daughter! Help her!” The other man approached her with her daughter in his arms.

“Ma’am, don’t worry.

Your daughter is safe!” “Mom…” “My baby…” “Ma’am, your legs are bleeding! We have to treat it asap! Off we go!” The Soan empire only had so many people, and there were too many countries in the world.

They could only send fewer than one to two hundred men to each country.

But they could save many lives.

They were the savior to those people.

They were God.

They were angels sent by heaven! “There are two more here! Give me the first-aid kit!” “I have one more here! I’m out of medicine! Give me some!” The people of the Himmelian Village were stronger than bulldozers.

They quickly removed the ruins and dug out the people that had been buried underneath.

Himmel Soan had invented some glasses that could detect body temperature.

No matter how deep they were buried, the glasses could spot them.

“Captain, I have seven people here.

” “Captain, I found twelve survivors.

I need a helicopter.

” “Captain, Team Four found twenty-two people here, and three are severely injured.

They must be evacuated immediately!”