After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 49

After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 49

Although Shen Yu is not fat, he is an adult man in his late twenties.

Even Uncle Zhang usually feels that it’s hard to support him for a long time, so for Tang Li, who is a 16-year-old child, carrying him must be especially difficult.

Originally, Shen Yu was going to have Tang Li put him down after a few steps after the little villain showed the slightest sign of stress.

He never imagined that Tang Li would carry him all the way to their destination with his face never changing or running out of breath.

It was if he was carrying a puppet on his back, not a full-grown man.

The scenery was really beautiful.

Looking at it, Shen Yu felt like he was swimming in a pink ocean.

Recently, Shen Yu has been holed up in his house working day in and day out.

He rarely goes out to breath in some fresh air.

Now, after smelling the faint flowery fragrance drifting through the air, he feels relaxed and happy at once.

Even the irritation of being urged to quickly get married by Grandpa Shen gradually disappeared in the cool breeze.

Tang Li carried Shen Yu half a circle around the lake.

Uncle Zhang kept his distance and followed them slowly.

Shen Yu was in a good mood and asked Tang Li about his studies.

“Have you ever thought about studying abroad?” Shen Yu stared at the tip of Tang Li’s reddish ears and tried to control his desire to pinch it.

“If you want, I’ll ask someone to help you, and you can start preparing now.

” Tang Li shook his head and answered quickly, “No, I don’t want to.

” “Why?” Shen Yu finally could not control his urges.

He carefully reached out and pinched Tang Li’s earlobe.

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COM It felt too good.

However, Shen Yu could clearly feel that Tang Li’s body became stiff under his touch.

It took the little villain a long time to relax again.

He whispered, “Without you, I would be bored.

” Shen Yu continued to pinch Tang Li’s soft earlobe and said with a smile, “You study abroad to further your education, not to take a vacation.

How am I supposed to improve your academic performance?” Tang Li answered straightforwardly: “At least you can keep me in a good mood.

” Shen Yu was instantly happy, and then he thought of something.

He became a bit sad and said with a soft sigh, “You won’t say that in the future when you find a girlfriend.

” “Why?” Now Tang Li couldn’t figure out what Shen Yu was thinking.

He turned his head and tried to observe the other man’s expression.

“Watch where your walking!” Shen Yu took a hold of Tang Li’s head in both hands and forced Tang Li to turn back.

Then he opened his mouth.

“Friends and family can’t accompany you for the whole of your life.

Only husband and wife can be together every day.

They are tied together for life, supporting each other and growing old together.

” Tang Li slowly tightened his arms around Shen Yu, and he hummed.

Shen Yu continued, “No matter what you think now, one day you will get married and start a new family of your own.

I’m afraid you won’t be willing to face this rambling old man at that time.

” Tang Li was still walking along in silence.

The atmosphere grew a little awkward.

Shen Yu lay on Tang Li’s back.

He had waited for Tang Li’s reply for a long time, but it never came.

He thought that Tang Li was not interested in this topic, so he smiled helplessly and was ready to change the topic.

At this time, Tang Li’s low voice broke the silence: “Shen Yu.

” “Huh?” “Those things you said may never happen to me.

” Shen Yu blinked vacantly.

After a while, his confused brain finally understood the meaning of Tang Li’s words.

“You don’t want to get married?” Shen Yu’s first reaction was to think of this possibility.

Combined with Tang Li’s role in the original novel, he easily accepted Tang Li’s intent and comforted him by saying, “Actually, there is nothing wrong with being unmarried.

Nowadays, it’s popular for young people to be late to marriage, late to childbearing or even remain unmarried.

If you think about it, you can simply adopt a child in an orphanage in the future, so not having one biologically is okay as well.

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COM “I don’t mean that.

” Tang Li suddenly interrupted Shen Yu’s endless stream of words.

Subsequently, he bent down and put Shen Yu on the ground, turned around and grabbed Shen Yu’s two arms so that Shen Yu could put most of his body weight on him.

Shen Yu, who was being supported by Tang Li, looked at him in amazement for a moment before he asked, “What do you mean then?” Tang Li’s expression was serious.

He stared into Shen Yu’s eyes for a moment and said solemnly, “I don’t like girls.

” “…” “I like boys.

” “…” Seeing Shen Yu change his expression several times in a few seconds from dullness to surprise to incredulity, Tang Li still remained unchanged and asked, “Do you understand what I mean?” “Understand…” Shen Yu answered in daze.

When he finally regained some of his composure, he opened his mouth and asked, “How do you know you like boys? Isn’t Lei Yumeng, your first love, a girl? How did your likes change this much?” Tang Li’s next words were concise: “Because I have a person I like.

” Somehow, Shen Yu’s throat felt somewhat astringent, like it was painted with acid.

He had never seen Tang Li so strict: “… Who is it? “ “Sorry.

” Tang Li said, “It’s a secret.

” Shen Yu grinned bitterly: “All right.

” That was the end of the conversation.

There’s no need to switch to new topics anymore.

There seems to be nothing left to say between them.

Uncle Zhang, who followed, did not hear their conversation and was very happy to borrow a bicycle for four people.

Uncle Zhang and Tang Li rode in front, and Shen Yu sat silently behind them sightseeing with the crutches in his arms.

But he has lost his good mood.

Tang Li saying that he liked boys was like he cast a magic spell that never disappeared, deeply imprinted in Shen Yu’s mind, so that when Tang Li and Uncle Zhang chatted in front of him, it was like Shen Yu could only hear him repeat that he liked boys over and over.

Tang Li is the villain in the original novel.

The villain loved the female lead to the point of obsession and held absolute loyalty to her.

Even when he later learned that the female lead had fallen in love with the male lead, he never thought of giving up on trying to earn her affection.

How could Tang Li, who was so deeply in love with the lady, become a homosexual halfway? Did the author of the original novel bury a BL line in the original plot line? The more Shen Yu thought about it, the more puzzled he became, but no matter what he thought about it, he would not admit his true feeling – he was a little unhappy.

It feels like a carefully cultivated cabbage has been eaten by a pig.

The key is that he doesn’t know if this is a good pig or a bad pig.

A trained pig or some wild boar.

At the thought of Tang Li and the pig being in places he did not know, doing things he did not know, saying he did not know, and discussing people he did not know.

Shen Yu felt like he was going to collapse! Fuck off! Tang Li is only sixteen years old! He hadn’t even grown up; how can he develop some puppy love? At this moment, Shen Yu, who was so angry that he felt smoke coming out of his head, forgot exactly who it was gossiping about Tang Li getting a girlfriend not long ago.

At that time, he wanted to persuade Tang Li that he would one day have a family and wife of his own.

It’s a slap on the face… Unfortunately, Shen Yu didn’t seem to realize this.

Shen Yu’s restless thoughts had already spread to outer space.

Just then, he saw Tang Li turn his head and say to him, “I like boys.

” “…” Shen Yu was so irritable that he almost threw away the two crutches in his arms.

“Why are you still talking about this!? Aren’t you finished already?” Tang Li was stunned.

“What’s wrong with you?” Uncle Zhang also turned his head with a slightly strange look.

Shen Yu quickly broke free from the magical state and suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.

He stiffened his scalp and asked, “What did you say just now?” “Are you thirsty?” Tang Li repeated the question just now.

“Not thirsty.

” Shen Yu shook his head and thought that he was really frightened by Tang Li’s blunt words and that’s why he was hallucinating.

Tang Li gave a hum and turned his head back quickly.

Soon, the four-person bicycle started again.

They stayed in the park until 6 p.


before driving to a traditional Chinese restaurant that Uncle Zhang had called ahead to reserve a room.

This one is expensive, and only accepts appointments.

Uncle Zhang can book a place that day, but he still has to rely on the reputation of the Shen family to do so.

The taste of the food is really worthy of the golden reputation of the restaurant.

It’s a shame the three people sitting in the room were eating like statues.

Shen Yu was full of thoughts, Tang Li was absent-minded, leaving Uncle Zhang in a dilemma and trying to ease the atmosphere.

When he finally saw that Shen Yu and Tang Li refused to even have basic eye contact, Uncle Zhang gave up the struggle.

When they left the restaurant, a boy shouted Tang Li’s name.

The boy was a little shorter than Shen Yu, but he had lively eyebrows and big eyes.

He was very sunny and beautiful.

When he laughed, a shallow dimple appeared in the corner of his mouth, making him look as sweet as honey.


” The boy pulled down Tang Li’s arm in a familiar way and said with surprise and delight, “I didn’t expect to meet you when I came out for a meal.

Are you with your family?” After speaking, the boy suddenly turned his head and looked over from Tang Li, who was in front of him, to Shen Yu and Uncle Zhang who were standing behind Tang Li.

The boy grinned at them; his smile brighter than the light in the corridor they currently occupied.

But Shen Yu’s face was not very good-looking.

His mind repeated the words Tang Li said in the cherry blossom field during the day.

For a time, he doubted whether or not the person Tang Li liked was this boy.

He knows Tang Li, a person who can shout Tang Li’s nickname in a public place… It can’t ba an average person.

At least Tang Li has some weight in his mind.

Although he felt uncomfortable again, Shen Yu nodded to the boy with a polite smile.

The next second, he heard the boy shout happily: “These two uncles are good!” Shen Yu: “…” Without waiting for Shen Yu to respond, Tang Li, who standing in front of the boy, greeted him with a rude slap on the head.

The boy covered his head and looked pitifully at Tang Li with his mouth in a pitiful frown.

There was a feeling of bitterness coming from him as he glared at Tang Li.

“What are you beating me for?” The boy said discontentedly, “Do you know that beating people on the head is taboo?” Tang Li’s face was expressionless: “I don’t know.

” The boy was just tall enough to reach Tang Li’s eyes.

He looked up and glared at Tang Li angrily.

At last, he was defeated by the cold stare of Tang Li and moved his eyes away.

Tang Li was impatient, so he got straight to the point: “Did you need something?” “You really are… Can’t you shout when you see someone you know?” The boy muttered in a low voice and then said happily, “I just want to ask you, are you going to the masquerade party next month?”