After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 45

After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 45

Chapter 45 – Sick Tang Li didn’t expect Shen Yu to see through his tricks so easily and was immediately rendered speechless.

In fact, he found that he underestimated Shen Yu.

He thought that Shen Yu would not pay attention to such small details.

In fact, Shen Yu’s mind was sharper than many people assumed.

After a long period of silence, Tang Li loosened his arms from around Shen Yu’s neck, before deciding to just speak his mind.

He said bluntly, “I just don’t like him.

” After saying these words, Tang Li gradually grew more nervous.

He thought Shen Yu would be unhappy and draw back from him like he did before.

In the end, he was too anxious to quietly wait for Shen Yu’s reply.

Tang Li raised his eyes and looked at Shen Yu.

Then he saw Shen Yu gaze was already locked directly on him.

There was only a dim yellow light in the room to stave off the darkness.

Making it so that Tang Li felt as if his vision was slightly restricted.

However, at that moment, he could see Shen Yu’s face very clearly, even the most subtle changes of his expression were picked up by the little villain’s eyes.

There was no blame… Only peace.

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COM “If you don’t want to like him, you don’t have to like him.

” Shen Yu smiled, his eyes overflowed with tenderness, and the small dimples on him cheeks seemed to highlight his already handsome face.

He touched Tang Li’s head and said, “Neither we nor Yi Heng are saints.

He isn’t required to like us, nor are we required to like him.

” Tang Li’s hair was rubbed until it was sticking up on all sides.

He looked up at Shen Yu with a gaze of pure adoration.

Shen Yu said, “Why don’t you stay close to me tomorrow and try to avoid Yi Heng?” Tang Li nodded, a little stunned: “Okay.

” Shen Yu smiled and pinched Tang Li’s face.

“It’s late.

Let’s go to bed.

” Tang Li obediently climbed into the bed to be near Shen Yu before he settled in.

He closed his eyes nervously.

He felt Shen Yu move over to give him half of the mattress before switching off the light.

The whole room was filled with silence.

Tang Li’s body laid stiffly in the bed, and he dared not move out of fear of disturbing Shen Yu.

Be it on the bed, on the quilt, or on the pillow, the smell of Shen Yu’s was like a strong net that wrapped Tang Li so tightly that he gradually grasped the sheets with both hands, his heart almost beating out of his chest.

Although his relationship with Shen Yu was very close, it is the first time in history that they have slept in the same bed.

Tang Li took two deep breaths before daring to turn over to face Shen Yu.

He propped his hand under his face and stared straight at the side of Shen Yu’s face, which was a mere outline in the dark.

Shen Yu should have fallen asleep by now, and his even breathing sounds tickled Tang Li’s ears.

Tang Li had originally thought he would lose sleep tonight, but soon he felt his eyelids become heavy before slipping into unconsciousness.

—————– The next day.

Before Shen Yu even opened his eyes, he noticed a burning stare fixated on his face.

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COM Shen Yu didn’t have to think about it to know who was staring at him.

“How long have you been awake?” “Well…” Tang Li’s hoarse voice trailed off.

Shen Yu opened his eyes slowly and was immediately stimulated by the bright light in the room.

He subconsciously raised his hand and laid it in front of his eyes, breathing a long sigh of relief.

His head was throbbing with a dull ache.

He thought that maybe it was because he spent all day of yesterday outside in the scorching sun.

It probably didn’t help that when he got back to the hotel, he went crazy blowing air conditioning onto his face in order to dissipate the heat.

Shen Yu thought of today’s competition and was prepared to tough it out, but just as he was about to sit up, he was pressed back down by Tang Li, who was already dressed and sitting on a chair next to the bed.

“You’re sick.

” Tang Li put his hand on Shen Yu’s forehead and sighed, “It’s my fault that I didn’t notice earlier.

” In fact, as early as yesterday afternoon when he returned to the hotel, Shen Yu’s face looked a little pale.

At that time, Tang Li was only concerned with sulking after hearing about Jenny Yang.

He didn’t even notice that anything was unusual.

Thinking of this, Tang Li felt so much regret that his intestines turned green and he wished to slap himself a few times.

He looked down at Shen Yu’s sickly red cheeks, and his heart was doused in self-hatred and distress.

Although Shen Yu couldn’t see the expression of Tang Li as the light was shining directly behind the little villain, obscuring his expression, from the tone of Tang Li’s voice it was easy to tell that the child must be trapped in his own head again Shen Yu whispered in a somewhat helpless voice, “I feel all right.

” Tang Li muttered, “You’re not okay at all.

” It’s really bad.

By the time Tang Li discovered that Shen Yu’s body temperature was unnaturally hot, it was already five o’clock in the morning.

He was so frightened that he got up to shake Shen Yu awake.

Unfortunately, Shen Yu seemed unconscious at that time.

No matter how Tang Li called to him, there was no response.

Tang Li couldn’t remember how he stumbled out of the room, knocked on the door to wake up the sleeping Uncle Zhang, and wait anxiously for Uncle Zhang to bring the doctor to the hotel.

The group of people were busy for hours.

It was not until half an hour ago that Shen Yu’s condition eased.

Uncle Zhang took the doctor away and went out to buy them breakfast.

But Tang Li did not intend to tell Shen Yu about this.

Shen Yu had no memory of what happened in the early morning.

He only knew he was burning up a little when he woke up, but he did not forget his goal.

He grabbed Tang Li’s wrist and asked seriously, “What time is it now?” Tang Li hesitated, “A little after seven o’clock.

” “Who are you fooling? How can it be so bright at seven o’clock?” As soon as Shen Yu heard that Tang Li was lying, he could not help but increase the volume of his voice.

“What time is it exactly?” Tang Li hung his lips into a tight frown and said nothing.

Shen Yu’s mind was instantly scattered, his head still throbbing.

His anger had spiked when suddenly, he let out a violent cough.

When Tang Li saw this, he panicked at once.

He quickly picked up Shen Yu, who was struggling to sit up, and leaned him against the head of the bed.

He looked like a frightened rabbit carefully waiting on a big gray wolf.

Shen Yu was about to laugh at this metaphor, but after remembering their current situation, his laughter died in his throat.

After a pause, Shen Yu looked sideways at the clock on the wall.

Tang Li quickly sensed Shen Yu’s intention and moved his body to the side, trying to block Shen Yu’s vision.

But Tang Li’s action was still a step too late.

Shen Yu only glanced at it and saw clearly that it was now 10:30 a.


That is to say… The English contest has already begun! And Tang Li was absent.

Shen Yu was shocked, and then turned his eyes silently to the puppy-like villain.

His expression was cloudy and uncertain, scaring the little villain who had always feared his anger.

“Shen Yu…” Tang Li went to pull Shen Yu’s on hand.

Shen Yu did not shake him off, nor did he speak.

“I couldn’t leave you alone in the hotel.

” Tang Li explained softly, “And that game doesn’t matter to me.

Even a single hair on your head is more important than a silly game.

” After listening to Tang Li’s true feelings, Shen Yu felt frustration gnawing at him.

His breath, which had just been held in his stomach, disappeared completely in an instant.

He found that Tang Li usually looked good and obedient, but sometimes, he could be extremely stubborn.

Once he had decided on something, no matter how you tried to persuade him, he will not change his mind.

“I’m not alone.

” Shen Yu released a sigh and asked, “Where’s Uncle Zhang?” Tang Li answered, “Uncle Zhang went out to buy breakfast.

” “…” It seems the little villain already had thought about this.

Shen Yu didn’t want to argue with Tang Li on this issue.

He just regretted that he was no good at out talking Tang Li.

He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to teach Tang Li a good lesson, but in less than a minute, he was dispelled by Tang Li’s quick wit.

What’s the difference between this and being a paper tiger? No… A paper tiger can also shake in the wind.

Maybe in Tang Li’s eyes, he is a dog that can be dealt with at any time.

Think of here, Shen Yu’s heart became more depressed.

Ten minutes later, Uncle Zhang came back with their meal.

After Shen Yu had eaten the meal and the medicine prescribed by the doctor, but still felt uncomfortable, so he lay down in bed and rested.

He slept on and off for a day, during which time Tang Li and Uncle Zhang stayed in the room.

In order not to disturb his rest, the two men walked lightly and even tried to keep their breath to a minimum, as if they wished to communicate directly with their thoughts.

Shen Yu slept lightly and opened him eyes several times when Tang Li and Uncle Zhang were not paying attention.

Naturally, he took note of their careful movements with amusement.

It was funny and somewhat touching.

Ah… It feels good to be cared for.

In the past, he used to be alone.

He watched friends and classmates around him form a family one after another.

It would be a lie to say that he didn’t feel lonely in his heart.

However, he didn’t like to let others know how lonely and pitiful he was, nor did he like to be looked at with sympathetic eyes.

So he kept his thoughts in his heart so that no one knew his worries.

His friends would all say that he is a person who is used to being alone and enjoys loneliness.

Unfortunately, no one knew that he is in fact very afraid of loneliness.

—————– The next day in Jincheng.

Shen Yu spent the whole time in bed.

On the morning when the students were supposed to leave Jincheng, the vice principal and teachers came to see Shen Yu.

It was a pity that such a good opportunity to socialize with Shen Yu was wasted by an unexpected accident.

Moreover, Tang Li’s performance on the first day of the competition could rank first among all the students participating in the competition.

When they came over, it seemed like Shen Yu was very self-conscious.

At last, Tang Li interrupted their gushing words with a tough attitude and drove them away with a tiger’s face.

Shen Yu sat by the bed and watched with laughter as Tang Li came back in a raging manner.

The low pressure emanating from all over his body could almost fill the whole room.

“Come here.

” He waved to Tang Li.

The shadow in Tang Li’s eyes disappeared in an instant.

He rushed to the bedside and sat on the chair next to it, quietly waiting for Shen Yu’s speech.

Shen Yu stretched out his hand to rustle Tang Li’s hair.

Tang Li did not intend to resist at all.

Instead, he squinted his eyes in joy, as if he enjoyed Shen Yu’s fingertips shuffling between his hair.

“I don’t blame you.

” Tang Li was a little annoyed when he remembered what those people had just said.

“It was I who chose to not to go, and it was only because you want me to, that I came to the competition in the first place.

I was not interested in these things at all.

” “Oh?” Shen Yu said, “What are you interested in?” Tang Li thought about it carefully and was suddenly anxious that Shen Yu wouldn’t like his honest answer.

Instead, he replied, “As long as you are with me, even things I don’t like will become interesting.

” Shen Yu chuckled and rubbed Tang Li’s hair again.

His hand slid down the little villain’s face.

He pinched his cheek lightly.

“Your mouth must be smeared with honey.

” But soon, the smile on Shen Yu’s face disappeared.

His face gradually became serious.

He put down his hand and looked at the red cheeked little villain.

He said, “Although I offered you a helping hand when you needed it most, it does not mean that you should take me as the center of your life.

You have your own life trajectory.

So look forwards, not backwards.

” Hearing this, Tang Li blinked vacantly.

As he seemed to comprehend the words, the joy overflowing in his eyes slowly started dissipating.

The two people stared at each other for half a day.

Tang Li shook his head and said, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

” “You’re still young.

So it’s okay if you don’t understand.

” Shen Yu took Tang Li’s hand and squeezed it gently.

“Later you’ll understand.

” Somehow, Tang Li felt a panic after hearing these words.

He wanted to refuse Shen Yu’s words, but before he could speak out, he saw Shen Yu close his eyes.

“I’ll sleep a little longer.

Wake me when it’s time to leave.

” Shen Yu said.

Tang Li stared at Shen Yu’s pale, bloodless face.

After hesitating for a long time, he swallowed back the words that had poured into him mouth.

———————— Two o’clock in the afternoon.

Tang Li woke up Shen Yu and, after tidying up, set off for the airport.

When they arrived at the hotel lobby, the vice principal and the rest of the teachers and students had been waiting in the lounge with their respective suitcases.

These past few days, Shen Yu had hardly interacted with them, so he didn’t know what the result of the competition were.

Looking at their reaction, it is estimated that they are both happy and sad.

As the group of people were waiting outside the hotel for a bus, Yi Heng, who had not seen him for a long time, came quietly over to Shen Yu and complained, “You have finally appeared.

I thought I would not see you until we returned to S city.