Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 4

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 4

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations Himmel Soan turned to her with a blank look in his eyes.

The demented old man could no longer recognize the bright and beautiful young woman as his adopted daughter.


” Caroline couldn’t stop her tears when she saw Himmel like this.

Warren sighed.

“The Patriarch doesn’t recognize us anymore.

” He also couldn’t connect this senile man to the commanding person that had singlehandedly established the Orient Chamber of Commerce.

“How could this happen?” Caroline sobbed.

Himmel was the one who had brought her up for as long as she could remember, and she considered him to be her real father.

It had never occurred to her that one day, the man that was the dearest to her wouldn’t recognize her.

Stella’s expression grew cold when she recalled how Stella Shane and her family had been slandering Himmel.

She then turned to Warren.

“I’m taking my father away.

Those people who have defamed him will pay for their actions.

” Warren slowly rose to his feet as well.

He had met Caroline once 20 years ago and knew how much she cared about the Patriarch.

However, since he was around, Caroline could stay put.

“Take your father home.

I’ll take care of the rest,” said Warren.




“But…” Caroline frowned but gave in in the end.

The Orient Chamber of Commerce was more than a business association.

It had a division named Blade that was established to deal with all kinds of tricky situations without leaving a trace.

Only the key members of the Soan family knew of its existence; Caroline happened to be one of the key members.

“Thank you, Uncle Warren.

” Warren smiled.

“I’m only doing my job.

” Ten minutes later, Caroline’s bodyguards carefully carried Himmel into her car.

Some paparazzi hiding in the shadows took pictures of the scene, and it raised a new round of speculation.

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COM “Who’s that beauty? What’s her relationship with the old bastard?” “Why is she so defiant? Her men have beaten up the onlookers.

She can’t do such things, no matter how pretty she is!” “Look at her expensive cars.

I think she’s well-connected.

” “So what? She still can’t break the law! We need to find out who she is.

” Stella had hired a great number of paid posters, who turned public opinion to her side.

Those people soon aimed their guns at Caroline, shifting the focus away from Himmel Soan and making her the center of attention.

Caroline wasn’t bothered by such petty tricks.

These people were nowhere close to threatening the Soans.

Meanwhile, Warren also returned to their secret base.

A tall man came in with a crossbow and bowed.

“Sir, we’re waiting for your instruction on the incident with the Patriarch.

” He was the captain of Team 1 in the Blade.

There were over a hundred such teams all around the globe.

Although the Bywater team consisted of a few dozen men only, every single member was an elite.

If Caroline hadn’t shown up, the team would have killed the entire crowd.

Warren frowned.

Even if they had killed all the blasphemers, the news would have never reached the press.

Without his permission, no one would run a report on the Soan family.

However, having the Blade kill such trash would be like breaking a butterfly upon a wheel.

It would be a waste of resources.

“Terminate the TV channel and destroy Stella and the company behind her.

” The door opened as soon as he said that.

A middle-aged man wearing a suit came in with a darkened face.

“Do you think that will end everything? Those scumbags have slandered the Patriarch! They need to pay for it!” “James?” Warren stood up.

James Soan was the chairman of the Martial Arts Association here in the country of Moon and was an influential figure worldwide.

Even leaders of countries could only have an audience with him when he felt like it.

When he heard that the Patriarch was in Bywater, he dropped everything and flew out here.

Although he wasn’t an adopted child like Caroline, he had learned all his cultivation and martial arts skills from Himmel himself.

James cared for Himmel as much as Caroline did.

“Of course, they will be held accountable, but the online community is a tricky group to handle.

I need a little more time.

” James snorted and sat down.

“It’s not tricky at all.

If they criticize the Patriarch, they should be silenced.

You’re not paying the Blade just to sit around!” James spoke in a murderous tone, giving off an air that reminded one of a fiend from hell.

“That’s the last resort.

Our priority is to have those people make public apologies.

” Being the head of the Orient Chamber of Commerce that controlled the business of the entire region, Warren could see the big picture.

He had calmed down from the initial fury when he first saw the Patriarch.

James frowned and smacked the table.

“I know you have resources, but operating them needs time.

The rumor is still spreading online, and things are only going to get out of hand.

Are you going to watch as those scumbags ruin the Patriarch’s reputation?” Warren frowned.

“Give me one day.

If I can’t handle it then, you can do whatever you want.

” “Alright.

Remember what you said.

” Warren waved at the captain of Team 1.

“Follow my instructions and find the influencer the Shanes have hired.

Tell him to change the public opinion at once, if he still values his life.

” The captain left to carry out the order.

Here in Moon Country, the Patriarch was a god to the Soans.

The offenders would pay a dear price.

Once the door shut, the room went silent again.

The keyboard warriors were still enjoying their moment online.

They had found out who Caroline was.

The beautiful woman was the president of IF Security and was worth tens of billions.

Her identity should have intimidated those people, but they weren’t afraid.

They didn’t believe that Caroline could find every single one of them.

Plus, doxing a person was against law, so they believed that they had the moral high ground and could keep criticizing her.

They had no idea what kind of a person they were messing with.

While they were typing, a storm was headed their way.