After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 28

After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 28

Lei Yumeng cried and laughed for half a day, and Tang Li stood in front of her motionless, with eyes as calm as a lake, as if looking at an inanimate object.

Soon, Lei Yumeng gradually recollected herself.

She fixed her eyes on Tang Li for a long time before she began to speak hoarsely: “You and I are the same kind of person.

In order to stay in the Shen household, you’re willing to act like Shen Yu’s lap dog.

Someday, you will follow me in the same direction.

” Tang Li’s eyes flashed slightly, his mouth tightened, and he still had no words.

“I’ll wait and see how you fall.

Maybe it won’t be long before Shen Yu will see through your little act,” said Lei Yumeng fiercely.

“You can only kneel on the ground like a pathetic orphaned dog and beg him to forgive you and not throw you out.

” Speaking of this, the Lei Yumeng perked up.

The next second, she smiled brilliantly.

“I don’t believe it will be too long now.

” Tang Li’s expressionless face seemed to be unaffected by Lei Yumeng’s vicious words.

There was a long silence.

Tang Li asked coldly, “Is that all?” Lei Yumeng: “… That’s all.

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COM “Oh.

” Tang Li looked down and was too lazy to see Lei Yumeng again.

“Then go back.

” Although Lei Yumeng always knew that Tang Li was precocious and indifferent, she did not think that after hearing her words, Tang Li would have no reaction.

It seemed like she was punching cotton.

“You really are a cold-blooded animal.

” Lei Yumeng stepped back two paces.

The sound of her snow boots squeaking when they rubbed against the snow was particularly harsh in the silent night.

She was ashamed and annoyed.

“Tang Li, you are not fit to be called human.

” Hearing this, the originally indifferent expression on Tang Li’s changed, as he looked back up, his eyes quickly filled with an indescribable emotion.

Suddenly he said, “Does that mean you’re fit to be called human?” Lei Yumeng was stunned.

Tang Li crooked his mouth and sneered, his voice almost melting into the frigid air: “If it wasn’t because you of the fact that you’re a girl, I would have already exposed your lies.

So don’t think that just because I haven’t done that, that I’m foolish enough not to know what you’ve done before.

“ “What do you mean?” Lei Yumeng had a moment of panic.

Fortunately, she soon calmed down, frowned and said, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

” Tang Li stared coldly at the slight change of face that Lei Yumeng could not completely cover up, and mocked, “Between you and those women, how many are innocent? They just slapped you.

Don’t forget that last winter you hired someone to push one of them into the river.

” Lei’s face turned white in a flash.

How?! It’s been almost a year since that incident, and she used the money to get a bully to push that girl down.

Tang Li transferred to school four months ago.

How did he know that?! Tang Li smiled, his grin more brilliant than Lei Yumeng’s own smile just a second ago, but also noticeably colder: “What is done in the dark can always be pulled out into the light.

” Lei Yumeng’s body was stiff, her eyes glazed at Tang Li for a long time, and she stammered as she asked, “What…What do you want?” “When I made that promised to associate with you, I just wanted to see what would happen between you and that woman.

I figured that if you concentrated on her, you wouldn’t waste your time on me anymore.

But it seems, I underestimated your ability.

You’re just too good at playing the bully from the shadows.

I only needed to give a you a little push [1].

” Tang Li’s face and clothes were covered with dried cake and cream, his hair was a little messy, and the night wind made his clothes rustle.

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COM Shivering, he looked like a mess.

Despite that, his face was full of irony and laughter.

With half-closed eyes and looking down at the pale Lei Yumeng, he whispered with a smile on his face: “Even without me, you would have developed to this point.

Your so-called suicide is not really about suicide, but a deliberate act of revenge against that group of girls, right? I’ve heard that they still can’t get out of prison.

Your parents must have made a lot of money from their parents and the school as compensation.

” Now, Lei Yumeng was completely stunned.

She never would have dreamed of it.

Tang Li even knows these things… But how did he know that?! No one should know about that except her and her parents.

Tang Li took in Lei Yumeng’s reaction with his cold eyes.

He seemed to guess what she was thinking.

He grinned his lips slightly.

“I could guess as much.

” Lei Yumeng: “…” Tang Li said, “Your goal has been achieved.

They are being punished even more cruelly than you had planned.

So why don’t you let me go.

After all, I’m only an eleven-year-old schoolboy.

” After hearing these words, Lei Yumeng almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

What the Fuck… Go to hell with your schoolboys! How could a simple schoolboy guess so many things?! At this moment, Lei Yumeng’s fear of Tang Li increased by one point unconsciously.

She thought that Tang Li was just a little smarter compared to his peers.

But at the moment, it’s not just him being merely smart… After a long pause, Lei Yumeng asked in a low voice, “Why don’t you tell Shen Yu about it?” If Shen Yu knew the truth, maybe he wouldn’t be so willing to let Tang Li freeze outside on a snowy night.

Tang Li sneered, “What’s the matter with you?” Lei Yumeng: “…” “Go back.

” Tang Li said, “If you do this again, I can’t guarantee that I won’t change my mind.

” [1] The originals said, “top the pot”, which means the base issues were already present, and someone just needed to add a little for things to overflow.

Kind of like saying, “the powder kegs were already there, I just needed to light the match”.