Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 106

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Liar Once the paid posters began to do their job, the public opinion online changed.

Everyone was thanking Moon at first, but gradually, some people began to curse the country until everyone was doing it.

That was to say, only a handful of people were wise enough to survive this catastrophe.

In Winland.


President, what do you think?” “The Neigerians won’t risk their own lives.

If they don’t want the blueprint, nor do we! Accepting it may even offend them.

” “But what if it’s true?” “Neige should know better than us.

They want to figure out the truth more than we do.

We’ll just follow them.

” In Panthera.


President, people are saying…” .



“Ignore them.

They’re all idiots! Moon has kept nothing to itself, but those people can still find a way to refute it.

They’re risking their own lives! I don’t care what they do.

Moon has sent us some devices, but it doesn’t have the time and energy to build more for us.

Give the blueprint to the manufacturers and tell them to go into full production.

” “Mr.

President, are you sure we can trust Moon? According to Neige, this is the first step of Moon’s world domination!” “We’ve been allies with Moon for so many years, and there are no secrets between the two countries.

What can they possibly steal from us? What do they need it for? Moonians know everything about our country! Don’t be so dumb! Get on with it!” “Yes!” Padaski was Moon’s closest ally and agreed with Moon on everything.

The country was underdeveloped, and Moon had given Padaski all the help it could offer.

Because of that, Padaskians treated Moonians almost better than their own.

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COM Seeing that almost all other countries were criticizing Moon, the Padaskians couldn’t stand it anymore.

They fought back for their Moonian brethren.

“You people deserve to die!” “How much do you know about Moon? You just assume they care about profit as much as you do! They have a thousand-year-old civilization, and it’s beyond your comprehension! You people have no shame at all! It’s impossible to explain to you what a great nation is doing! I won’t stop you if you want to die!” “Moon is saving the world, not endanger it! Why won’t you listen?” “Guys, please start building the devices while you still have time! We already have 20,000 of them! Moon gave them to us for free! Do you think Moon is trying to control Padaski, too? Does anyone not know the friendship between our countries?” It didn’t work! Their persuasion did nothing to change the situation.

The power of conspiracy theory was terrifying.

Countries that were more advanced than Moon were especially convinced by those theories.

They believed that Moon wasn’t good enough to be in the top ten and should remain a backwater country forever.

It was like the psychology of a mediocre student.

He didn’t feel threatened by the top students because he would never be their match.

However, he would never let students with poorer grades exceed him.

Moon was currently considered to be the worst student in this “class.

” “Liar! He has played with our feelings!” “I thought Moon was so generous, but they’re only trying to steal our secrets! Shame on them!” “That’s such a mean thing to do!” “Stop trying to fool us with some fake video! It has been debunked online already! I knew it! How could a twenty-year-old know so much?!” “He even claimed himself to be 200 years old! He can go to hell!” “They almost fooled us!” “I hope all Moonians will die in the catastrophe!” “If Moonians somehow survive this disaster, I’m going to pay them a visit! Just wait and see!” “Those heartless bastards! They’re still trying to control other countries when death is upon us! I can’t believe it!” “I’m so angry! I think it’s giving me a heart attack! We should stop giving Moon any resources!” Needless to say, Neige’s campaign was very successful.

Over 95% of countries were persuaded.

They thought they had made a clever move.

Little did they know that they had led themselves into their own doom.

Himmel Soan and Henry were celebrating the success of the press conference.

However, they soon read the comments online.

Himmel Soan sighed.

“Forget it.

We’ve done everything we could, and there’s no time for a second press conference.

We still need to work on some key parts of the space cannon.

I have to finish the work in two days.

” Henry was so frustrated that he smashed the laptop.

He told his secretary, “Just leave it be! Don’t show me any of those comments again.

They’re on their own!” Gordon asked, “What did the Moonians say?” The secretary said, “They have faith in us.

” “Good.

That’s all we need.

” Other countries had a reason to doubt Moon, but Moonians didn’t.

They would love to see their country rise to the top, so most of them believed the press conference to be true.

This was Himmel Soan’s last public appearance before the meteorite arrived.

The number of insulting comments was still growing.

They were furious at first but grew less intense as time went by.

The catastrophe was almost upon the human race, and everyone was busy finding their own shelter.

“Build as many devices as we can.

We may be able to save some more people.

” “Yes!” That was Henry’s last command before the time came.

100 hours to go.

80 hours.

48 hours.

No one was in the mood to bicker.

The super meteorite was two days away.

It was almost visible from Earth, even blocking the sun.

The sky had dimmed, and natural disasters were taking place all over the world.

Eight million Neigerians were evacuated.

The Redmen Volcano erupted after three hundred years, resulting in 9,891 casualties.

The ice cap of the south pole cracked and started melting.

The sea level rose, and tsunamis attacked the coastal countries.

Countless people were affected.

Earthquakes began to happen in many regions.