Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 26

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Panicked Keyboard Warriors Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations “You don’t need to know who we are.

Just run! Himmelian, you need to stop!” “Sky Eye! Do you have a death wish?” “The proper authorities of the country will make sure that they pay for what they did.

Your action won’t change anything!” The Himmelian smirked.

“It won’t change anything? No! It’ll change everything! Once these people all disappear, no one will know how much humiliation the Patriarch has suffered! If no one remembers, it didn’t happen!” The two Sky Eye members shook their heads.

“It doesn’t work that way.

You’re only lying to yourselves! It has already happened.

Even if no one else remembers it, you still do.

Killing everyone won’t change that fact because you’re participants as well! You’ve witnessed how your Patriarch has been humiliated.

Are you going to kill yourself as well?” The Himmelian nodded.

“If the Patriarch minds it, we’re happy to take our own lives!” “This is insane! What you’re doing is wrong! You’re only trying to cover it up, not solving the problem! Would you please try the authority just for this once? The government will take action, and soon, everyone who has insulted your Patriarch will apologize.

The whole country will apologize to Mr.

Soan! That’s the right thing to do!” “I’m sorry, but the Patriarch has passed away.

He can’t see anything now! All of these people must die!” The two men from Sky Eye were astonished.

“What? Mr.

Soan has passed away?!” .



The Himmelian bellowed and suddenly charged at the bald man.

The two Sky Eye members immediately blocked his way.

The blades glinted and flashed, and all the objects in the room were broken into pieces.

That bald man was so frightened that he hid under the table and shivered.

If the two Sky Eye members hadn’t shown up, he would have been dead by now.

He didn’t know what was going on.

The conversation left him utterly confused, but he wasn’t a total idiot.

He knew who Mr.

Soan was.

However, he didn’t know that Mr.

Soan was the Patriarch they were talking about.

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COM Even the keyboard warriors weren’t that imaginative.

Similar things were happening in different parts of the city.

Members of Sky Eye moved as fast as they could and managed to stop the Himmelians before they attacked the ordinary people.

The Himmelians were very capable, and the Sky Eye wasn’t their match in one-on-one battles.

But Sky Eye had more people.

They engaged one Himmelians in twos and threes.

That was how they had been able to hold the Himmelians back.

On the internet, many keyboard warriors described what they had encountered.

There were screenshots and all sorts of pictures.

“Guys, do you know what’s going on here? Is it for real?” [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] “Why, the same thing has happened to me as well! I’m freaking out here.

Look!” [Image 1] [Image 2] [Image 3] “Shit! I thought I was alone in this! The same thing happened to you guys, too? Look!” “That’s so scary! It can’t be real, can it? Is it just a prank?” “Why didn’t it happen to me?” “I’ve figured it out! I searched the comments of the people who have posted the pictures.

All to them have insulted that old man! This is retribution!” Before long, someone was meticulous enough to solve the mystery.

They noticed that almost all the people who had insulted Himmel Soan had encountered similar things.

Even if they only posted one line, they still received that warning message with the dripping blood effect.

There were at least 300 million netizens in the country of Moon.

Among them, only 60 million had insulted Himmel Soan, and the rest hadn’t done.

They had remained objective in the whole process.

These people didn’t receive any threatening messages.

“That’s karma! You people had it coming!” “I… I don’t believe you! They can’t locate me! They can’t be that good! What if I throw away my phone? Can they still find me?” “You idiot! Don’t insult their technology! If they can find out who you are, throwing away your phone won’t do you any good.

You can’t throw away your identity, can you?” “What should I do? I don’t want to die! They’re not serious, are they? This is a society ruled by law! They can’t break the law!” “That’s not for you to decide.

They’ve gone through the trouble and located every single one of you, haven’t they? Do they look like they’re doing it for fun?” “I’ll kneel and post an apology video now!” Some onlookers even called out to the people who were the most active in insulting Himmel Soan.

“@BrotherFree, @CryingKitten, @GeniusGhost# and 18 other users: I bet you’ve all received the message! Don’t play dead! Say something! You were so active the other day!” “@Stella Shane: Stella Shane, did you receive the message? He’s your father! It’s said that you can repay your birth parents who didn’t raise you if you cut down your fingers, but there’s nothing you can do to repay someone who has raised you even if they didn’t give birth to you! Stella Shane, you’re worse than an animal! You deserve to be killed!” “@Luna Shane @Luke Shane: You’re scared, aren’t you? You were so defiant earlier! Repeat what you said before, I dare you! Or you can beg for your lives! Let’s see if your foster father will be lenient and spare your lives!” “I heard that the old man has passed away!” “What? Passed away? Who told you that? Don’t spread rumors! The people who have spread rumors all regretted their decision! Do you want to receive a warning?!” In minutes, countless apology videos flooded the internet.

Soon, the number grew from ten or twenty million to over 40 million, and the contents were even more “interesting”.

The keyboard warriors all knelt on the floor with faces covered by tears.

They swore that they would correct their errors and claimed that they regretted what they had done.

They looked miserable and would say the worst thing about themselves.


Soan, I’m sorry! I’m a stupid dog! I was such an idiot! I don’t know what got into me to make me say such things.

I sincerely apologize to you now! I’m on my knees! Please forgive me! I’ll never do it again! I promise!”