Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 82

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Help Us If things didn’t improve in a day’s time, they would jump down the buildings.

At the Pegasus Grassland, a construction site had been set up here.

The outer frame of the space cannon had already taken shape.

It was a gigantic square.

The length of the sides was all over 5km.

From above, it looked like the base of a pyramid.

It was only a miniature, though.

The full-sized space cannon would be more than a hundred times bigger.

This thing was supposed to destroy a super meteorite 2.

5 times the size of Earth while being multiple times smaller.

That was incredible! There was a buzz, followed by some puffing sounds.

Viclan was simulating the compression in the lab.

Apparently, he had failed again.

There was enough energy when the buzzing sound appeared at first.

However, it soon turned into a deflating noise, and the energy dissipated.

It could hardly crush an egg, let alone a meteorite.

Viclan was worried, and so were all the other scientists.

There was nothing they could do.

It was beyond their comprehension, and they didn’t know how to solve the problem.

Even if they could, it would take them at least a few decades.

It was impossible to do it in a few days.

“We’ve failed again!” Viclan was so frustrated that he wanted to smash his desk.

He was anxious, worried, and angry at his impotence.

The Patriarch trusted him so much and gave him this important task, but he was going to fail him.

“Don’t worry, Viclan.

One step at a time,” William tried to calm him down.

“I can’t! I can’t do it! This time, I may disappoint the Patriarch after all.

” .



“You won’t! I’m sure the Patriarch won’t blame you.

Calm down, and let’s try it again.

” Viclan pulled himself together and went back to his research.

Himmel Soan had finished all the textbooks the day before and started experimenting today.

He realized that science did have some similarities with his ability.

There were many differences as well.

He couldn’t pinpoint it just yet.

Once he learned some scientific theories, he became much more efficient than the scientists.

“The space cannon can be fueled by the spiritual essence, but what makes the spiritual essence? Did I absorb something from the external world? Did it combine with something inside my body? It has to be some external particle or element.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V EL.

COM The spiritual essence was a type of powerful energy.

Being a cultivator, Himmel Soan could form spiritual essence, but what exactly was it? Could he create it with scientific methods? Things would be much easier if he could.

For instance, water was composed of hydrogen and oxygen.

Each water molecule consisted of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms.

That was it! Spiritual essence should follow the same principle.

It was an intangible substance, just like electricity.

If that were the case, things would become trickier.

So far, people still hadn’t figured out what formed electricity.

Electricity was a natural phenomenon caused by the repulsion and attraction between protons and subatomic atoms.

However, human bodies couldn’t generate electricity.

Static electricity in winter times was all one could get.

However, the human body could generate spiritual essence and innate vigorous energy.

Leaning back into his sofa, Himmel Soan was lost in his thoughts until he was trance-like.

Spiritual essence was essential to the construction of the space cannon.

The innate vigorous energy might do the trick, but it wouldn’t be as effective.

It was a type of energy similar to the spiritual essence and was generated when one reached perfection in their innate stage.

It wouldn’t be as potent as the spiritual essence used by the actual cultivators.

There were so many unknown aspects in the human body as well as in the natural environment.

It was next to impossible to find in them the elements that could compose the spiritual essence.

The components might consist of two, three, ten, or even a hundred elements.

The ratio had to be exact, or it would affect the result.

Where should he start with the research? It was impossible! “What if we use my body as the intermediary?” The idea suddenly struck Himmel Soan.

They weren’t going to create the spiritual essence any time soon.

Himmel Soan knew how to generate it, but he hadn’t recovered his full strength yet.

What if some external device could turn him into a spiritual essence generator and extract the spiritual essence from him? Another option was to build an enormous container to store the spiritual essence.

Himmel Soan was physically healthy, but unless he made a full recovery, he wouldn’t be able to generate much spiritual essence at one time.

However, he could store it in some container and accumulate it in the space cannon.

This container would function as Himmel Soan’s dantian, the elixir field.

He then came up with several plans and decided to give them a go.

In the online world.

“I’m sorry, guys, but I can’t take it anymore.

There are things I can’t say in the real world, but here on the internet, I’d like to apologize to my family and friends.

I’m going to let you down!” “Man, hang in there.

I owe people 90 million, and my debtors probably want to kill me now! I’m in much bigger trouble than you are.

I’m going to take a walk by the river tonight.

” “Is everyone in trouble now? I guess I’m one of the luckier ones.

I only owe the bank 1.

2 million, but my business has closed down.

I don’t even have a fraction of that!” “What can we do? My wife has been crying since this morning.

My child needs food, and my mom is in the hospital.

There’s so much pressure! I don’t understand why this is happening! Why did all the countries start boycotting us?” “Weren’t there a lot of tough people two days ago? Where are they now? Can they still make a living?” “Who would have thought the impact would be so great? I thought my company didn’t have foreign connections, but our shareholders have.

We’ve lost over 60% of our income.

” “I hope Sky Eye can see our comments and solve the problem asap! I don’t regret being a member of our country, and I support the decision, but I hope the government cares about its people, too.

” “That’s right.

I hope this is over soon.

Although I don’t know exactly what’s going on, I hope Sky Eye can make the right decision.

We need our life back.

” Sky Eye read all the comments.

Before long, it released an announcement that could cheer up everybody.