After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 12

After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 12

Originally, the tone of Elder Shen was fairly normal.

However, when he started talking about Tang Li, it became a little strange.

Shen Yu has been in this world for half a year.

Besides Uncle Zhang, Aunt Chen and Kang Lin, the person he has met the most is Elder Shen, so he more or less knows about Elder Shen’s childish temper after such a long time together.

For example, on the topic of marriage, in one day Elder Shen could come up with 500 completely different excuses to cheat him into meeting girls.

At first, Shen Yu would be fooled.

Later, he learned how to seek experience from failure.

Now, he could analyze the composition the words of Elder Shen to find his many hidden lies.

“I can bring Chestnut to see you, but only on the condition that it’s just the three of us.

If I see other people there, I will take Chestnut and leave.

” Shen Yu doesn’t like to beat around the bush.

Even when facing Elder Shen, he will speak directly and clearly in advance.

As a result, Elder Shen listened to his words and immediately became unhappy.

“How can you talk to your elders like this? Can I still be threatened by a young boy like you when I’m already this old? Looking at his little trick being punctured by his grandson; Elder Shen immediately played a rogue.

“I don’t care, anyway, I made an appointment with the granddaughter of Lao Yang’s family last week.

You have to come over for dinner at seven o’clock next Saturday evening, otherwise, you can only wait for this old man to hit the wall in front of you after losing so much face! [1]“ After the angry words were finished, Elder Shen “snapped” and hung up the phone.

“…” Shen Yu held up his mobile phone and did not respond for a long time.

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COM When Uncle Zhang, who was in the driver seat in front of him, saw Shen Yu’s expression.

He couldn’t help asking, “The Old Master is urging you to go over again?” Shen Yu put away his cell phone, spread his shoulders across the back of his seat, and said with a bitter laugh, “My grandfather has a particular obsession in this respect, but I’m only in my early twenties, so I don’t need to be in such a hurry.

” “After Du Pingting left, the Old Master has begun to worry so much.

Although he uses the wrong methods, he’s just thinking about you…” Halfway through, Uncle Zhang suddenly realized that he had inadvertently mentioned Miss Du, and his voice abruptly stopped.

Uncle Zhang was slightly alarmed and quickly looked at Shen Yu in the rearview mirror.

Fortunately, Shen Yu was not affected by what he said.

He was holding his chin and looking out of the window at the rapidly changing scenery pass by.

Nobody could tell what he was thinking of.

After a long time, after waiting for the second half of Uncle Zhang’s words, Shen Yu slowly retracted his eyes and looked up at Uncle Zhang in the rearview mirror.

“Why don’t you talk?” “Oh…” Uncle Zhang calmed down, looked ahead, concentrated on driving, and then pretended to inadvertently ask, “Sir, what do you think?” Shen Yu smiled, and two shallow dimples appeared on his porcelain cheeks: “Actually, I’m not worried at all.

You see, my grandfather is still single at that age.

I can’t leave the old man alone first.

” Uncle Zhang wanted to stop talking.

He confirmed that Shen Yu truly didn’t care about what he had just carelessly said about Miss Du before he gritted his teeth and continued to ask, “Sir, with all due respect, are you still waiting for Miss Du?” Shen Yu questioned, “Why do you ask?” “You’ve been refusing the request of the Old Master to go on a blind date.

You’re not even willing to look at the faces of those girls.

I’m a little worried that you are still immersed in that relationship…” Shen Yu was very helpless: “The reason I don’t want to fall in love is that my current state is not suitable.

When I can stand up by myself, then I can confidently find another partner.

Also, I don’t have any relationship with that woman.

” Uncle Zhang did not believe it.

He looked suspiciously at Shen Yu.

“I really didn’t lie to you.

” Shen Yu thought silently that maybe he should hold up three fingers and swear to heaven.

It seems that no matter how strong his psychological quality is, he can’t stand the sympathetic eyes of Uncle Zhang and Aunt Chen gave him from time to time.

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COM Please… Don’t keep that humiliating thing in mind all the time.

Wearing a green hat [2] is a lifelong humiliation for a man, okay? Even worse, Uncle Zhang and Aunt Chen not only wrote this humiliation down deeply in their hearts, but also reminded Shen Yu with their eyes that his body had been wearing a green cap before, pitifully weak and helpless… This humiliation made it so that Shen Yu, who had no feeling for the woman she had never met before, now developed a complete aversion to the topic of Miss Du, who left behind the injured original Shen Yu and ran away with a male model.

“Ah…” Shen Yu uttered a sigh.

“Is it not fun to raise children? What else are you looking for? Uncle Zhang: “…” Ok Now he was sure that his young master has finally forgotten the once beloved Miss Du.

Thinking of this, Uncle Zhang’s mood cannot help but become happy.

He should have realized that Shen Yu had already forgotten Miss Du.

For half a year now, Shen Yu did not mention Miss Du’s name again, as if the woman did not exist at all.

Du Pingting and Shen Yu have been engaged for nearly ten years.

Although Du Pingting has no feeling for Shen Yu, Shen Yu liked Du Pingting very much.

He was willing to be strung along by Du Pingting and do anything she asked.

Now it’s time for Shen Yu to open his eyes and see Miss Du’s real face clearly.

—————————— Shen Yu did not go home but instead went directly to the company to deal with some things, and hold two meetings.

During his absence from the company, all the affairs in the company were handled by Kang Lin.

After a bit of time, some rumors inevitably came out that Shen Yu had been knocked down and the Shen family and company would be finished sooner or later.

Although Knag Lin has been intentionally suppressing the spread of rumors, those rumors were still growing.

Even in the early stages of the rumors, the company panicked.

Originally, several managers had managed to put the matter under control.

However, after Shen Yu’s interview outside the court this morning was released, the excitement in the company started boiling again.

“Did you see Mr.

Shen’s interview? It’s awesome! The journalists were frozen by him! “ “Mr.

Shen has not been out for a long time.

The last time he went out, he was shopping with that child.

This time he went out to fight a lawsuit for that child.

Is Mr.

Shen really training that child to be the heir of the Shen family?” “Not to mention… I heard that Tang Jian, the father of the child, was the former president of the Dawan Group.

He was the illegitimate son of Elder Shen, so that’s why Elder Shen is so protective of Tang Jian’s son.

“What the fuck! Seriously?!” “It’s so explosive! After all, is our company the future heaven of the Tang family?!” Several people had gathered together to discuss heatedly, when suddenly, they heard a violent cough behind them.

At the same time, those people froze and turned their heads together, and in the next second, they were facing Shen Yu’s beautiful and emotionless face.

In an instant, their faces looked like ghosts.

In order not to be noticed, they chose a seat in the corner of the conference room to sit down.

Who was it that didn’t remember that there are two doors in this conference room?! They looked at the front door.

They don’t know when Shen Yu had come in from the back door and rolled up behind them in a wheelchair.


Shen is always so good…” They struggled to squeeze these words out of their teeth.

Shen Yu nodded his head as if he had not heard what they were discussing just now.

Instead, he asked coldly, “Are all the managers of your department here?” “Of course, of course!” Several people turned pale with fear and like chickens pecking at rice, kept nodding their heads wildly.

The group had come from three different departments, and not daring to hesitate at all, hurriedly pointed out to Shen Yu the managers of the all three departments.

Shen Yu looked up, his site following the direction of their fingers.

Then he raised his lips and said with a light smile, “I see.

Thank you.

” After that, he steered the wheelchair to the front of the meeting room.

The rest of them were so frightened that their hearts were leaping out of their chest.

They looked at each other with relief and saw just how lucky they were in the eyes of others.


Shen must have heard what they were saying! Fortunately, Mr.

Shen never caused them trouble.

Otherwise, even if they didn’t lose face in the eyes of the public, they might not even be able to keep their present high salary jobs.

Just when they thought it was over, it turned out that they were all wrong.

Shen Yu had temporarily summoned the managers of the company before he left work to deal with a matter.

He first explained the recent rumors in two sentences and told everyone not to follow suit.

Then he asked Kang Lin, who was standing next to him, to read a list.

This list included the three department managers mentioned by those people.

“Those whose names have been read should hand over their work within one week and go to the Personnel Department to complete the formalities for departure.

” Kang Lin said expressionlessly, “If you have any questions, you can ask me in person.

” After that, there was an uproar.

“Why!” A person whose name was called was agitated, stood up violently, and asked loudly, with his thick neck, “We worked diligently and did not make any mistakes.

You are not qualified to let us go!” “That is, we are protected by the national labor law.

If you do not give a reasonable explanation, we will apply for labor arbitration!” The group of named people protested wildly.

Others sat quietly in their respective positions, regardless of their height, fearing to be caught in the flames of the current fire.

Despite the fierce rage of the crowd, Shen Yu was still very calm.

When Shen Yu slowly raised his hand, everyone was froze like they were pinched by the neck.

Suddenly there was silence.

The meeting room was so full, yet it was quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

The group looked at Shen Yu’s cold expression with eager eyes and thought that after a while of thinking, Shen Yu suddenly changed his mind and decided to let them stay.

Who would know what Shen Yu would say to the group as he picked up his mobile phone: “You go on, I’ll answer the phone.

” The group: “…” Just become a ghost already! Does Shen Yu understand that they were protesting? The leader had answered the phone, who else could they protest to?! Originally, Shen Yu’s words had made the group of people feel like they had swallowed a fly.

How could they know that Shen Yu’s next move would make them even more shocked? Shen Yu answered the phone, steered his wheelchair to the edge of the conference room, and spoke gently into his phone, “Chestnut, is school over? I’m still at the company.

I’ll pick you up later.

” People: “………” They looked at each other, shocked, and everyone’s jaws had dropped to the point that they could stuff an egg in their mouth.

What the fuck! Did they hear right? The always expressionless Mr.

Shen has such a kind side?!! And the “Chestnut” … Is it the child named Tang Li? Sure enough, Mr.

Shen is raising that child as his own son.

[1] He’s basically saying, “if you don’t come visit I’ll be so ashamed that I can only kill myself.

” [2] Wearing a green cap, meaning to be cheated on, usually used in the context of something like “his wife gave him a green hat”.

I’ve only ever seen it in the context of women cheating on men.