Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 73

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 73

Chapter 73 Bad News “Yes!” Warren was delighted when he saw the way Himmel Soan smiled at his phone.

Their Patriarch was well-versed with his smartphone and was enjoying it.

What a lovely scene.

Back in Moon, Henry Lang of the Sky Eye and Gordon Marlow of the Dragon Tribe saw the large banners when they arrived at the airport.

“Welcome back home, Mr.

Viclan!” “Welcome back home, Mr.

William!” “Welcome back home, Mr.

Branco!” “Welcome back home, Ms.

Linda!” There were hundreds of banners, and it was a scene that no one had seen for decades.

Dozens of honor guards had lined up and were waiting for the returning scientists.

They weren’t invited by Henry or Gordon.

Instead, they came here on their own accord.

Viclan was shocked by this scene, but he soon adjusted himself.

Followed by the others, Henry and Gordon went forward to shake hands with the scientists.

Viclan was overwhelmed by the unexpected favor.

Hundreds of channels and journalists were broadcasting Viclan’s return.

After those people were arrested, the online environment became much healthier.

The comments now were all about greeting the scientists.

“Welcome back, Mr.

Viclan! We’ve booked rooms for you.

Please follow me!” .



Viclan didn’t forget his original plan.

He turned down Henry’s offer and wanted to see his Patriarch first.

However, he received a message from Warren, saying that Himmel Soan wouldn’t see him at the moment and instructed him to go with Henry.

As a result, Viclan had to follow Henry to a nearby hotel.

In Neige.

“Damn it! Moon accepted them! Lincoln, is this what you promised me? Is this how you carry out your task? Didn’t you say Moon would never have them back?!” Oraman was so angry that he knocked his table to the floor, and he had done that several times already.

His subordinates didn’t dare say a word and only stood there in silence.

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COM Oraman then slapped each of them in turn.

“Get out of my sight! Get me Maruse!” The officials shuddered when they heard that name.

Maruse was the defense minister of Neige.

Oraman was the president and was in charge of administrative affairs while Maruse was the vice-president as well as the defense minister.

Once Maruse got involved, things would become much more severe.

Even war could break out at any moment.

Oraman was for real.

Things were going to get complicated.

Some radicals had been holding grudges against Moon for years, and they couldn’t wait to see Maruse take action.

“Yes! I’ll notify Maruse now!” Everyone left the president’s office.

Before long, a tall, dark man entered the room.


President, you wanted to see me?” “Sit.

” Oraman calmed down a little.

“Do you know what’s going on with Viclan?” “Yes.

It has made a lot of buzz, and I’ve heard about it.

” “What do you think?” “I’m waiting for your order.

” Oraman poured himself a glass of wine and said slowly, “When they went back, they took many of our technologies with them.

It’s inevitable that our science, technology, and economy will slow down.

In the next two decades, Moon will make some rapid progress.

They may become as powerful as us and even rise to the top!” “Mr.

President, feel free to speak your mind.

” “I want to find an excuse while we still have the power to suppress them.

Do you know what I mean?” “Yes! I’m on it!” “Wait!” Maruse was about to leave when Oraman stopped him.

“Anything else I can do for you, Mr.

President?” “Have someone do the job for us.

We don’t need to get our hands dirty.

It’ll turn us into a laughing stock.

” Of course, Maruse was clever enough to understand that order.

Maruse pondered for a moment before saying, “I heard that Moonian scientists have left Winland, Soilia, and Flamia, too, and Flamia is especially unhappy.

Shall we give them a chance?” Oraman took out two cigars and tossed one to Maruse.

“Flamia isn’t alone in this.

I think they’re all on edge.

You’d better talk to all of them.

” “No problem.

I’ll do that.

” Back in Moon.

Himmel Soan was sitting by the window, playing with his phone.

Suddenly, he raised his head with a sharp look on his face.

“Anyone outside?” Warren and Yosef immediately rushed into the room and nervously looked around, thinking someone had broken in.

“Patriarch, what’s wrong? What happened?” “Get the car ready and take me to Viclan.

Bring Henry and his people, too.

” “Patriarch, I thought you weren’t going to see Viclan.

Why the rush?” “What did you say?” “I’m getting the car now.

” Having been in a confused state for over 30 years, Himmel Soan hadn’t made a full recovery yet.

He had gained 0.

1% of his mental force just then.

With that tiny percentage, he discovered a critical situation.

A meteorite was flying toward Earth at one-tenth the speed of light.

It was about 1/360 light-years away from Earth.

At the speed of light, it would reach Earth in one day.

However, nothing moved as fast as light, and the meteorite was only moving at less than one-tenth of the light speed.

Based on Himmel Soan’s calculation, it would smash into the planet in about fifteen days.

Since he hadn’t recovered his strength yet, he couldn’t break down the meteorite.

They could only depend on science and technology now.

Viclan, Branco, and their colleagues were the top scientists on Earth, and they should have had a way to stop this disaster.

Or they could use science to help Himmel Soan so that he could recover 1% of his power, which would enable him to destroy the meteorite.

So far, Himmel Soan had only recovered 0.

1% of his physical strength and mental force.

He could easily destroy a mountain, but breaking down a meteorite was out of the question, not to mention such a gigantic one “Mr.

Himmel Soan, to what do we owe this honor?” e.

Henry and the others were eating when the door opened.

A teenager no more than 20 years old came in, followed by Warren, Yosef, and other members of the Soan empire.