Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 66

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 66

Chapter 66 I’m a Moonian “You verified the Soanian Theory the following year after I put it forward, and you’ve been using it without any scruples since then.

However, it didn’t stop you from discriminating against the Moonian scientists! I saw it with my own eyes! I’m only accepting an honor that should have been given to me a long time ago.

What’s wrong with that? Don’t make it sound like some generous charity.

You owe me this award!” “Damn it!” “Bloody hell!” “Oh my god, you ungrateful bastard! This country has treated you so well, but you’re still trying to leave us! Have you forgotten how we’ve helped you in the past thirty years?!” The ceremony was broadcasted live to the entire world.

Neige wanted the attention.

The higher the number of viewers, the more important the ceremony would become.

As a result, Viclan and his fellow scientists would be under more pressure.

They had thought that with the media attention and the award itself, Viclan and his people would think twice before they spoke their minds, no matter how straightforward they were.

That was what Neige needed.

It would give them enough excuse to keep the scientists.

However, Viclan talked about going back home before they could start asking questions.

The plan was to have Neigerian reporters ask questions first.

They would start by inquiring how the scientist felt about winning the prize.

After that, they would move to more sensitive questions, such as how Neige had been treating them over the years.




There would be questions like, “We heard Neige has invested trillions of dollars in your research.

Is that true?” And “Mr.

Oraman held a meeting today and mentioned you and your fellow scientists in particular.

This country clearly values you.

Do you have anything to say about that?” So on and so forth.

They believed that Viclan would have to say something nice to the media, such as “Neige is a great country,” “I’m thrilled!” “I want to thank Neige for what it has done for us!” and similar answers like that.

That was what Neige had been hoping for.

Once Viclan said such things, it would be very difficult for him to leave.

Even if he said nothing, by showing up at the ceremony, he owed Neige a big favor.

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COM All the countries knew that Neige had tampered with the ceremony tonight, using its influence to move up the date by force.

The winners were also determined by the Neigerian government.

Viclan and his men were definitely aware of that.

They should feel grateful for it! However, that wasn’t what happened.

Instead of showing gratitude, Viclan got angry and claimed that he deserved to win the prize.

That infuriated the Neigerians.

The audience erupted.

“Nice! Show them what a true Moonian is!” “That’s great! Grab the prize and take off! How thrilling!” “They haven’t forgotten us! Viclan said he was coming back! Where are the trolls? They aren’t so talkative now, are they? Viclan himself said he was coming back.

Are you still going to question his loyalty?”.

“Welcome back!” The world heard it when Viclan spoke into the camera that he was coming back home.

The Moonians couldn’t believe their ears.

Online viewers filled the screen of the live stream with comments, congratulating the scientists.

Back at the ceremony, the air felt stifling.

It was as if a war was breaking out.

The host was dumbfounded at first.

When he realized what had just happened, he tried to save the day.

“I see Mr.

Viclan loves Neige very much.

You said you were going back home, but you’re already at home.

You’ve lived in Neige for 30 years.

Surely, this is your home now.

You’re going home later to celebrate.

Is that what you meant?” He then winked at Viclan.

He was creating an excuse for the scientists.

If Viclan said yes, the situation would be resolved, and the ceremony could continue in a merry mood.

It wouldn’t take a genius to figure that out.

Viclan looked at the Neigerians in the audience.

They seemed less upset now.

They would love to hear Viclan confirm the host’s words.

“That’s right.

Viclan has lived here for over thirty years.

That’s longer than the time he has spent in Moon.

I’m sure he thinks of Neige as his home now.

” “I think he has changed his nationality to Neige already.

” “Is that so? That explains a lot of things.

Sorry, Mr.


What a big misunderstanding!” “Mr.

Viclan, welcome to Neige! That invitation extends to all your colleagues as well! I don’t need to remind you what a great country Neige is, and we have the generosity to match that reputation! We welcome all talented people with an ambition to join us!” The bigshots in the audience smiled at the camera and made their little speeches.

Some were talking to Viclan, and others to the scientists and officials of other countries.

Back in Moon, the ceremony was still being broadcasted live.

The screen was covered by bullet chats.

However, the comments were saying exactly the opposite things now.

“Did you hear that? Viclan is a Neigerian now! He’s no longer one of us! You can all stop cheering!” “I knew it! No one could be that dumb! You people have all been played! He’s going back to his home in Neige, not Moon! Did you hear that, you idiots?” “Even the air is fresher there! Why would anyone choose us over them? Didn’t someone question me just now? Where are they? You people just don’t know when to give up, do you? You have to hear the exact words before you can accept reality.

” “I don’t think they’re going to believe it now? No, they won’t! Just let it be! They’re all blind!” Back at the ceremony.

Viclan held the microphone and told the Neigerians in the audience, “Please stop! I’ve never changed my nationality! I’m still a citizen of Moon, and I’ve never tried to become a Neigerian! Where did you get that information? Didn’t I make myself clear enough? Fine, I’ll clarify it.

By ‘going back,’ I mean I’m going back to Moon, my home!” “Viclan!” A Neigerian official smacked the table and jumped to his feet, bellowing, “What did you say? Say that again, I dare you!” Viclan looked at the man and spoke again.

This time, he used his native tongue.

“I’m a Moonian now, and I’ll always be a Moonian! I’m going back home!” “Damn it! “Bloody hell! “You bastard!” The Neigerian lost his temper and started cursing.

He even tried to get onto the stage to hit Viclan.

“We’ve given you a Nobel Prize! The least you can do is show some gratitude!” Viclan replied, “As I said, I earned this prize! That’s alright.

If you want it back, you can have it!”