After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 14

After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 14

When Shen Yu was still some distance away from the classroom door, he saw a small figure rush out of the classroom.

Before Shen Yu could react, the little figure ran over to him at a very fast speed.

Then, he suddenly stopped his running and stood motionless… Shen Yu was ready to welcome the little villains with open arms.

He had just raised his hands, preparing to embrace Tang Li and found that his little villain had no intention of jumping into his arms.

“…” Shen Yu lowered his arms and then brought one hand up to touch his nose, embarrassed, thinking that he was the only one feeling passionate.

Standing in the same place, Tang Li’s beautiful phoenix eyes looked at Shen Yu.

The sky outside the corridor behind the little villain was covered in fiery red clouds, which stained the side of his small face with a hazy glow.

His eyes were very bright.

As if they were night sky full of stars.

They were so gorgeous that for a moment, Shen Yu dared not to look directly into the eyes of the villains.


” Shen Yu laughed and called out, waving his hand to Tang Li at the same time.

Tang Li had long become accustomed to Shen Yu’s actions.

Seeing him raise his hand, he unconsciously took a few steps forward.

The distance of one meter was shortened to one step.

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COM Shen Yu smiled and squinted at Tang Li, looking at his expressionless appearance.

The curvature of his mouth could not be suppressed.

Finally, he touched Tang Li’s soft hair as he sighed.

Then he asked gently, “Did you have fun at school?” Uncle Zhang, who was standing next to him: “…” This is also his young master’s unique way of thinking.

The first question to ask the child is actually if he had fun at school.

If ordinary teachers heard parents ask their children this, he was afraid they would vomit blood [1].

However, it is clear that the principal and teachers of this school are not in the ordinary type.

After catching up with Tang Li, they heard Shen Yu’s question.

Although there was a subtle change in their expressions for a few seconds, they dared not say anything, and their faces were quickly wiped blank.

Tang Li nodded, not answering Shen Yu’s question.

He then handed Shen Yu the cell phone he had been holding on to.

“A lot of people are calling you.

” Shen Yu took a look at his cell phone and saw a line of bright red unanswered calls, some had left messages, and some were unfamiliar numbers.

The green call records of Elder Shen and Uncle Zhang, who had been connected, were very conspicuous.

No wonder the old man knew he was holding onto Uncle Zhang’s cell phone.

Shen Yu did not ask Tang Li what Elder Shen had said.

Instead, he gently touched Tang Li’s hair.

Then after checking the time on his phone he looked up at the principal and teachers and spoke, “I’ve inconvenienced you.

” The principal waved his hand and laughed.

“It’s our pleasure to help Mr.

Shen, it’s no trouble at all.

” After leaving school and getting in the car, Shen Yu told Tang Li of what had happened in court this morning, including the legal punishment that Tang Jia and Yuan Yunping eventually received.

After listening to Shen Yu’s words, Tang Li did not respond as expected.

His expression was as blank as a dead lake, without a single ripple.

“I see.

” The villain whispered.

Shen Yu looked at Tang Li’s drooping head and felt a sudden pain in his heart.

No matter what the villain’s destiny was in the original text, Tang Li is now with him.

He is part of the Shen family, and also the child that he has worked so hard to raise.

At the moment, the child is in a low mood, and naturally, as a parent, he is not happy.

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COM Shen Yu murmured for a moment, then suddenly put his hands on Tang Li’s shoulders, exerted a little pressure, and the unsuspecting Tang Li was forced to twist half of his body to face Shen Yu.


” Shen Yu spoke seriously.

The little villain, stunned, opened his eyes slightly and after adjusting his posture, sat up.

Shen Yu said, “What are you thinking? Do you want to talk about anything? Although I haven’t gotten custody of you for the time being, you are already part of the family.

The big one and the small one were very close, as if they could almost feel the temperature of each other’s breathing.

Tang Li didn’t seem to have expected Shen Yu to say this with such seriousness.

After a while, his cheeks slowly turned red and then spread to his ears in the blink of an eye.

“Am I really your family?” Tang Li asked in a low voice.

Shen Yu laughed and lightly pinched Tang Li’s nose.

“The realest family.

” Tang Li lowered his eyes and gave a gentle hum, as if he had not put Shen Yu’s words into his heart.

However, Shen Yu could clearly perceive that around Tang Li, the heavy mood gradually improved, even the little villain’s expression was not as blank as before.

——————— Because the lawsuit and the bloody event with his company’s top managers happened on the same day, one after another, the impact on Shen Yu cannot be described small.

That evening, Shen Yu’s name rushed to the top of the microblogging hot search list at an unstoppable speed.

This caused Tang Li to again appear in the public eye.

Although Shen Yu’s plan to adopt Tang Li has been repeatedly exposed by paparazzi before, Shen Yu and Tang Li are not part of any entertainment circles, so netizens would forget them after they saw them.

Only this time involved a child abuse case, which provoked the anger of netizens.

So, the vast number of netizens tore Tang Jia and Yuan Yunping apart until they weren’t even left with underpants.

Some netizens cut out Yuan Yunping’s interview clips from outside the court, analyzed them word by word, and drew a conclusion that Yuan Yunping, the beast, not only acted against Tang Li, but also extended his claws to other relatives’ children.

For a time, Yuan Yunping was considered the most hated man in the city.

Even Tang Jia and Yuan Yunping’s company address and telephone number were found out by netizens.

Many people went to the company to make trouble, pull out banners and shout words of protest.

Within three or four days, the employees of the company who could not persevere packed up their things and left.

Yuan Yunping and his wife, who were kept in prison, did not know what was going on outside until many days later.

Finally, their son, who had come to visit the prison, told them about it.

Tang Jia fainted on the spot after such a great blow, and Yuan Yunping hid his face and cried bitterly.

They regretted it.

If they knew Tang Li would be favored by Shen Yu, they would have never vented their grievances on him, and instead would treat the child as their ancestor.

They could have climbed up on the Shen family’s thighs and gotten the chance to make great progress for little effort.

In the end, they were broken under the palm of Shen Yu.

“Son…” Yuan Yunping, with tears running down, slapped the table with regret.

“Why didn’t you stop me when I started hitting that kid? You were just watching while standing next to me!” Yuan Hui sat facing his father with no expression.

There were two bruises on his face.

He was beaten on the ground by a group of people when they went to the company to make trouble the other day.

Yuan Hui sneered: “What’s the use of saying that now? Because of your foolishness and mom’s stupidity, my sister and I can’t even go to school.

” “You blame me?!” Yuan Yunping pointed to his own nose in surprise, then stood up without saying a word, pulled his clothes open to reveal the still obvious scar on his waist.

“I am also a victim, if it wasn’t for that brat stabbing me with a knife, would I have beat him to death?!” Yuan Hui did not look at the scar, and mocked: “You deserve it after what you did to your own niece.

” Yuan Yunping was furious: “What did you say?” Yuan Hui got up and smiled at Yuan Yunping without laughing.

“I said you deserved it.

” “You little bastard, you dare say that about your father? Just see if I won’t kill you!” Yuan Yunping, furious and irrepressible, rushed up and yelled.

But who said that Yuan Hui is a vegetarian? In fact, he’s even more fierce than Yuan Yunping with his fists.

At this time, the father and son who loved each other in the past tumbled to the ground and beat each other close to death.

It was not until the prison guard came in and separated them in a panic that the fight ended.

As for Yuan Yunping, his son beat him up and made his nose, mouth and ears full of scarlet liquid.

He lay on the ground, breathing in and out, unable to open his eyes.

When Shen Yu heard about this event from Kang Lin’s mouth, he was only amused.

Although there are few descriptions of Tang Jia and Yuan Yunping in the original text, they would seem to be a model couple of love each time they appeared in the early stage.

Their children also have a smooth life, successful career and a happy family.

In this way, Tang Li’s loneliness and downfall become more and more contrasted.

It turned out that the seemingly unbeatable model family was so vulnerable that they didn’t need anybody else to add fuel to the fire at all, they only needed each other.

Shen Yu sighed and shook his head.

Then he gestured to the workers who took the elevator upstairs and asked them to move the desktop computer into the Tang Li room.

When Kang Lin saw that Shen Yu was not interested in the Tang family, he stopped talking about it and said, “Master Shen, everything you need has been purchased.

If nothing else, I’ll go back to the company first.

” Shen Yu said, “Go ahead.

” After the workers put all the items in the Tang Li room, Kang Lin took them and left.

Shen Yu pushed the wheelchair to enter Tang Li’s room, the space and decoration appearing not much worse than Shen Yu’s bedroom.

It was just, there weren’t many personal items in the room, the bedding was still perfectly arranged, without so much as a wrinkle, and the furniture such as sofas, tables and chairs seem to be fixed in a certain position, as if they’ve have never been used.

This room is too cold.

There’s not a bit of warmth.

When Shen Yu came in, he thought he had accidentally broken into a hotel room.

He rolled over to the desk, turned on the new computer, and downloaded several popular movies and chat software for netizens.

Maybe it’s because he did a lot of work in the past few days, but even if there were piles of things waiting for him in the company, Shen Yu didn’t want to move at all.

Shen Yu knew he really wasn’t president material.

He could only guess blindly.

Maybe he can make the Shen family more and more brilliant.

Maybe he can make them to go bankrupt overnight.

If you follow the novel’s original plot, in less than eight years, the Shen family will start to go downhill.

The company has a lot of problems, such as project losses, insufficient working capital and continuous liabilities.

The more Shen Yu thought about it, the more numb his scalp felt.

He is not afraid of becoming poor, and he never regarded the Shen family’s property as his own belongings.

He is only afraid that the power of the original plot is too strong, and that even if he tries to make changes, he will eventually die in Tang Li’s hands.

Shen Yu is an ordinary person.

So obviously, he is very desperate for his life and afraid of death.

After thinking about this for a long time, Shen Yu’s eyelids started getting heavier and heavier.

He leaned back in his wheelchair, intending to rest his eyes, but instead, went straight to sleep.

The sleep was heavy.

Shen Yu worked so hard for so many days that he only got the minimal amount of rest during that time.

While in a sleepy haze, it seemed that someone had put a thin blanket on him.

Shen Yu was still a little alert during his half-dream and half-awakening period.

He suddenly opened his eyes and grabbed the hands of the visitor.

His slightly gloomy eyes were like a blade covered in a cold light.

But the next moment, he was stunned.

The villain, who had been pulled over and currently was leaning over his wheelchair, used a little effort to avoid crushing his disabled legs.

The villain was still looking at Shen Yu with a thin blanket in his hand, as if frightened by his sudden action and fierce eyes.

[1] 气得吐血, meaning, “to vomit blood from anger”.