Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 56

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Trash “Hey, don’t get so excited.

Post no.

45 might sound brutal, but it’s true.

Our country is still not developed enough to be compared to Neige.

” “Forget about Neige.

Our economy is even smaller than our neighboring countries, Nisean and Malgo.

” “You should be ashamed of yourselves! Even their grass is greener, right? You don’t think our country is good enough, nor are our people.

Is that it?” “Guess what? That’s the truth! We’re not good enough! I don’t mean any disrespect, and I’m only stating the facts! Take our people as an example.

Do you see how tall and strong the Neigians are? Their average height is 180cm! Ours is 165cm, and that’s the data for males only.

Do I need to tell you about the females?” “Are we going to use height as the evidence? Look at this graph.

This is a comparison between the data of the two countries from last year.

Do you see how much better Neige is doing? We’re so far behind them in average income, GDP, scientific achievements, and the fitness level of both athletes and ordinary people.

” No one had expected that a problem with Sowu’s server would lead to a comparison between the two countries.

The netizens were divided into three groups.

There were the patriots.

There were the objective onlookers (who felt that the country wasn’t good enough).

And there were the neutral commentators (the REAL objective ones).

The patriots: “Your parents must regret having given birth to you! After everything his country has done for you, you haven’t shown any gratitude! Do your parents know what you’ve been saying?” .



“Dude, calm down.

We have the Anti Cyberbullying Act now, so be civil.

What I want to say is… Screw you, you ungrateful trash! If you don’t like this country, go away! Stop bitching about it! This country has done nothing wrong to you! Where’s your conscience?” “No matter what this country is like, it’s still our homeland.

You don’t think it’s good enough, but you can’t bring yourselves to leave it either.

Don’t know why that is? Why are you overlooking its merits? Mr.

Himmel Soan is from this country, too.

Do you think you’re better than him? Where’s that sense of superiority coming from?” The objective onlookers: “Just admit it.

We’re not good enough.

I’m not saying I don’t want to be a member of this country, but facts are facts.

Those countries have better genes than us.

Look at all their great scientists! How many do we have?” “It’s not because they don’t want to leave this country.

They don’t have the means to do that.

Look at all those celebrities.

They all left this country when they got rich enough.

” I_Love_My_Country: “Let me give you a list.

No, I’ll @ them for you! You patriots should calm down.

@Cthulu @Branco @Viclan.

” A user named “I_Love_My_Country” suddenly named 500 internationally renowned scientists, and they were all originally from this country.

After earning a name, they all chose to live abroad in as many as 37 countries.

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COM Neige, Winland, Flamia, Hydria, and Soilia.

Those were the five most powerful countries in the world, and over 300 of those 500 scientists resided in those five countries.

They all used to be from the country of Moon! “Are we calm enough now? If this country really is so great, why did those people leave?” “Why do you even care? Stop lying to yourself! We’re weak! Know yourself.

That’s the most important thing.

Do you want me to name some celebrities and business tycoons for you? They’re all living abroad, too! No one wants to be here!” “Do you see it now, patriots?” The neutral commentators: “Yes, we’re not powerful enough yet, but we’re catching up.

No country has ever been able to make so much progress in sixty years!” “That’s true.

We’re going to become a superpower one day.

That’s for sure.

” “Frankly, our country hasn’t reached that level yet, but we aren’t far from there either.

All we need is an opportunity.

When we find that opening, we’ll surprise the whole world!” Himmel Soan_Elder of Moon (verified account): Is our country that weak? Himmel Soan created another post.

The three groups of people immediately started arguing in the comment section.


Soan, I assume that you’re unfamiliar with the current situation of our country.

It’s not good!” “That’s right, Mr.


We can’t imagine what our country would have turned out to be if we hadn’t had the help from you and the Soan empire!” “We might seem to be doing just fine, but that’s only a facade.

The key to making a country great is technology, and we’re very far behind in our science, technology, medical standards…” “Mr.

Soan, Sowu’s servers collapsed just then, but such a thing would never have happened in a foreign country.

The world record was 13.

2 billion comments in three minutes, but to do that, we need powerful and stable servers.

If it weren’t for our rubbish technology, your post could have broken the world record!” Himmel Soan’s face grew darker as he read through the comments.

His followers were too frightened to breathe.

“These famous people are all from our country, aren’t they? I assume they’re all members of the Soan empire.

” Warren nodded.

“Yes, Patriarch.

” “What are they doing there?” “Well… We sent them to other countries to look for you.

Some areas required a certain security clearance level, so they covered all the countries and obtained the highest clearance levels in almost every country.

” “Search for me! You people just wouldn’t follow my instructions!” Himmel Soan had learned to @ other people in his posts.

He immediately created a third one.

Himmel Soan_Elder of Moon (verified account): @Cathulu @Branco @Viclan @Joe Wisenck @Robert Williams… He wrote something else after those names.

“Come back!” The others found this post adorable and left comments one after another.


Soan, it doesn’t work like that.

You have a Chatterio account, but they may not have one!” “That’s right.

They usually use Twitter or Facebook.

Their Chatterio accounts are probably all blank.

I don’t think any of them actually use them.

They won’t be able to see the notification!”