After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 63

After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 63

Chapter 63: To Split Up (1) The Shen family had always been the blabbermouths.

Shen Yu came to know of it when he transmigrated into this world.

At that time, the original owner had just suffered from an accident, and he was recuperating passively.

For days and nights, he locked himself inside his room.

For this reason, the Shen family’s relatives more or less spoke ill behind one’s back.

Though it was known to the outside world that Shen Yu was the only legitimate successor of the Shen family, for a large and flourishing family, this didn’t solve the problem of a group of bloodsucking vermin that’s eyeing covetously around.

For the past few years, they stuck close to the original owner and he didn’t know how much blood they sucked from him.

The original owner and his parents were doing their best, working hard.

As for the others, they just hid behind their shadows and enjoyed themselves.

Even if they didn’t do anything every day, they’d take a piece of the Shen family’s big cake.

Shen Yu had thought about it for a long time.

He had an idea to divide the large family into smaller groups as a solution.

One afternoon, he told Elder Shen about this idea.

Shen Yu originally thought that it would take him some time to persuade Elder Shen to accept this.

However, he didn’t hesitate to say yes after hearing what he said.

“I’m old now.

I am too exhausted to move around.

You can just do whatever you want.

” Elder Shen spoke, “I had no choice but to interfere with the matter regarding Chestnut beating Shen Rong.

In fact, the one who’s in charge of the Shen family is still you.

” Shen Yu drooped his head and agreed.

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COM Elder Shen spoke again, “Xiaoyu, are you still angry with me about that matter?” Hearing his question, Shen Yu was silent for a long time.

Finally, he sighed and responded to him, “I’m angry with myself.

I don’t even have the capability to protect the people I want to protect.

” “Now, Chestnut doesn’t need your protection anymore.

The Tang family is there to protect him.

No matter what, nothing will happen.

” Speaking of this matter, Elder Shen hesitated for a bit and changed the topic to something else, “From the start, you gave up the idea of getting married for Chestnut’s sake.

Now that Chestnut has his own life, it’s time for you to think about yours.

” Shen Yu frowned, “I don’t have any feelings for Yang Jenny.

” “I don’t necessarily mean Yang Jenny…” “The same goes for everyone else.

” Elder Shen didn’t speak.

He was obviously shocked by Shen Yu’s obstinate words.

After a while, he abruptly raised his voice and started to speak unyieldingly, “You said you wanted to wait until Chestnut grows up and I agreed.

You said you wanted to divide the family, I agreed.

You said you don’t want me to introduce girls to you, I agreed.

I compromised so much.

Why can’t you think about what I say?” Without waiting for Shen Yu to respond, Elder Shen continued and angrily said, “Your parents left early and I only have a grandson left.

I just want to hold my great-grandson in my arms before I die.

Is that so difficult for you to understand?” Shen Yu clenched the phone tightly and said nothing.

Afterwards, he said with a lacking vigor, “Chestnut has not yet grown up.

He is not seventeen yet.

” Elder Shen, “…” If it wasn’t for Elder Shen’s strong body, he would have perhaps vomited blood.

“I don’t care.

You have to get married before I die.

” Elder Shen didn’t tolerate it and issued an ultimatum, “As for the Shen family, you can just break it up or scatter it if you don’t feel like raising those useless bums.

They are no good at earning money, but have a great ability at angering others” With that, Elder Shen hung up the call.

Shen Yu shook his head helplessly.

He didn’t take Elder Shen’s angry words to his heart.

Kang Lin and several company’s confidants discussed the division of the Shen family.

For the Shen family, to split up was not an easy thing.

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COM After all, the whole Shen family has been developing together for more than hundred of years.

The relationship between them was deep-rooted and closely linked, which was extremely complicated.

If Shen Yu directly touched the interests of most people, he was afraid those people wouldn’t give up.

It was just like when they detained Tang Li previously… Shen Yu was considering it and wanted to have a go.

He felt distressed.

He had to call in a few close relatives who usually moved to make his intention of the family’s division known to them.

Furthermore, he promised them a large portion of a share as well as benefits.

Those people readily agreed, and soon after everything became busy.

In order for Shen Yu to divide this family and open another branch, he must handle this matter quickly like the wind.

At the same time, Elder Shen on the other side was also busy.

Elder Shen was occupied with choosing Shen Yu’s partner.

Every once in a while, Elder Shen would call Shen Yu’s cell phone and think up every possible method to deceive him and go on a blind date.

If Shen Yu disagreed, Elder Shen changed the ploy that he learned recently from out of nowhere ——One was crying, two was to make trouble, and three was to hang himself [1].

He made a ruckus so that Shen Yu would have no choice but to agree with his demand.

{TN: [1] 一哭二闹三上吊/yīkū’èrnàosānshàngdiào is an idiom means to make a terrible scene / to throw a tantrum}*** At the beginning of winter, the dark night came quite early.

At eight o’clock in the evening, the sky outside that can be seen from the french window is deeply covered by a dark blanket of the night.

There was no starlight present in the night sky.

Only a lonely crescent moon can be seen and from time to time is surrounded by the passing clouds.

The restaurant is located in a bustling city center.

Sitting by the french window, the red lanterns and a green wine [2], could be clearly seen from the street outside as well as the stream of people walking over on the pedestrian lane.

{TN: [2] 灯红酒绿/dēnghóngjiǔlǜ is an idiom means feasting and pleasure-seeking / debauched and corrupt environment} The restaurant inside was very quiet.

Except for the light music flowing in the air, the voices of people talking can hardly be heard.

Only the sound of clattering knives and forks occasionally made sometimes could be heard.

Shen Yu sat at the dinner table leisurely.

He was simply staring at the nightscape outside the glass window.