Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 98

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 98

Chapter 98 Press Conference “We’ve made the announcement, Mr.


May I ask what that explosion was?” Himmel said solemnly, “That was the space cannon.

” Gordon was pleasantly surprised.

“Can we build a space cannon now?” Henry said, “I thought it would be more powerful.

” Himmel Soan explained, “It’s not finished yet.

I only have a prototype.

It’s more like a testing version.

” Being a cultivator, Himmel Soan could fire the space cannon at any given time.

It wasn’t hard for him.

Just now, he had injected the processed spiritual essence into his body and tried to fire the space cannon with it.

It worked.

The spiritual essence was compatible with him.

That was to say, the device had provided him with the right type of spiritual essence.

However, it wasn’t dense enough.

If one were to range the pureness of the spiritual essence from one to ten, the spiritual essence refined by Himmel Soan’s dantian was ten.

What he processed with the device only had two.

The spiritual essence that came from his dantian was five times purer.

The purer it was, the more potent it would be.




Himmel Soan didn’t expect to see such a result.

It meant he would need a larger space cannon that required more energy.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be as powerful as he had planned.

Luckily, they had built the space cannon larger than the blueprint designed to be, which made up for the lack of potency.

“The earlier output is about 1 out of 1.

62 billion the impact of a real space cannon.

” Both Gordon and Henry were dumbfounded.

Their expressions seemed to freeze on their faces.

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COM “What?” “What was that?” Himmel Soan nodded and typed some figures on the calculator.

16231… He omitted the last seven digits.

It was approximately 1.

62 billion.

“OMG…” “Is that the so-called space cannon?” “1.

62 billion times more powerful… That much power can destroy the sun!” “Will we still have a solar system after it’s fired?” Henry and Gordon had always trusted Himmel Soan.

However, they didn’t have as much faith in the space cannon.

They did now.

It was definitely going to be their savior.

The energy cannon was nothing in comparison.

Now, both the innate vigorous energy and the spiritual essence were taken care of.

120 hours to go.

There were three more tasks.

First of all, they need to build a large container to store the spiritual essence.

It would serve the dantian’s purpose.

After that, they needed to complete the construction of the space cannon.

More than enough laborers were waiting on the grassland, and they had collected most of the materials.

The only thing needed now was the blueprint.

120 hours meant five days.

Three days would be enough.

Last but not least, the spiritual essence needed to be refined.

The drop in the purity was unexpected.

To maintain the potency, Himmel Soan had two approaches.

He had taken the first approach already.

The space cannon they were building was twice the size he had designed at first.

But that still wasn’t enough.

He also needed to amplify the power by five times.

The space cannon was already completed.

It would be a waste of resources, and they wouldn’t have time to rebuild one either.

Hence, he needed to do something about the spiritual essence.

He needed at least 2.

5 times the amount of spiritual essence he had initially planned to produce.

It was as straightforward as calculating the area.

To ensure the area was unchanged when the length was reduced, the width had to increase, and vice versa.


Himmel Soan will hold a press conference in ten hours.

It will be broadcasted live online, and you’re welcome to ask any questions.

” “Good.

I have quite a few questions, and I want to hear his answer.

” “Finally! Mr.

Himmel Soan is going to give us an explanation! I’m sure he has his reasons!” “You can believe what you want.

He shouldn’t put all our lives at risk!” “Why are you in such a hurry? If you have questions, just ask Mr.

Himmel Soan.

” “Of course, I’m going to ask what he’s thinking! Why did he build these underground shelters? What reasons did he have?” At this point, all countries had given other countries full access to 99% of their websites.

Anyone could visit them.


Being Neige’s No.

1 opponent, Moon was closely watched by all other countries.

The high-ranking officials of other countries were all intrigued when they heard Himmel Soan was going to hold a press conference.

They were more eager than the Moonians in finding out what he was up to.

In Neige.

“Send some reporters and ask some difficult questions.

We’re going to embarrass Moon.

” “Understood.

We’ll use discount tickets to the arks as bait and lure some dumb Moonians over to work as hard laborers.

” “Yes, let’s do that.


Take some scientists with you.

That boy calls himself a scientist, doesn’t he? We’ll see exactly how much he knows.

If he can’t answer the questions, all the better.

He’ll be humiliated, and Moon will fall apart!” “Yes!” Neige’s allied countries came up with similar ideas.

They decided to expose Himmel Soan’s lies as soon as he came out.

They wondered why the Moonian president trusted him so much.

Ten hours were long enough to spread the news around the world, and those countries had ample time to find the scientists to ask the questions.

Once the press conference started, the meteorite would only be 110 hours away.

Unusual things were already happening on Earth.

The wind had grown stronger on a global scale.

The atmosphere was affected by the meteorite as well.

The sunlight seemed to have dimmed even at noon.

The darkening light gave one the feeling of approaching doomsday.

By then, some people were already too scared to leave their houses.

The press conference was held in the city where the sacred temple was.

Viclan, William, Branco, Warren, Himmel Soan, and Henry went up the stage.

The flashes from the cameras were blinding.

Holding their microphones, the reporters couldn’t wait to ask their questions.

Over three hundred cameras from over seventy countries were recording the conference and live-streaming it to the world.