Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 8

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 8

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations The captain of the Guardians gave the order in the earphone.

The Guardians backed out of the room, so did James and Caroline.

Hayden was left alone inside with the old man.

He smiled bitterly and felt sorry for what he did.

Himmel didn’t wake up.

It was just one of his tricks.

With his ability, he could easily make the patient move or respond in the way he wanted.

“I’m sorry, Patriarch! I had no choice! I’ve offended you!” The Guardians were merciless, so was James.

The difference was that James still had some sense, but the Guardians didn’t.

Himmel Soan was all they cared about.

If Hayden hadn’t done anything, those people would have really started fighting.

Things changed rapidly on the internet.

After the apology videos, there was another piece of news.

Gary Mat, the famous director, had posted something on social media.

He claimed that he was the one who had directed all the apology videos.




According to him, someone had paid him a lot of money to hire some amateur actors and post some videos online.

They were none other than the apology videos.

“I can’t live with my conscience.

That money made me uneasy and kept me awake at night, so I’ve stopped working with that person.

I’ll return the money as well.

I can’t let them cover the truth.

That man is an animal! He has done horrible things to his daughter! Why should I help with clearing his name?! “I’ve decided to tell everyone what really happened.

Please don’t be afraid.

In the end, we’ll always have justice.

As long as there are people with conscience, truth can’t stay hidden forever! Have faith in justice and truth! “I solemnly swear that I’ve told nothing but the truth.

” It was signed by Gary Mat’s office and with the date of that day.

It also came with the official seal of his company.

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COM The public opinion online immediately changed once more.

“I was so scared! I thought we’d really offended some bigshot!” “So, they’ve hired a director.

I didn’t think that they would go so far.

There were hundreds of thousands of those videos.

How much did it cost?” “IF Security is so rich!” “Director Mat is so amazing! He actually managed to find so many amateur actors on such short notice! He really is one of the most influential directors in the entertainment industry! He’s so charismatic!” “It’s all thanks to Director Mat’s conscience, or I’d have been terrified! I really thought they could do something to me!” “I can’t believe that someone would try to defend an animal.

That Caroline is just as bad! Go to hell, bitch!” “Boycott IF Security!” “Get out of this country!” “That’s right! Get out of our country and our continent! She must be in on it with the old man! Shame on her!” Stella sighed with relief.

Luckily, she still had this card up her sleeves.

Otherwise, she would have been doomed! “Stella, you’re so clever! You’ve turned things around!” Luke gave her a glass of water and grinned.

“Introduce me to that Director Mat some time.

I bet he knows many actresses!” Stella scolded, “What are you talking about? This thing hasn’t ended yet! Are you having dirty ideas again?” “Director Mat has spoken, so we’re safe.

That bastard has frozen all our assets, but luckily, we can count on your relationship with Director Mat.

As long as you make him happy, we’ll have a chance to rise again, right? Director Mat is an influential figure in the film industry!” Luna also chimed in, “That’s right, Stella.

We’re counting on you to get our assets back.

I have faith in Director Mat!” Stella frowned in disgust.

Just the thought of that greasy, bald man nauseated her.

But that ugly man was her only hope.

“I can’t believe you people.

What am I to you? An ATM?” “Don’t say that! Would you have become what you are now if it hadn’t been for us? Who made you a star? You would never have met Director Mat!” said Luna.

“You’re our only hope now.

I’m sure you’re a grateful girl.

” Stella smirked without saying a word.

It was like she didn’t have any real siblings at all.

She decided to leave them forever once she was famous enough.

All they ever wanted from her was her money.

“Gary Mat? He must have a death wish!” Warren’s plan was to use Blade to control public opinion online.

He had caught 100,000 keyboard warriors and forced them to post those videos.

His tactics had been very effective.

Those trolls had stopped posting insulting posts right away.

The other users didn’t dare to say any offensive things when they saw those videos, fearing that they might be the next.

They were almost too scared to touch their keyboards.

However, Gary Mat just had to jump in, posting that announcement.

After that, the insults were back and became even more outrageous.

Those people would say the most unspeakable things.

Even Caroline wasn’t left alone.

“Pay Gary Mat a visit.

I don’t need to tell you what to do, right? Summon the Five as well!” Matano of the city of Hanz.

Matcon of the city of Shein.

“What? Boss wants to see me? Now?” In the city of Hanz, Matano was about to leave his office in Alinine when he received a phone call.

“I need to be there now? “I see.

I see.

No problem!” Meanwhile, in the city of Shein, Tom Matcon was busy signing some papers in his office when his phone suddenly rang, breaking his concentration.

“Yes? What? Boss needs to see me? Understood.

I’ll be there right away!” “Mr.

Matcon, these files need your signature…” Tom brushed away all the files on his desk and said, “I’ll sign nothing and meet no one today.

Get my private jet ready.

I’m leaving now!” “But Mr.

Matcon, Mr.

Simmers is here, and he needs to see you urgently!” “Can’t you understand English? No meetings today! Tell him to leave!” Tom shouted.

The secretary said anxiously, “But Mr.

Matcon, the entire company has worked very hard for six months to get this project, but you’re…”