Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 13

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 13

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That old man is so perverted.

” “Damn! He’s an animal! She’s his adopted daughter, for god’s sake!” “I knew he wasn’t a decent man at first glance!” “Then why did Director Mat issue that second statement 20 minutes later?” “What do you think? It’s so obvious! He must have taken their money! Don’t you ever watch the news? The president of that IF Security is a very powerful woman!” “They must have paid him off! There’s no doubt about it! I can’t believe this.

Someone is actually paying real money to help that old bastard!” “Stella, I have your back!” “I believe Ivy! She’s a trustworthy person in the industry! She wouldn’t lie about such things!” Luke and Luna were delighted when they read the comments, messages, and bullet screens online.

Luna said, “Stella! Stella! Are you seeing this? Things are turning our way again! “If we knew this was going to happen, we should have asked for Miss Larson’s help in the first place! It would have saved us a lot of trouble!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V EL.

COM “That’s right! She’s so much more reliable than that Director Mat!” Luke chimed in.

Stella narrowed her eyes.

“Don’t just sit around.

While everyone is feeling sympathy for us, let’s use this opportunity to turn public opinion to our side! Use your accounts on websites like Weibo, Sina Blog, Baidu BBS, and Bilibili.

Make sure that all the posts saying bad things about me are overwhelmed! I need to clear my name!” “Don’t worry.

I know what to do!” Luke took out his laptop and laughed.

“I’ve been doing similar things for you over the years.

If we successfully turn things around, your career will be saved.

” Luna nodded.

“That’s right.

You’ll be even more famous after this incident, and more money will come our way! That old fool can’t do anything to us!” Outside Caroline’s villa, everyone was waiting for Himmel Soan to wake up.

It was past midnight, and some of them could barely keep their eyes open, but these people couldn’t rest until his condition showed signs of improvement.

Caroline was someone who cared about her appearance, and she usually wouldn’t stay up late; she needed her beauty sleep.

However, all her things put together wouldn’t be as important as Himmel Soan.

She would wait here for three days in a row if necessary.

“What’s the matter? Didn’t the Patriarch move his fingers just then? Why hasn’t he woken up yet? It’s been so long!” “Don’t worry.

You should have faith in Hayden’s medical skills.

If he can’t help the Patriarch, no one can!” Just then, a subordinate whispered something in James’s ear.

James looked stunned and turned to look at Warren.

“Warren, what the hell have you been doing?!” “What? Don’t be so jumpy,” said Warren.

“I’m jumpy? Go on the internet and see for yourself! The insulting comments are back! Is that how you’ve been using the time we gave you? That’s not what you promised!” Warren waved at one of his men.

The latter immediately brought him a laptop.

A quick search showed that Midnight Chat had risen to the most popular show tonight.

He opened it and saw that Ivy was describing between broken sobs how Himmel Soan had molested Stella with her silver voice filled with emotions.

She provided so much detail that one would think she had witnessed the whole process.

And it didn’t stop there.

The show also invited some special guests—Andy Lee, the has-been superstar, Jessica Tinch, the singer that had always assumed an indifferent demeanor, and Maria Mason, every man’s dream girl.

The show went up in the ratings when Maria made her appearance.

She quietly walked to Ivy’s side and handed her some tissue papers.

Maria and Ivy belonged to the same agency.

Apart from them, both Andy Lee and Jessica Tinch worked for that company as well.

The purpose of their company was very straightforward tonight.

It was to regain their popularity and put them back at the top again.

Except for Maria, all the other three had gained their fame many years ago and had long passed their most popular days.

Young fans nowadays weren’t into their styles anymore.

They wanted fresher faces.

To stage a comeback to the game, the three of them needed a good opportunity.

It was especially the case with Ivy.

After the scandal, she was branded as a promiscuous woman, and it would be even hard for her to make a return.

It had been a while since something so sensational took place, and they decided to use this chance well and steal some spotlight! Seeing Maria, Ivy leaned on her shoulder and wept.

“Stella has been through so much.

Now that she has finally summoned her courage to talk about it, people won’t stop questioning her.

All the insults and threats must have filled her with despair! If I were her, I wouldn’t be able to handle it! I would break!” Rachel seemed touched.

“I can’t bring myself to think about what really has happened.

As a woman, I can only imagine how Stella must have felt!” When Andy Lee walked into the camera, the number of the audience watching the live show reached a million.

“Gosh! It’s Andy Lee!” “Andy Lee’s here?! Holy crap! He was my dad’s idol when he was little!” “Andy, my prince! You haven’t aged a day! I love you forever!” Andy waved at the camera and greeted the audience politely, “Hello, everybody.

It’s Andy Lee here.

I’ve come here for Stella.

Although I don’t know her that well, I’ve heard about the story.

Stella and I crossed met each other at a meal.

As for what meal it was, let me tell you a story…” He then went on to tell the story.

He claimed that he had met Stella before she became famous.

That day, Stella was eating at a restaurant with her adopted father, and the man kept touching her during the meal.

Her mother could only sit there and watch without making a sound.

One had to admit that Andy Lee was a great actor.

With the look in his eyes and his subtle movements, he made the story sound so genuine.

There was no sign that he was putting on a performance.

“That’s disgusting! Where’s that old man now? I can’t take it anymore! I wanna kill him!” “I’ve bought him a funeral wreath.

Can someone give me his address?” “That’s just low.

Let’s burn down his house! He’s a scumbag! He doesn’t deserve to live!” Warren angrily closed the laptop.

“Get rid of everyone that’s involved in this show! Is it live now? Call the TV station! Tell them to kneel and apologize in front of the camera!”