Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 34

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Faith of the Soans Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations Gordon’s heart sank when he saw the countless records on his phone.

Henry Lang saw the same thing.

All the electronic devices in the country had been hacked, and everything that had a screen was showing Camille’s app.

“Are these records true?” Gordon murmured to himself in disbelief.

Behind him, Frank, the deputy of the Dragon Tribe, nodded slowly.

“It’s true, and I can tell you that the record doesn’t cover everything he has done.

The Patriarch doesn’t want to gain fame or earn anything in return.

He only wants to make our country greater.

That was the sole purpose of his life.

Otherwise, why do you think we worship him?” Dan said, “Everything you’re reading is what the three divisions have recorded, and they would only record what they’ve seen.

With the Patriarch’s habit, he wouldn’t tell us what he had done unless we asked.

Sometimes he wouldn’t tell us even if we asked! So we must have left a lot of things out.

Maybe the Patriarch has even arranged the establishment of the Dragon Tribe.

” “I thought the three divisions had infiltrated the Dragon Tribe, but as it turns out, the Dragon Tribe was set up as an addition to the three divisions.

Am I right?” Gordon sounded stunned.

“It’s not like that.

The Patriarch didn’t care about such things.

Why is it so important to distinguish one from the other? If that were the case, the Patriarch wouldn’t have let the three divisions send talented people to the government every so often.

He could have kept all those people to himself.

Why should he help you?” “That’s right!” Gordon nodded.


Soan, I’m sorry to have put you through all that!” .



The app finally reached its end, and a sign appeared on the screen.

It looked like a combination of the letters S, O, A, and N.

One couldn’t tell if it was an inscription or the word “Soan”.

It was the sign of the Soans, meaning that the members had been summoned.

After that, the electronic devices became normal again.

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COM Seeing the sign on his phone, Chad Soan, the contractor, put down his spade and safety helmet.

He smiled at his coworkers.

“Guys, I… I can’t continue with this project anymore.

Here’s the salary for this year.

Jack, take it and give it to everyone.

” “But why?” One of the workers was baffled.


Soan, we’ve been on this project for three years, and we’re about to finish.

Why are you giving up now? It’s going to be a great project, like one of Hercules’s 12 labors! Once it’s done, the towns on either side of the mountain can come and go as they want!” Chad looked at the mountain.

He would need at most another year to dig through it and build the underground tunnel.

After that, traveling would be much easier and more convenient for people living on both sides! But he couldn’t do it anymore.

“I’m sorry, guys, but here’s the truth.

I’m from the three Himmelian divisions.

I came this deep into the mountain to build a tunnel because someone had instructed me to! Mr.

Soan was the one who sent me here!” Chad was very proud to work for Himmel Soan.

It was the greatest thing that had ever happened to him.

“But I have to leave now.

I’m sorry to disappoint you! I can’t keep my promise to you.

I’m so sorry!” Just like Chad, Wendy was from one of the three divisions as well.

She was sent to an impoverished mountain village as a volunteer teacher.

Seeing the summoning sign on TV, she sighed and put down her chalk.

“Kids, I’m sorry, but I need to go out for a bit.

” “When are you coming back?” one of the students asked.

Wendy felt like crying.

“I may not come back! You’re on your own, I’m afraid! I’ll be leaving now!”