After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 52

After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Woman Shen Yu was immersed in the shadows.

From Tang Li’s point of view, he could not see Shen Yu’s expression.

However, he could clearly perceive Shen Yu’s resistance.

Tang Li was stunned for a moment.

He relaxed his mind and lowered his eyelashes to cover the loss in his eyes.

He pretended to smile easily and said: “I’m sorry.

” “It’s all right.

” Shen Yu replied calmly as if he can’t hear the fluctuation in his voice.

Tang Li wanted to say something but he was told by Uncle Zhang that Elder Shen was looking for him.

Tang Li turned to look at Shen Yu, who was motionless.

He wanted to talk but stopped.

Finally, he didn’t say anything.

He turned and left.

Uncle Zhang walked to Shen Yu’s side and said: “Sir.

” Shen Yu lowered his head quietly and his mind was confused.

He answered absently: “You don’t have to worry about me.

Go and see if there are any guests who need to go upstairs to have a rest.

Let the waiter send them up.

” “Okay.

” Uncle Zhang nodded and left.

Shen Yu stayed there for a while.

The guests carried a wine glass and smiled.

They walked up to talk to him.

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COM The time passed quickly.

By the time he had finished his entertaining, it was nearly eleven o’clock in the evening.

The people in the hall scattered one after another.

They either leave the hotel to go home or are escorted to the room on the eighth floor by the waiter.

Even Elder Shen, whose birthday was being celebrated, left early.

Feeling sleepy, Shen Yu greeted Uncle Zhang and let Uncle Zhang to continue his work.

He went upstairs to have a rest.

When he came to the elevator entrance, Shen Yu met an unexpected person—Shen Rong.

Compared to Shen Yu’s straight suit and well-groomed hair, Shen Rong’s dressing looked much more casual.

He only wore a pair of casual black trousers with a simple white shirt.

His hair was a little messy.

His eyes were reddish and his body was exuding strong alcohol.

Shen Rong leaned drunkenly against the elevator.

When he saw Shen Yu approaching, he slowly stood upright.

The corner of his mouth grinned with a brilliant arc.

“Hey, Brother Yu.

We meet again.

” Shen Rong narrowed his eyes.

He looked at Shen Yu with drunken and hazy eyes.

Then, he said vaguely, “I know you are still angry with me for so many years.

So, I came here this time to ask for your forgiveness.

” After that, Shen Rong burped which completely abandoned his image as a formerly handsome boy.

Shen Yu didn’t speak.

He raised his eyes to meet Shen Rong’s gaze.

It was undeniable that Shen Rong’s changes were beyond his expectation.

Although Shen Rong was not as refined and attractive as Tang Li, he was a tall and handsome rich second generation who had been fought over by many women.

Now, he was unrestrained.

Even, the sharp momentum that once surrounded him disappeared unwittingly.

In terms of temperament, Shen Yu can’t believe that the person in front of him was Shen Rong.

He, who despised Shen Yu five years ago.

“Brother Yu, why don’t you talk?” Shen Rong slowly approached Shen Yu but he did not dare to touch his body and the wheelchair.

He can only support his staggering body and stabilize.

Shen Yu sighed inconspicuously and put away his last sympathy for Shen Rong.

He said indifferently: “Is this the way you ask me for forgiveness?” “Huh?” Shen Rong tilted his head, “What?” please keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM It was as if he really didn’t understand the meaning of Shen Yu’s words.

Shen Yu stared at Shen Rong for a long time without expression.

He didn’t know whether Shen Rong was really drunk or pretending to be drunk.

Whatever the fact was, it would not affect his dislike.

He really didn’t want to have something to do with Shen Rong.

“It’s nothing.

” Shen Yu secretly curled his lips.

Then, he quietly moved away from the line of sight and said in a bland tone, “Please get out of the way.

I want to enter the elevator.

” Shen Rong understood this but he didn’t mean to let go.

He looked at Shen Yu humbly and pitifully: “Brother Yu, I am lowly pleading to you.

Are you still refusing to forgive me?” After a pause, he added, “I was immature before.

I kept thinking of Pin Ting in my heart.

So, I took out on you.

Now, I know I’m wrong.

Pin Ting also hurt you too.

We are all victims…” Done speaking, Shen Rong reached out his hands.

Shen Yu could see clearly that Shen Rong had two glasses of red wine in his hand.

Shen Rong handed one glass of wine to Shen Yu.

“This is the wine I made myself.

” Shen Rong said with focused and burning eyes, “If you are willing to forgive me, drink this wine.

Then, our grudges shall be written off.

” Originally, Shen Rong also spoke with some stuttering and as well as slurred speech.

However, his last words were unexpectedly smooth.

Not like a drunken man at all.

Before that, Shen Yu was still a little skeptical.

This time, he was sure——Shen Rong was simply pretending to be drunk.

He didn’t know if there’s anything in the wine that was handed to him.

“I’m sorry.

” Shen Yu explicitly refused.

“I’m tired now.

I don’t want to drink.

” Shen Rong was stunned.

In just two seconds, he restrained his expression and gave up.

He moved two steps to the side.

He in passing held out his thumb and pressed the elevator button for Shen Yu.

Soon, the elevator door opened with a “ding” sound.

Shen Yu said thank you and steered the wheelchair into the elevator.

There was a smile on Shen Rong’s face.

He watched as Shen Yu’s figure disappeared behind the elevator door.

The smile overflowing in his eyes gradually disappeared.

“This is your choice.

” Shen Rong stared at the closed elevator door and murmured such a sentence.

He then drank a glass of red wine.

He was drinking red wine from the glass that he had just given to Shen Yu.

***When Shen Yu returned to the room, he remembered that he had never seen Tang Li.

He put the wheelchair next to the floor window.

He got up, took off his coat and hung it on the hanger.

He sat on the sofa for a few minutes.

He still couldn’t resist picking up his cell phone to dial Tang Li’s phone after hesitating for a long time.

Since Tang Li was called away by Elder Shen at the banquet, he never took the initiative to return to Shen Yu like before.

Later, Shen Yu asked Uncle Zhang about Tang Li’s whereabouts.

He learned that Tang Li had been brought to another party by Elder Shen to meet the other elders.

Of course, Shen Yu knew that Elder Shen was doing this for Tang Li’s sake but he somehow felt a little lost.

It was clear that Tang Li was within a kilometer of him.

However, he needed to ask others about Tang Li’s developments.

He had to admit that he was not used to it.

After indulging in flights of fancy, Shen Yu found out that the phone he dialed had been hung up at some time.

(TN: 胡思乱想/húsīluànxiǎng means to let one’s imagination run wild) It was not that Tang Li hung up on his phone but no one answered for a long time and it hung up itself.

Shen Yu thought for a while.

However, he didn’t have the courage to make a second call.

He waited for half an hour.

He didn’t want to wait for Tang Li to call back.

So, he decided to take a bath first.

There were all kinds of daily necessities readily available in the hotel.

Even the robes and towels had been sterilized by special personnel/staff.

Shen Yu walked without using a crutch to the wardrobe.

He took out the robe and staggered to the bathroom.

It didn’t take long for the sound of the flowing water to cover the quiet air.

It took Shen Yu more than an hour to finish his bath.

He leaned against the sink and put on his robe.

He found a hair dryer to blow the wet hair to half-dry.

Then, he opened the bathroom door and went out.

However, at the next moment Shen Yu was stunned.

On the edge of the soft big bed opposite the bathroom door, sat a beautiful woman.

Furthermore, she looked very familiar.

It was the same woman who drunkenly holding a card outside Shen Yu’s room a few hours ago.

The only difference was this time, she seemed very clear about it.

Then, she showed a charming smile to Shen Yu.


Shen, you’re finally done bathing.

” The woman’s lips were slightly opened, and she said in a tone of complaint and coquettishness, “I’ve waited till flowers withered away.

” (TN: it’s a classical sentence from a very classical song.

You can hear it to get the feeling.



com/watch?v=kkYuXgBG5t8) Who was this woman? How did she come in? What was her purpose? Three consecutive questions dropped from the sky to Shen Yu’s head.

Unfortunately, before he could get these words out, a flexible figure suddenly appeared in his vision.

The man attacked Shen Yu from behind and covered Shen Yu’s mouth and nose with a wet white towel.

(TN: 从天而降/cóngtiān’érjiàng means out of the blue) The pungent smell almost drowned Shen Yu.

After he struggled only to four or five times, he felt that his brain was rapidly becoming drowsy and his limbs were weak.

“Don’t be in a daze.

Come and help!” It was Shen Rong’s voice.

Although Shen Yu was not completely unconscious, his current state was no different from the people in the coma.

It was like a fish on the chopping board waiting to be slaughtered by anyone.

(TN: 任人宰割/rènrénzǎigē means to be taken advantage of) Shen Yu’s eyes narrowed.

He clearly felt that the woman and Shen Rong had dragged him to the bed together.

On the way, Shen Rong continued to tempt the woman the whole time: “Now, do you know what to do? We only have one chance tonight.

If you succeed in conceiving his seed, the entire Shen family will belong to you, mother and son.

” The woman worried: “Not everyone can hit it right away…” Shen Rong sneered: “It depends on your ability.

If you were not very experienced in this field, do you think I would choose you?” The woman was silent for two seconds.

Then, she said, “But there is no props Ah.

He is like this makes me a little embarrassed.

” “Don’t worry.

” Shen Rong threw a bag full of things onto the bed.

“I’ve prepared for your need.

” The woman was pleasantly surprised.

However, they didn’t rush to do anything to Shen Yu.

Instead, they threw Shen Yu on the bed like a salted fish and then ran to work on some of the objects they brought.

(TN: salted fish means used to refer to someone feeling tired and sluggish) Shen Yu was lying on his bed with a splitting headache.

The stimulating gas mixed in the white towel was still swimming fiercely in his brain’s nerves.

It took him a lot of effort to hear the conversation between Shen Rong and the woman.

For a moment, the fire sprang up from the heart directly stuck in Shen Yu throat.

He even tasted some blood.

That Shen Rong… Even wanted to film a video of him and that woman… Shen Yu found out that he underestimated Shen Rong.

He didn’t expect that Shen Rong’s vitality would be so tenacious, let alone Shen Rong would exert to such a vulgar method on him.

In a daze, the woman went back to bed.

Then, she began to take off her own clothes.

After that, she lay down with her naked body and leaned on Shen Yu softly.

Her restless hands touched his robe.

At this time, Shen Yu felt sick and nauseated.

The woman put her head on Shen Yu’s shoulder and said tenderly, “Mr.

Shen, my name is Wei Wei.

I’m a sophomore in the academy of music.

You may not know me but I’ve long heard about Mr.

Shen’s distinguished name.

” The woman murmured a lot in Shen Yu’s ear.

Shen Yu listened to some of them and reacted slowly.

It turned out that this woman was a friend brought by Shen Rong.

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