After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 43

After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 43

Listening to Tang Ming, that girl is Tang Wenjing’s primary school classmate.

After graduation, she came to Jincheng with her family, during which time they broke off contact.

It wasn’t until two months ago that Tang Wenjing learned from his friend that there had been a change in the girl’s family recently and that she might have to move again, so he wanted to take the opportunity of participating in the competition to meet the girl.

Of course, this is a private affair between Tang Wenjing and female student.

Tang Ming can’t tell Shen Yu too much, but after between the lines in Tang Ming’s words, Shen Yu had a good idea of the whole story.

Perhaps it was Shen Yu’s illusion, but the girl Tang Wenjing’s heart misses gives him a sense of familiarity, as if he had heard this somewhere before.

Unfortunately, Shen Yu scratched his head and couldn’t recall anything.

It was just a conjecture that took root and sprouted quietly in his mind.

The more Shen Yu thought about it, the more he affirmed the possibility of that conjecture.

He hesitated for a moment and decided to ask for the girl’s name.

Tang Ming, who usually looked a little grim was surprised.

Then he scratched his head and pushed Shen Yu’s question aside.

“I don’t know much about this,” said the man.

“He doesn’t talk to anyone else about what’s on his mind.

Even his purpose in coming to Jincheng is something I learned from his friend.

” “I see.

It doesn’t really matter; I was just curious.

” Shen Yu said in turn.

He knew that Tang Ming was lying, but it’s not like he can put a knife to Tang Ming’s neck and force him to say the girl’s name.

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COM Forget it.

It probably wasn’t important.

Although the original female lead moved to Jincheng from C city when she graduated from elementary school, there are too many people who meet these requirements, besides, there are only two pieces of information about the girl.

Shen Yu consoled himself secretly, but when he thought of the male lead who had already appeared, his relaxed mind inevitably became heavy again.

Anyway, it’s always good to pay more attention… Since Tang Ming indirectly avoided Shen Yu’s questions, the atmosphere between them had gradually become delicate.

Although Shen Yu never talked about the girl again, Tang Ming found out later that he had disclosed too much personal information to a stranger, so he made an excuse to slip away before the end of the competition.

In the end, Tang Ming quickly disappeared.

Shen Yu didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, thinking that Tang Ming had said all that should be said and all that shouldn’t have been said.

What’s the use of slipping away now? Uncle Zhang seemed to be aware of Shen Yu’s thoughts and sighed, “I didn’t expect that there were such simple people in the Tang family.

” Hearing this, Shen Yu made a strange expression and turned to Uncle Zhang: “Do you know him?” “No.

” Uncle Zhang shook his head and then added, “But if I’m not mistaken, he should be a descendant of the Tang family in C city.

” Shen Yu was a bit dazed: “Which Tang family?” Uncle Zhang looked at Shen Yu meaningfully: “The Tang family where Tang Li’s father once lived.

” Seeing that Shen Yu had either been thinking for a long time and didn’t seem to understand anything, Zhang Shu patiently explained, “The Tang family in C City is equivalent to the Shen family in S City, with a large family and a great career.

They are the local emperor in the south.

However, young master is the only seedling of the Shen family, while there are many descendants of the Tang family.

There’s seven or eight so-called heirs.

” “…” Shen Yu was suddenly very glad that the old man Shen had not went out to have a few illegitimate children.

“Tang Li’s grandfather was originally from C city and had the right of inheritance in Tang family.

Unfortunately, in order to marry Tang Li’s grandmother, he had to cut off his relationship with Tang family and came to S city.

He then founded Dawan Group from scratch.

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COM After that, Uncle Zhang suddenly remembered something and added with a complicated expression, “You may not know this, but the new company that acquired Dawan Group had some shares in the Tang family’s company.

Maybe it was really the Tang family who acquired the company.

” Uncle Zhang did not speak ambiguously, and Shen Yu understood his implications in an instant.

“You mean…” Shen Yu breathed hard and even his heart beat faster.

He grasped the arm of the wheelchair subconsciously and squeezed out a sentence from his throat.

“It’s not accidental that Tang Li’s parents went bankrupt?” Uncle Zhang answered, “It’s just my guess.

As for the specific situation, it still needs to be investigated.

” As a housekeeper, he has limited abilities.

The reason why he knows about things outside his work is that some friends had vaguely disclosed a little after they learned that Mr.

Tang Li was taken in by his family’s young master.

After listening to Uncle Zhang’s words, Shen Yu was a little out of breath.

In fact, he was not at all that clear about Tang Li’s entanglement with the Tang family in the novel.

He only remembered that Tang Li had entered into a big family with the same surname as Tang.

He also succeeded in gaining a firm foothold within the family.

In the later period, he used all the rights of the family to deal with his rivals.

Shen Yu always thought that Tang Li had won the recognition of the family by strength, but unexpectedly it was by blood… No wonder the people of that family were so miserable.

Many died, were injured, or were sent directly to the mental hospital by Tang Li’s men.

At that time, the commentary area of the original novel had exploded, and angry readers kept writing several paragraphs to denounce Tang Li.

Readers all think that the author wrote Tang Li to be to vicious.

The Tang family was kind enough to take him in, but he in turn took their revenge and treated the Tang family as a sword to deal with his rivals, so that the Tang family, which once had infinite potential, broke apart overnight.

This kind of person is better off just rolling away! At the time of Tang Li’s death, there were cheers in the commentary area, and some readers gave red envelopes to the author to celebrate.

Once upon a time, Shen Yu was also a member of the cheerful crowd.

Now that he had unexpectantly transmigrated to this world and took in the little villain, he gradually dispelled his original disgust and rejection of Tang Li.

And now… He thinks the original author is really a fucking dog! There are so many hidden plots in this novel, but they are still not written out! Are the readers simply monkeys to amuse? Huh!?! Shen Yu scolded the author with a lot of dirty words in his heart, then called Kang Lin, asked Kang Lin to find someone to investigate the Tang family, and focused on investigating the bankruptcy and acquisition of Dawan Group.

After hanging up, he waited another ten minutes.

There was a sudden disturbance in front of the crowd.

Teachers and students who participated in the competition left the library in turn under the escort of the staff.

Shen Yu looked for a moment, then he saw Tang Li behind the vice principal.

After the dialogue just now with Uncle Zhang, Shen Yu’s distress for Tang Li has reached its peak.

He wished he could hold Tang Li in his arms and comfort him.

For a moment, he forgot all the things he was angry about in the morning and shouted Tang Li’s name in a rush of excitement.

Shen Yu’s voice was easily drowned out by the crowds and noise around him.

It would be really difficult for Tang Li to hear Shen Yu’s cry from such a long distance.

So Uncle Zhang said, “Sir, you wait here for a moment.

I’ll go get young master Tang Li.

” However, just when Uncle Zhang’s words had been said, Tang Li, who was discussing something with the vice principal, seemed to suddenly sense something before looking to Shen Yu with a cold expression on his face.

Shen Yu waved in delight.

Tang Li’s dim eyes lit up several degrees in an instant, just as the person who lingered in the dark for a long time found his own light, and the joy in his eyes condensed into something that seemed almost physical.

After saying his goodbye to the vice principal, Tang Li pushed the crowd aside and ran to Shen Yu as fast as possible.

But the next second, Tang Li suddenly remembered that Shen Yu was still angry at him this morning, and quickly took a step neck.

His expression of joyful surprise turned into anxiety in an instant.

Tang Li hesitantly stood one meter away from Shen Yu and dared not advance.

When Shen Yu saw Tang Li’s carefulness, he softly sighed and waved to Tang Li: “Come here.

” Tang Li was stunned, and then he was like a puppy called by his master.

His legs moved forward and he took Shen Yu’s hand.

If Shen Yu looked hard enough, perhaps he could see a tail wagging behind the little villain.

Shen Yu allowed Tang Li to hold his hand tightly and raised his other hand to Tang Li’s head and ruffled his hair.

He squinted and smiled, “How did you know I was here?” “I heard you shouting at me.

” Tang Li said happily.

“How could you hear me?” Shen Yu was slightly surprised.

“I thought you couldn’t hear me shouting at you from so far away.

” “I can hear it.

” Tang Li whispered, grabbing Shen Yu’s hand and putting it on his cheek before rubbing his face against it, “As long as it’s your voice, I can hear it.

” Even Tang Li didn’t really know why he could hear Shen Yu just now.

It was as if he was particularly sensitive to Shen Yu’s voice.

Even if they had hundreds of meters between them, if Shen Yu did so much as cough lightly Tang Li would notice.

But his special ability seems to work only on Shen Yu.

In the past, Lei Yumeng and some girls in his class spent more than an hour talking into his ear, and he didn’t know what those people were talking about at all.

It took him a long time to understand that they were talking to him… While Tang Li was lost in his thoughts, Shen Yu took his hand away and lightly chastised him, “You don’t seem to dislike my dirty hands either.

” Tang Li said straightforwardly, “My face and hands are dirty too.

” Shen Yu chuckled and stretched out his hand to pinch Tang Li’s nose: “Then let’s go back to the hotel and wash up.

” Shen Yu intentionally avoided the vice principal and other people as he did not intend to go back to the hotel with them.

He asked Uncle Zhang to inform the vice principal before he and Tang Li took the lead in finding the leader who parked the car on the roadside.

Although the vice principal wanted to use this trip as an opportunity to strengthen his relationship with Shen Yu, Shen Yu did not give him a chance, so he couldn’t say anything, and could only as watch Uncle Zhang turned away.

Shen Yu and Tang Li waited in the car for a few minutes before Uncle Zhang finally came back.

However, Uncle Zhang was followed by a small tail which was so silent, even the sensitive Uncle Zhang did not notice.

“Uncle Shen, aren’t you going back with the others?” Yi Heng stood in front of the car door and put his hand on the semi-open door, successfully preventing Uncle Zhang from closing the door.

Upon seeing Yi Heng, Tang Li’s face was not very good-looking.

He subconsciously frowned and silently cast his eyes on Shen Yu.

Shen Yu turned his head and looked at Tang Li’s cheeks, which were still very clear bruised.

He was distressed and annoyed, but he could not directly make trouble with Yi Heng.

He reluctantly pulled up the corners of his mouth and showed a very perfunctory smile: “Yes, my legs and feet are inconvenient, so I won’t delay your journey.

” “I am not afraid of being delayed.

” Yi Heng laughed lightly; his skin was so white with the sun shining on it that it was like there was no blood in it.

“May I join you?”