Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 59

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Everyone, Stay “So, in your belief system, everything can be valued by money.

Is that it? Do you believe that everyone else is just like you? You’re assuming that they’re just as shameless as you are!” “Shame? What good does shame do? Does it pay for your bills or food? Come on.

How childish do you have to be to say such a thing? Money is what you need to get around in this world! Without money, you can’t do anything! What can be more important than making money?” The two sides started arguing again.

After seeing all the replies from the scientists, the conclusion should be pretty obvious, but some people still wouldn’t believe it.

It wasn’t just the ordinary people.

Even some celebrities had joined in.

Midnight Consultation_Logan LiamV (verified account): “None of it is true! Enough with the bickering already.

” Ordinary People Host Ordin Winor (verified account): “Stop arguing, people.

There’s no way those guys are coming back! Of course, I do not doubt Mr.

Himmel Soan’s ability, but those accounts are probably all fake.

They’re only pretending to be scientists when they reply to Mr.

Himmel Soan.

The old gentleman is so famous at the moment that they all want a piece of the pie!” Director Peter MattisonV (verified account): “It would be great if all those scientists could come back, but that’s not going to happen! To tell you the truth, even I want to be somewhere else.

They’re doing so well out there.

Why should they come back?” Mukbang Cissy ChaplanV (verified account): “I know William, and I’ve called him.

He said he knew nothing about it! All those accounts are fakes! Don’t believe anything they say! You have my word!” .



Seeing these posts, more people began to question the authenticity of the accounts.

“How about that, idiots? Do you believe it now?” “They’ve called the account users! Are you still going to say these people are real? Don’t make me laugh! Do you know what time it is over there? They must be too busy to get online!” “Totally.

Even if they’re going to use social media, it has to be some international ones like Twitter or Facebook.

How many users does Chatterio have? You people are ridiculous!” “Anyway, I just don’t buy it.

You idiots can believe whatever you want.

I’m not talking to you! With the current situation of our country, we can’t catch up with Neige, Flamia, or Winland in twenty years.

Where do you want to be for the next two decades, a leading country or one that has to work hard to become as good as everyone else? It won’t take a genius to figure it out!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V EL.

COM “Forget it.

You can’t reason with idiots.

Let them drown in their fantasy.

After all, that’s all they have! Unlike them, we need to work for a living.

We don’t live in dreams!” “The difference between them and us is that they’re going to starve to death! At their age, they still can’t tell reality from fantasy!” “So true!” “I feel sad about people like you! It’s not about differentiating fantasy from reality! It’s about your conscience! Is that even blood going through your veins? Are you Moonians? You can’t be! You don’t deserve to be called one! Just because you don’t have the balls, you assume everyone else is like you!” “You can forget about many things in this life, even your parents, but you can’t forget about your homeland! Do you understand that? I don’t think you can!” “I’m laughing my ass off here! Those people actually said they had called those scientists! Who the hell do they think they are? Having a few million followers doesn’t make them important people! Everyone has followers these days.

Even I have ten thousand followers! So what? I still have to go to work.

Do you seriously believe that fatso has some top scientist on her speed dial?” “We’ll see who’s the idiot tomorrow! Viclan said he would arrive at the airport by then! I’d like to hear your excuse when he lands!” In Neige.

Rachel handed the file to her boss.

She thought the news would make him happy, but he paled when he read the letter.

“What? Viclan left with the Moonians!” Rachel chuckled.

“That’s right! Those guys are finally gone! I never liked them! Viclan probably left because he didn’t like the salary.

Boss, I can take his place on the research team.

I promise I’ll do a better job!” The boss smacked the letter onto her face.

“You don’t understand shit! Do you know how important Viclan’s research is?!” Rachel was baffled.

She couldn’t understand why her boss was so angry.

“I’ve been working alongside Viclan for three years.

I think I know everything.

Boss, please don’t get upset! He’s taught me everything!” “Shut up! You’re a piece of shit! Without Viclan, our research department will shut down!” Rachel couldn’t believe her ears.

“Boss, that can’t be true.

All Viclan ever does is hammer things.

I can do it! Trust me! Based on the Soanian Theory, I know where the research is heading!” ese The boss retorted, “Do you know who came up with the Soanian Theory? Do you know Viclan’s real name?” “I… I don’t know.

” “You idiot! You’ve been working under Viclan for three years, and you still know nothing! Viclan is the one who came up with that theory! Back in Moon, he used to be called Charles Soan! You can carry on with the research, but can you fill in the blanks in the Soanian Theory? Without that, what are we going to do next? Answer me! You idiot! Go away and get Viclan back! Right now!” He threw a laptop at Rachel, who dodged just in time.

She broke into a cold sweat and fled the office.

It had never occurred to her that Viclan was the genius that had put forward the Soanian Theory.

Without him, Laboratory 213 indeed couldn’t operate.

The boss dialed a number after Rachel left.

“Hello, Jason, we’ve run into the worst scenario.

Your speculation thirty years ago was correct! Viclan has left 213!”