Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 25

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 25

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations It didn’t only just happen on the coastlines.

Helicopters began to fly toward Moon from the west and north of the country like migrating birds.

There were at least a few thousand of them, covering half the sky.

“What the hell is going on? Who are these people? Call the authorities, and broadcast to these people! Tell them to stop, or we’ll start firing!” “Captain, they’ve sent a message!” A border guard read the message aloud.

“We’re Mr.

Soan’s followers from the southern region, and we’re here to stop the three Himmelian divisions.

We’re your reinforcement.

We’ve notified Direct Lang and the chief of Dragon Tribe, and the permission is being granted as we speak.

Make way for us before it’s too late!” “Captain, shall we let them pass?” “Of course not! No one is allowed to cross the border without permission!” “But Captain, if we stop them, judging by their attitude, they may start a conflict!” .



“So be it! We’ll destroy them! Carry out the order and sound the alarms!” Henry Lang was given the highest clearance level and took control of all incoming messages.

“Let the southern followers through and the ones from the northern ice field, too.

No one else is allowed to enter our border!” After giving the order, he knew that things were getting out of hand.

No matter how hard he tried, he wouldn’t be able to cover everything up.

In that case, he had to use Plan B.

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COM “Contact all film and TV directors! Tell them to issue statements together and reduce the impact of this incident as much as possible.

Understood?” Even so, they probably still couldn’t quiet things down.

They would only reduce the impact to the lowest level possible.

Director Lewis, Director Winner, Director Sandos, Director Logan… All the known directors, no matter how famous they were, issued the statement almost at the same time.

They announced that they were shooting some new film in certain regions, and all the seemingly abnormal phenomena would be visual effects only.

The citizens didn’t need to worry.

“Director Logan’s Sci-Fi movies are amazing.

What’s he making now?” “Holy crap! All those directors are making a film together! It’s going to be amazing!” As soon as the statements were posted, some mysterious men began to show up.

Strong but nimble men wearing masks leapt onto roofs and vaulted over walls.

They could climb up a ten-foot wall with a few jumps and were extremely agile.

“Shit! Is that Spiderman?” “OMG, is that really a movie scene? It doesn’t feel like it.

” “Oh god, is that a jet?!” “Bullshit! That’s obviously a fighter plane!” “Are you blind? Look to the south! There are men on the jets!” Planes whooshed by overhead.

They weren’t everyday airplanes but were triangular fighter planes and were flying very close to the ground.

They whooshed through the city, creating sonic booms in the process.

In the city of Suth, men were hovering above the city on saucer-like floating plates.

They flew back and forth as if they were looking for something.

These “saucers” were the secret weapon of the country and were built with the most advanced technology.

They were a type of jet aircraft.

The flying plates were rather lightweight, and each one could carry one person.

“What film is this? Why does it look so real?” “Are we even sure it’s not real? Is it really a movie scene?” “OMG! Look at those flying plates! When did we invent those?” “Don’t be silly.

It’s been around for a while.

They haven’t reached the mass production stage because of safety issues!” “Where are the wires? Why can’t I see any? Did that man just climb a five-story building with bare hands? That’s so…” “Sir, we didn’t find anyone suspicious in Suth! We’re about to secure the city and stop anyone from coming in and out!” “Sir, we didn’t find anyone from the Soans above the city of Norce! We’re about to secure the city and stop anyone from coming in and out!” “Sir, we’ve spotted possible suspects from the Soans in the city of Jure.

They haven’t targeted any ordinary people yet.

We’re waiting for further instructions!” The reports came from members of the Dragon Tribe.

If they found anyone from the three Himmelian divisions or the Guardians in any city, they would take action.

If not, they would secure the city to stop the hostile members of the Soan empire.

“I’m going to wash away the humiliation you brought to the Patriarch with the blood of the trolls! Himmelians, draw out your blades for the Patriarch!” At the edge of the desert, the Himmelians were ready to enter the city.

They scattered to find their targets.

A Himmelian kicked down the door to the closest house nearby.

With a thump, the wind blew into the house.

Inside, a bald man in his thirties was typing excitedly on his keyboard.

He was cursing as he typed.

“No, I won’t apologize! What can you do? Are you going to climb out of the screen and bite me?” The sudden loud bang made him jump.

Turning around, he saw a grim-looking man dressed in black standing in the doorway.

The blade of his knife glinted coldly.

“Who… Who are you? What are you doing at my house? Stay away from me!” The man licked the blade of his dagger with his bloodred tongue.

“You’ve insulted our Patriarch, haven’t you? This is great.

I’ll feed you to my blade!” “No! No, I haven’t! Don’t come any closer! Who’s your Patriarch?” “You were happy doing it just a moment ago!” “What?” The bald man suddenly realized what this was about and shouted, “No! It’s not like that! I’m sorry! I’ll apologize! I’ll kneel and post that video you asked for! Isn’t that what you want?” “I’m sorry, but that offer is no longer available!” The man raised the dagger, and blood splashed everywhere.

The bald man fell on his desk.

He covered the cut on his face and was scared out of his wits.

Because right at the moment the man struck down, two more people rushed into the room.

One pushed the bald man away, while the other parried the blow.

The sharp blade should have cut his throat open, but it only cut his cheek.

“Who are you people?” the bald man asked with a pale face.