After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 20

After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 20

Shen Yu’s mind instantly cleared.

He remembered that he had telephoned Grandpa Shen last night to tell him that Tang Li was safe, so he didn’t know why he was getting a call so early in the morning.

As soon as he answered the phone, Elder Shen’s booming voice came from his mobile phone: “Little Yu, Little Yang has taken the initiative to send a friend request on Weibo, how can you not respond at all?” Shen Yu: “… I didn’t see it.

” Uncle Shen knew he had him in his grasp.

He said with a big grin, “You can see it now.

” Shen Yu helplessly pretended to look at his cell phone for a while: “… Oh, I see it.

” “What are you waiting for?” Elder Shen urged, “It’s not easy for girls to reach out like this.

Last night Little Yang took the initiative to ask for your mobile phone number from me, saying that she wanted to try again.

” Shen Yu wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, “So you sold off your grandson just like that?” Elder Shen huffed and shouted, “If I’m not worrying about your future then whose future do you think I’m worrying about?!” With that, Elder Shen urged Shen Yu to seize the opportunity instead of always immersing himself in the sorrow of the past.

It’s time for him to go out and meet new people.

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COM Shen Yu listened helplessly and nodded his head as he got ready for the day.

By the time he hung up the phone, Shen Yu was ready.

He clicked into the Weibo app and found the latest message from Jenny Yang in a pile of friend requests.

He hesitated for a moment before finally clicking accept.

The next second, the phone’s interface immediately switched to his chat box with Jenny Yang.

Shen Yu was stunned.

He instinctively withdrew from the chat box.

However, a word still suddenly appeared on a blank screen.


Shen! You finally added me!] Shen Yu: “…” He felt like he should just put down his cell phone and pretend that he never saw the message.

After a few hours, he can politely say that he had been busy all day and had no time to look at his cell phone.

That’s how he refused the previous pursuers.

The more passionate they are, the colder he is.

Although he did not speak clearly with his words, he expressed his meaning clearly in his actions.

But this Jenny Yang is different from those previous girls.

Not to mention that she was introduced by Elder Shen as a blind date, as far as the current situation is concerned, he can’t just alienate her without her first explicitly expressing her feelings.

It would be rather narcissistic to assume she held some special affection for him.

But he also can’t just wait for Jenny Yang to tell him she likes him, can he? Shen Yu debated with himself for a long time.

Finally, he chose to ignore the message, he put away his mobile phone, then pushed the wheelchair out of the bedroom.

The little villain who always got up early had dressed neatly and was sitting at the dining table for breakfast.

He heard the sound of a wheelchair rolling in front of the dining room door.

The little villain immediately raised his head and looked at Shen Yu with shining eyes.

When Shen Yu saw the situation, his heart softened.

Like a puppy.

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COM Why hadn’t he found time for such a lovely child before? “Good morning.

” Shen Yu laughed, and as he passed by Tang Li in the wheelchair, he could not help rubbing the soft hair of the little villain.

The fingertips passing through the dark hair felt very good.

Shen Yu narrowed his eyes and couldn’t help loving it.

The villain seemed to enjoy Shen Yu’s touch very much, and subconsciously raised his face to rubbed Shen Yu’s palms in a gesture of pure dependence.

Soon, Shen Yu noticed that Tang Li’s hair seemed to be a little long and was covering most of his beautiful phoenix eyes.

Shen Yu didn’t know how Tang Li could endure his bangs blocking his eyes.

“Your hair is blocking your eyes, can see clearly?” Shen Yu chuckled and put his five fingers on Tang Li’s forehead.

Then he gently stroked the hanging hair upwards until the whole face of the villain was exposed.

Tang Li was born with naturally lovable features.

With delicate facial features that seemed like they were carved by a master artist, it is difficult to imagine a child can be so beautiful.

Shen Yu was amazed.

Tang Li had not moved.

He simply let Shen Yu mess with his hair as he pleased.

He looked at Shen Yu with round eyes for a moment.

It took a long time for him to say, “I can see you.

” Shen Yu was instantly amused and gently patted Tang Li’s head: “That’s because I pulled your hair up, otherwise you can only see your bangs.

” Tang Li tilted his head and did not answer.

Uncle Zhang, who was standing next to him, looked at Tang Li’s hair and said, “It’s really a bit long for young master Tang Li.

I’ll take him to the barber’s shop for a haircut this weekend.

” Shen Yu asked Tang Li, “What kind of haircut do you want?” Tang Li blinked vacantly and suddenly asked, “What do you like?” Shen Yu took back his hand from Tang Li’s head and held his chin for several seconds to meditate before replying, “I think it’s a good to be simple and convenient, so you don’t have to worry about blocking your eyes.

” Hearing this, Tang Li didn’t think twice.

He nodded directly and said, “In that case, crew cut [1] .

” Shen Yu chuckled and suddenly suspected whether or not a child of Tang Li’s age knew what a crew cut was.

He pinched the cheek of the little villain and said, “Aren’t you afraid that after cutting your hair, that girl from middle school won’t like you?” Talking about the girl, there was a flicker from the bottom of Tang Li’s eyes, but he soon looked at Shen Yu.

Then he pulled the corners of his lips down disapprovingly, without any emotion in his chilly voice said: “As long as you think I look good it’s fine, and I don’t know her at all.

” Shen Yu felt a strange emotion, shook his head and said nothing more.

Children’s feelings come and go quickly.

Despite the fact that the girl is now fascinated by the villain, if the villain doesn’t pay her any attention, maybe tomorrow she will transfer her love to someone else.

After breakfast, Shen Yu planned to go to the company after accompanying Uncle Zhang to send Tang Li off to school.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

They had just talked about the middle school girl named Lei Yumeng at the dining table, and now they saw her come down from the Maybach in front of them and go to the school gate in a lively manner.

The next second, she caught a glimpse of Shen Yu’s car, and then she trotted over in pleasant surprise.

Shen Yu picked up his eyebrows and said to Tang Li, “Your little sister is here.

” Tang Li, who was ready to get out of the car, had already grasped the door handle and only needed to look up to see Lei Yumeng, who had ran put to the car door.

Suddenly, he felt like he was touching hot metal, and quickly retracted his hand.

There was a bang from the door that had just been opened.

It closed again.

Shen Yu: “… Don’t you need to get out?” Tang Li turned his head to Shen Yu and flattened his mouth.

There was an expression of grievance on his face.

He whispered, “She’s too annoying.

I don’t want to see her.

” Shen Yu could not bear to embarrass the little girl and did not want to upset his own child.

He hesitated for a moment, and then ordered Uncle Zhang to drive the car up so they can shake off Lei Yumeng before stopping.

Their car had just pulled up to the curb.

They thought that Lei Yumeng who had been left far behind was gone, but unexpectedly, she tapped on the window and shouted the name of Tang Li.

Lei Yumeng did not intentionally suppress her voice, and many people around her were attracted by the commotion Seeing more and more passers-by coming over, Shen Yu was embarrassed to ask Uncle Zhang to leave Lei Yumeng and drive away and could only let Tang Li off here.

Tang Li’s cold face was covered with dark clouds.

The air pressure around him was so low that it seemed as if the temperature had dropped several degrees.

He opened the door expressionlessly and walked out with his long legs.

Lei Yumeng yelled, “Tang Li, you’ve ignored me for so long it’s simply going too far! If you do this to me again, I really won’t care about you.

” Tang Li was so annoyed that he said in a cold voice, ” Did I beg you to take care of me?” Lei Yumeng felt angry and wronged, and even her voice became sharp: “How can you say that?” Tang Li’s patience with Lei Yumeng had been exhausted for a long time.

He did not look at Lei Yumeng anymore.

He closed the car door behind him and turned to the school gate.

Lei Yumeng was so angry that she glared at Tang Li’s back and said, “If you ignore me, your brother will pay attention to me.

” Before the words fell, Lei Yumeng reached out and opened the unlocked car door beside her.

Shen Yu was leaning back lazily in his wheelchair and had pulled out his mobile phone to check his email.

He suddenly heard the door crack open.

He turned his head in surprise and smiled sweetly at the opening door.

Looking carefully, you can see that Lei Yumeng has on light makeup.

The lavender pearl eye shadow and the pink matte lipstick make the little girl’s beautiful face more lively and lovely.

“I know who you are.

” Lei Yumeng smiled sweetly and said, “Are you big brother Shen Yu? My parents often talk about you.

” Shen Yu put down his cell phone and laughed, “Hello.

” Lei Yumeng looked at Shen Yu with rosy cheeks and a shy smile.

She said excitedly, “Big brother Shen Yu, will you come to the parents’ meeting next week? You look so good, there must be a lot of girls that like you.

” “…” Shen Yu wanted to laugh and cry at the same time when he was praised by the little girl.

Instead, he asked, “Is there a parents’ meeting next week?” “Yes.

” Lei Yumeng nodded and said, “Parents in the elementary and middle schools should be here at 3 p.


next Friday.

” Shen Yu has never attended the parents’ meeting of his child, but he felt curious.

In addition to what Tang Li said last night, Shen Yu thinks it’s necessary for him to go to school to support the little villain.

He simply can’t let others bully his cute child anymore! Shen Yu intended to ask the girl more questions, but before he can say anything, he saw the little villain rushing back to the car, grabbing Lei Yumeng’s arm and dragging the little girl away.

Before leaving, the villain slammed the car door.

Shen Yu was left in a state of confusion.

[1] If he really has such fine features, I think he could pull off a crew cut.