Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 70

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 70

Chapter 70 What Do Moonians Want “We’ll offer an olive branch to Viclan, showing him how sincere we are.

Keep in mind that when he comes back this time, we must get the entire Soanian Theory from him!” “Of course! If he doesn’t hand it over, we’ll ensure he has nowhere else to go!” Oraman nodded.

“Since they’ve betrayed us once, they can do it again! Deep down, they still consider themselves to be Moonians.

All those scientists are on a blacklist now.

We’ll banish them once we get everything!” Morado said, “Isn’t banishment too low a price to pay? After the humiliation they’ve put us through, why don’t we exhaust them of all they know and put them under house arrest for the rest of their lives? They’ll work for us until they die!” “I’ll leave that to you.

The Soanian Theory is all I want.

As long as our scientific research can keep going, I don’t care what you do.

The general elections are taking place in one year.

We can’t afford anything to go wrong.

Understood?” “Yes, sir!” “Holy shit! These Moonians are hilarious! They’re stopping Viclan from going back! How stupid can they be?” “That’s why their country is so weak! They never use their brains!” “Don’t underestimate them.

After all, their culture dates back thousands of years.

There are some wise people among them!” .



“Wise people? Where are they? All I see are idiots!” “Well said! If you ask me, that country is doomed.

They have no idea how important Viclan is! Neige has messed things up, but these Moonian netizens have saved their ass!” “They’re so stupid! I thought Moon was on the rise.

Looks like that’s not going to happen!” “The smarter ones have already changed their nationality.

They wouldn’t remain in Moon.

Those left behind are all pathetic and stupid!” “That’s alright.

If Moon doesn’t want Viclan, Soilia will take him!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V EL.

COM “Your country? Aren’t you worried that Viclan will betray you as well?” “I’m not.

After this, I’m sure they’ll be distraught.

They won’t leave the next country that takes them in.

I’m sure if we show enough sincerity, everything will be fine!” “Soilia has always valued scientists.

If Viclan and his colleagues can join us, we’ll treat them as honorable guests, regardless of their moral standing.

As long as they spare no effort, we don’t care how good or evil they are.

” “That’s right.

If Moon won’t have them, we will!” In Woodia.

“Tell Mr.

Owen to stand by! If Moon doesn’t let Viclan and his people enter the country, we’ll take action immediately, inviting them to join us!” “Invite them? Why? Hasn’t what happened in Neige taught us a lesson? Woodia isn’t as powerful as Neige, and we can’t afford an incident like that! We’ll end up wasting a lot of resources, and they’ll still be gone! We can’t invite them here!” “Shut up, you idiot! Don’t you know what the Soanian Theory is? If not, do a bit of research.

Yes, not everyone has gone to college, but you shouldn’t talk about things you don’t understand!” “The Soanian Theory? What’s that?” “If you don’t know what that is, type it into your search engine!” “Holy shit! The Soanian Theory is so awesome! It can affect all aspects of our life! All our scientific research in the next century will be based on it! But what does it have to do with Viclan?” “The Soanian Theory was put forward by Viclan’s team, and Viclan himself is the brain behind it! However, it’s not completed yet.

Viclan and his fellow Moonians are the only people for that job! The Neigerians have been trying to get the entire theory from Viclan, but he never gave it to them!” “Seriously? I didn’t know Viclan was so talented! We should recruit him! I hope the Moonians keep up with their insults!” In fact, the Moonians didn’t disappoint them.

Seeing that the government hadn’t responded, the netizens began to say more outrageous things.

“What the hell? Is the government blind? Can’t they see our comments? Why won’t they do something?” “They should hurry up! If you ask me, we should shut the airport and tell them to go back to where they came from!” “I won’t have such fellow Moonians! They’re all ungrateful bastards! I can’t believe they’ve ruined the reputation of our traditional culture like that! How are we going to face the other countries now? Our image has been destroyed!” “That’s right! Look at what they did during the ceremony?! Our country is known for its virtue! It’s alright to be mediocre, but one has to have a kind heart! No country will dare to hire them now! He’s like a malevolent cell that can turn into cancer at any moment!” Moon might have many foolish people.

However, it didn’t mean that everyone was the same.

The country had a large population, so there were bound to be idiots.

If 10% of the population was foolish, it meant one out of ten would be a fool.

With a hundred people, ten of them would be foolish.

What about a thousand, ten thousand, or a hundred thousand people? More importantly, Moon had a population of over a billion and was touching the two billion mark.

Ten percent of the two billion people were fence-sitters.

It wasn’t hard to comprehend.

Some of these people were teenagers who couldn’t form their judgments independently.

Even people in their early twenties might not have a correct view of the world.

Most of them would just go with the flow.

However, the Moonian culture had lasted for thousands of years, and the country never lacked wise people.

Only their voices were drowned by the noises.

The trolls might have outpowered the sensible netizens, but they couldn’t silence those with more followers.

Jesper, one of the ten most famous influencers, created a post that contained many images.

Jesper (verified account): What Do Moonians Want “I don’t know why everybody suddenly began to say such things.

To be honest, I’m shocked.

That’s why I am writing this article.

It’s on the longer side, and I hope you can spare a moment to read it.

“I’ve been following this incident closely.

I remember some people questioned Viclan as soon as they said they were coming back.

Here are some screenshots I saved.

Please take a look.

” Attached were some screenshots showing the comments that questioned Viclan’s purpose.

They didn’t believe him.

They said there was no way the scientists would give up the nice research environment in Neige.

“The scientists then replied to Mr.

Himmel Soan’s post, which was supposed to be good news.

However, some people began to say that those accounts were fake.