After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 34

After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 34

By the time Shen Yu stiffly went into the private room with the enthusiastic leader, Shen Rong was already impatient.

Shen Rong, wearing a rather formal black suit, sat in seat facing the door, with one hand on the dining chair next to him and one hand holding a phone.

When he heard the door open, he raised his eyes and looked over coldly.

Even though Shen Rong had no expression on his face, Shen Yu still felt his eyes were like knives plunging straight in his direction.

Shen Yu: “…” This man, he seems very difficult to deal with.

Although Shen Yu did not know what attitude the original Shen Yu would adopt towards Shen Rong, according to the proud and indifferent nature of the original, it wouldn’t be wrong to simply keep a poker face.

So Shen Yu looked at Shen Rong expressionlessly.

Uncle Zhang, who was pushing the wheelchair, seemed to understand Shen Yu’s thoughts.

He stopped quietly before standing at the door and not going forward.

The leader who walked into the room soon sensed the atmosphere and gave Shen Rong a curious frown.

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COM Shen Rong and Shen Yu stared at each other for half a day before Shen Rong reluctantly stood up under the silent urging of the leader and paced slowly towards Shen Yu before finally stopping and looking down at the other man.

Although Shen Yu thought that Shen Rong would quickly move away, he saw Shen Rong squeeze out a rather strange smile.

“Please, Brother Yu.

” Shen Rong leaned over and gestured towards the table.

Shen Yu smiled politely and let Uncle Zhang push him into the room.

The private room was not only large in size, but also luxurious in its decoration.

The landscape, flowing water and antique murals are well thought out.

Even the air is filled with a faint sense of purity.

However, the dining table in the room was not large, and there were only four seats in front of the rectangular mahogany table.

So the leader volunteered to let the waiter bring a chair and sit alone at the end of the mahogany table.

Shen Yu sat beside Tang Li, and Uncle Zhang intentionally sat beside Shen Rong.

As for Shen Yu’s two bodyguards, the leader arranged for them to stay in the next room.

Since he sat down, Shen Rong’s meaningful gaze has not moved from Tang Li, but Tang Li’s attention was completely on Shen Yu, not even looking once at Shen Rong.

Shen Rong stared at Tang Li in a daze, and for a long period of time, a lot of tentative words were stuck in his throat.

After a while, Shen Rong had to look at Shen Yu.

“Brother Yu, are you serious this time?” Shen Yu was busy picking some vegetables for Tang Li, but when he heard this, he raised his head and looked up at Shen Rong’s smiling face.

He frowned in confusion, “Serious about what?” Shen Rong’s eyes slanted in the direction of Tang Li and continued to gaze at the little villain’s unfriendly expression: “I heard you were going to train this child to be the heir of Shen family.

” At the end of the sentence, Tang Li suddenly looked up at Shen Rong.

There was no expression on his face, nor any emotion in his dark eyes.

But even Shen Yu, who had stayed with Tang Li for so long, just for an instant, felt a burst of low pressure emanating from Tang Li.

Shen Rong did not shy away from Tang Li’s eyes.

He looked back with a smile on his face, and suddenly clapped his hands and said, “Ah! Now that I think about it, when has Brother Yu not taken something seriously? He was also very serious about that matter with Little Ting.

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COM As soon as this was said, the atmosphere on the dining table suddenly became even more tense.

The “Little Ting”, Shen Rong mentioned was Miss Du, Du Pingting.

This fellow was still holding a grudge.

The faces of Shen Yu and Tang Li were not very good.

Uncle Zhang stared at Shen Rong expressionlessly.

The leader sitting alone grabbed his hair in a daze and his gaze wandered vacantly between Shen Yu and Shen Rong.

At this time, Shen Rong kept on opening his mouth: “Am I not right Brother Yu?” As soon as the voice fell, the originally motionless Tang Li suddenly rose from the dining chair.

The chair squeaked when it rubbed against the wooden floor.

It was very harsh in a room where the silence was almost palpable.

Suddenly Shen Rong and the leader were shocked by Tang Li’s action and stared at him in amazement.

Tang Li’s eyes were filled with hard-to-hide disgust.

He squinted slightly and looked straight at Shen Rong.

The black mist atmosphere around him almost engulfed his whole body.

Just as Tang Li was about to make the next move, Shen Yu suddenly reached out and grabbed his arm.


” Shen Yu called.

Tang Li froze.

Unconsciously, he turned his head to Shen Yu, and the anger lingering in his eyes dissipated at a speed invisible to the naked eye.

“What’s wrong?” Shen Yu pulled up the corners of his mouth, smiled and said, “Do you want to go to the bathroom?” Tang Li was silent for a long time.

It seemed like he was quietly observing Shen Yu’s mood.

He was quietly relieved to see that Shen Yu had not been influenced by Shen Rong’s words just now.


” Tang Li thought for a moment, then nodded and said, “I want to go to the bathroom.

” Shen Yu laughed and rubbed Tang Li’s head.

“Have Uncle Zhang accompany you.

” When Uncle Zhang heard his words, he immediately got up and led Tang Li out of the room.

It was not until he heard the door of the room behind him snap shut that the smile on Shen Yu’s face faded.

He looked at Shen Rong coldly and opened his lips and said, “What do you want?” Shen Rong didn’t expect Shen Yu to be so straightforward.

He was stunned for two seconds before he pretended to be innocent and said, “Brother Yu, I’m just kidding.

Don’t take it seriously.

” After a pause, he thought of something and grinned.

“Besides, compared with what you did nine years ago, my joke is really nothing.

” Faced with a smiling Shen Rong, Shen Yu couldn’t laugh at all: “It seems that you are still thinking about that.

” Shen Rong twisted his expression and seemed puzzled by Shen Yu’s words.

He asked, “If you were me, would you easily forget?” Shen Yu said, “Yes.

” Shen Rong was surprised to hear this answer for a moment, and then, like a drop of black ink falling into clear water, the irony spread quickly across his face.

“How fitting that brother’s name means “pure”.

Your selfless in your work and do not hesitate in your emotions.

” Shen Rong, with a fake smile on his face, raised his hand condescendingly.

“So, what does Little Ting mean to you? Was she a useless waste or a trophy to show off in front of me? “Neither.

” Shen Yu said expressionlessly, “To you, she is a betrayer in your relationship.

To me, she is also a betrayer in our relationship.

” Shen Rong choked on his words.

“Shen Rong.

” Shen Yu’s voice murmured his name.

“Whether it’s for you or Du Pingting, I’ve done my best.

Everyone is an adult.

We should learn to be responsible for our own future.

Please put aside your attitude that this whole world will cater to victims.

” “…” Shen Rong was silent.

To be exact, he was shocked by Shen Yu’s clever tongue.

He never dreamed that Shen Yu would have such an eloquent mouth.

It’s a huge difference from the silent Shen Yu.

Shen Yu quietly manipulated the wheelchair and rolled around the table to Shen Rong.

He smiled and patted Shen Rong on the shoulder.

He slowly reached Shen Rong’s ear and said, “I can tolerate you, but don’t challenge my bottom line.

” The tone of Shen Yu’s voice was so cold that Shen Rong felt that even the air blowing in his ear was cold.

Shen Rong couldn’t help shivering.

He looked at Shen Yu’s still polite smile but felt that there were countless malicious ideas hidden beneath that false smile.

For the first time in his life, Shen Rong felt fear towards Shen Yu.

He had to admit, his position could easily be threatened by Shen Yu.

After holding his breath and waiting for Shen Yu to move away, Shen Rong swallowed his saliva and pretended to be calm when he said, “Your bottom line is the orphan of the Tang family?” Shen Yu smiled at him and said, “If you don’t believe it, you can try it yourself.

” Shen Rong: “…” Intuition told him that Shen Yu was not kidding.

Now that the two sides had spoken, Shen Yu had no intention of staying any longer.

He turned to the shivering leader, who wished to shrink himself into a corner, and said goodbye.

He then manipulated his wheelchair and prepared to leave the room.

“Brother Yu.

” Shen Rong suddenly shouted.

Shen Yu stopped his wheelchair, but he didn’t mean to turn back.

“If Little Ting comes back.

” Shen Rong said, “Will you accept her again?” Shen Yu frowned.

“She’s coming back?” “I don’t know.

” Shen Rong hastily denied, as if trying to hide a precious jade[1], “I’m just asking if.

” Shen Yu looked back and smiled gently at Shen Rong.

“You still miss her.

How can I be so shameful as to rob you again? If she comes back, then I’ll talk to the elders at home and let them reunite the loving couple.

” Shen Rong: “…” Maybe it was Shen Yu’s illusion, but he thought he could see a bit of cruelty in Shen Rong’s expression.

Outside of the room, Shen Yu saw Uncle Zhang and Tang Li waiting, the two bodyguards were also beside them.

Shen Yu waved to Tang Li, “Come here.

” Immediately, Tang Li, like a puppy, ran to Shen Yu and rubbed Shen Yu’s palm with his cheek.

Shen Yu was tickled by the baby hair in front of Tang Li’s ear.

He could not take his hand away.

He pinched Tang Li’s earlobe and asked with a smile, “Have you had enough?” Tang Li nodded, “I’m full.

” Shen Yu said, “Let’s go then.

” —————— The next few days.

Shen Yu and others followed the local guide who introduced them to Jincheng and its surrounding scenic spots.

The guide was very good at arranging the itinerary, leaving at 10 a.


and returning to the hotel at 6 p.


instead of easily going to crowded hot spots and tourist traps, he would plan the trip wholeheartedly.

During this period, the group of people also went to the provincial library where the English contest will be held.

The atmosphere in the provincial library made Shen Yu’s admiration for Tang Li become stronger and stronger.

To achieve so much at such a young age.

It was only this little villain who could compete evenly with the male lead in the original novel.

However, despite Shen Yu’s worship, Tang Li seemed totally unimpressed, indicating that he just took part in a preliminary contest at the request of his teacher and took part in the second round on a random whim, that’s what happened… Shen Yu: “…” Ah… my heart’s broken.

He failed to get into the art school he wanted and was even defeated in that damn culture class.

The heavens are too biased! [1] Meaning his quick denial seems like he’s trying to hide something important.