Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 15

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Connor Wattcon Has Spoken Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations What Andy Lee said and did was immediately aired.

“What the hell? Turn off that camera!” Aaron, the director of the show, immediately switched the image to the other camera when he saw this and told the host through the earphone, “Say something! What the hell is going on with Andy Lee? Tonight’s show has brought our ratings to a historical high! We’ve had over a million hits in 20 minutes! We can’t afford any bloopers! 2.

63 million people are watching us!” Listening to his instruction, Rachel soon formed a plan.

“I’m sorry, everyone, but I’ve just received news that Mr.

Lee is suffering from severe psychosis, and he sometimes rambles and can’t control his movements.

When he has one of his episodes, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

He has just had one of his fits during the show, and we had to take him backstage for his treatment! “We’ll contact Miss Stella Shane, the party involved, next and hear her talk more about her secret past.

It is quite late now; I hope she’s not asleep.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

” The audience wasn’t easily fooled, though.

Andy Lee’s sudden outburst gave them a bad feeling.

They wondered if he had been threatened as well.

Could the president of IF Security have so much power? .



Yes, they were a big company, but they shouldn’t be able to shake the entire entertainment industry! Making Gary Mat post that apology letter was beyond Caroline Soan’s influence.

Andy Lee had gained his fame a long time ago.

Although his popularity had declined, he still had many powerful friends in the industry.

These people were all bigshots, and no one should be able to threaten him.

“What’s wrong with Andy? Has he gone insane?” Maria covered her mic and whispered to Ivy.

Ivy took off her earphone and whispered back, “Ignore him.

Boss will take care of him later.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V EL.

COM Meanwhile, the image of a phone lit up on the screen behind the host of the show.

In the studio, Stella, Luke, and Luna were all looking at the phone.

It was an incoming video call.

Should they pick it up or not? “Pick it up, Stella! Over 2.

6 million viewers are watching this show.

It’s live!” said Luke.

Luna also encouraged her, “The tide is turning.

Stella, we’re counting on you!” Stella gave it some thought.

She then messed up her hair and put on a miserable look before picking up the phone.

Her face appeared on the screen in the studio.

With her unkempt hair and lackluster eyes, she made people feel sorry for her.

“Hello, Miss Shane.

I’m sorry for bothering you at such a late hour.

We thought you were asleep.

” Stella shook her head.

“I wasn’t.

I couldn’t sleep.

” Rachel said, “Miss Shane, can you tell us a bit more about what your foster father did to you? I know that you and Miss Ivy Larson are good friends.

She has told us some of the things earlier.

Did you watch our show?” “Will you confirm what Miss Larson said?” Ivy’s stomach lurched.

She didn’t expect that the show would contact Stella today.

She had made up everything.

None of it was true! Stella wouldn’t confirm that! Her company had made that plan for her.

They believed that when Stella found out what Ivy said the following morning, the most she would do was to issue a statement to challenge Ivy.

They never thought the show would invite Stella while it was being aired! Ivy feared that Stella would expose her lie.

She would be doomed! However, Stella lowered her head and started weeping.

“Oh no! Stella is crying!” “She looks so haggard! Her face is so pale!” “Damn that old bastard! Look what he’s done to Stella! I’m gonna kill him!” “Stella didn’t say anything, so Ivy must have told the truth! Damn it! I’m so angry!” “Yes… She was right…” Stella nodded.

Ivy and Maria exchanged surprised looks.

It seemed that their company had solved everything for them.

They must have contacted Stella when the show was being aired.

Meanwhile, something else was happening online.

Joe Samson, the famous director, issued a statement in the middle of the night.

It read, “I, Joe Samson, am severing all links with Maria, Ivy Larson, Andy Lee, Stella Shane, and Gary Mat from this day on.

I’ll never work with these people again.

” Chris Cook, the famous superstar, also said something similar.

“I, Chris Cook, condemn artists with low moral standards.

I will stop having any interaction with people like them and sever all links with Maria, Ivy Larson, and Andy Lee, including in my personal life.

” A statement with similar content was issued by Ten Round film production company, saying that the company refused to work with unprincipled actors such as Maria, Ivy Larson, and Andy Lee, who had insulted Mr.


Almost all superstars, album companies, and bigshots in the entertainment industry did the same thing, covering 95% of all known artists.

No one expected that they would all be awake at this hour and post the statements at the same time.

As a result, almost every public figure that had discredited Himmel Soan had been boycotted, including Maria’s agency.

Connor Wattcon was Jack Wattcon’s son, and he was known to be a busybody who liked to gossip.

People had nicknamed him the “entertainment supervisor.

” He dared to speak the truth when no one else did, and he almost always told the truth.

He said, “Why are you people so stupid?! Maria, Ivy, and Andy Lee are all idiots! Can’t they see what’s really going on? That Stella Shane is obviously manipulating them! Has everyone gone blind? They’ve all been fooled! Here’s the truth.

Stella Shane tried to seduce me to advance her career, but I’m not interested in cunning women like her! She would sleep with anyone! She slept with Gary Mat the first day when she made her career choice, and you still believe her! Have you lost both your eyes and your brains?!” No one ever doubted the authenticity of his statement.

After all, he was the “entertainment supervisor.

” With the power of his father, no one would dare to do anything to him.

He could say whatever he wanted about the entertainment industry.

No one could shut him up if he didn’t want to shut up! “Damn! What’s this? Why is everyone doing it at the same time?” “I’ve never seen so many stars issuing statements all at once.

” “Is Connor telling the truth? Stella is my goddess! How could she do all those things?!” “Are you doubting the ultimate supervisor of the entertainment industry?”