After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 7

After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 7

The former Shen Yu seldom came to the villa.

It wasn’t until a year ago, when his parents died in an airplane crash, that he moved to the villa with Uncle Zhang and Aunt Chen.

Although there are all kinds of daily necessities at the Shen home, what Shen Yu wanted had to be ordered.

So, for the next two days, people living around the Shen house could see several delivery trucks going in and out of the outdoor gymnasium in the Shen family’s area of residence.

The delivery trucks seemed to be carrying a lot of fitness equipment and other things in.

But Shen Yu’s legs were paralyzed in a car accident.

So what does he mean to do by buying fitness equipment? Is it for the housekeeper and servants to use? The people outside had many different opinions, but Shen Yu was completely unaffected.

After the servants completed the gym and sports field, he began to work out the exercise plan of Tang Li.

There is also the crucial matter of a healthy diet.

Shen Yu specially asked Dr.

Liu to find a well-known nutritionist in the industry, who helped set up a diet plan for Tang Li.

The unknowing Tang Li remained in a state of ignorance.

As a result, one morning, Shen Yu asked Uncle Zhang to call Tang Li to the stadium.

Cutting directly to the chase, he ordered the villain to run around the stadium for five laps.

Tang Li was wearing the sportswear Shen Yu bought for him, the light green and dark black clothing contrasting against each other.

The figure of the little villain became thinner over time, and the handsome face became even more beautiful.

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COM ———————————- Tang Li, who was bathed in the morning light, looked up slightly, his sharp chin became outlined in light.

For a moment, he was stunning, then he turned around and started running without saying a word.

Shen Yu steered his wheelchair to the center of the stadium and observed Tang Li’s running.

“Too thin.

” Shen Yu said to Uncle Zhang.

“But he’s strong enough.

” Uncle Zhang calmly replied, “I’ve never seen a child run for so long without running out of breath.

” During their conversation, Tang Li had already run two and a half laps.

He did not run very fast, but he kept his pace throughout the entire time.

Even on the fourth lap, his pace did not slow, he even had a slight tendency to speed up.

Before long, Tang Li finished running 5 laps and trotted over to Shen Yu as he cooled down.

Shen Yu handed him the towel he had already prepared and smiled with raised eyebrows: “Chestnut really is great.

” Tang Li’s ears turned red.

He silently took the towel and wiped the sweat from his head.

Shen Yu asked, “Tired?” Tang Li shook his head.

“Not Tired.

” “That’s good.

” Shen Yu said, “After running make sure to drink some water.

” Tang Li lightly closed his lips, his bright obsidian-like eyes peeping at Shen Yu.

Mixed in those beautiful eyes were feelings that Shen Yu could not understand.

After the rest, Aunt Chen brought in Tang Li’s coach, who had been scheduled in advance to assist in Tang Li’s training.

The coach has taught the national team and brought out many world champions in the Olympic Games [1].

The fee for his time is more expensive than ordinary people could even begin to imagine.

But Shen Yu was not a money-poor master.

After greeting the coach, he warned, “The training should not be too strong.

He is too thin.

I just want him to be a little stronger.

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COM “Yes, Mr.


” The coach nodded vigorously.

After Shen Yu said all this, he turned his head and looked at Tang Li, who had been staring at him the entire time.

Shen Yu smiled and touched the little villain’s sweaty black hair.

“Get ready to start training [2].

” Tang Li felt oddly nervous and took the initiative to grab Shen Yu’s hand.

His expression was rather hesitant, and he asked, “Are you leaving?” Shen Yu’s wrist was painfully pinched by Tang Li’s strong grip.

He resisted the impulse to pull his hand back and said, “I won’t go, I’m going to watch you.

” “Really?” Tang Li’s tone carried a trace of suspicion.


” Shen Yu assured him that he’d stay to the end, and then he held Tang Li’s hand and said, “When have I ever deceived you?” Tang Li looked at Shen Yu for a long time, until he was sure that Shen Yu’s eyes were not lying.

His nerves, which had tightened into a knot, gradually started relaxing.

He murmured, “Don’t go.

” Shen Yu laughed and patted Tang Li on the back of his hand with a sigh.

The coach next to him looked at the interaction between the two people with a surprised look on his face.

Then he laughed and said, “I envy you.

My son is already so big and would prefer to be one hundred and eighty thousand miles away from me.

He would never stick so close to his mother and me.

” Hearing this, Shen Yu felt very helpless.

He didn’t know why the villain liked to stick to him so much.

When he worked in his study, Tang Li would wander around outside from time to time, like a little puppy waiting for his master’s attention.

Every time Shen Yu look at it, he felt it was pathetic.

But from another point of view, Shen Yu thinks this is also good – the little villain likes him and trusts him, which shows that his position in the heart of the little villain is becoming more and more important.

Over time, it may even be able to completely eliminate the hatred of the villain in the original plot.

——————————– The training area for the coach is located on the sports ground.

The servants temporarily moved some necessary equipment from the gym.

The training time is two hours a day, and mainly focused on aerobic exercise.

Despite Shen Yu’s appeals to avoid intensive training, after all, with a sky-high hourly salary the coach did not come to mess around, so there was hardly any rest for two hours in the first class.

As a sports waste, Shen Yu became tired just looking at it, and he felt a little distressed for Tang Li’s thin arms and legs.

Fortunately, Tang Li quickly adapted to the coach’s rhythm, and easily completed the tasks issued by the coach.

He was far better than the average ten-year-old boy.


” Uncle Zhang stood behind him and reminded him, “It’s time for your rehabilitation exercises.

” Shen Yu did not look away from Tang Li, but only responded lightly: “Wait a minute.

” Uncle Zhang hesitated, but after a while he pushed on, “Sir…” “I promised Little Chestnut to wait here.

” Shen Yu turned his head to Uncle Zhang and shrugged his shoulders.

“You can never go back on your own word.

” Uncle Zhang: “…” Uncle Zhang looked down at the side of Shen Yu’s face, which was blurred by the sunshine.

His throat was blocked with thousands of words, but he did not know how to say it.

He wanted to ask Shen Yu why he valued Tang Li so much.

It’s clear that the violent child is not worth spending so much time on… And now, news has already spread outside, saying that Shen Yu finally compromised with Elder Shen, and took the Tang child in.

It’s already feared that the Shen family will change for the worse in the future.

Uncle Zhang didn’t tell Shen Yu about these things.

One reason is that he does not want to provoke the relationship between Shen Yu and Elder Shen, the other is that he can vaguely guess that Shen Yu doesn’t care what people outside say at all, but instead concentrates all his energy on Tang Li.

Uncle Zhang had been struggling for a long time, but he still swallowed back the words that filled his throat.

Not far away, Tang Li had finished training.

Even the mineral water handed to him by his coach wasn’t finish before he ran over to Shen Yu.

His dark eyes were shining like stars.

“I’m done.

” Tang Li was still panting, his cheeks were red, but he was not a mess at all.

“Chestnut is terrific!” Shen Yu started praising him excitedly [3].

Clearly, his words are very powerful for the villain.

The light in Tang Li’s eyes became as dazzling as brilliant sunshine.

Tang Li was born with a pair of very beautiful of phoenix eyes.

His eyes were long and narrow.

Even though his eyes did not carry any excess emotions, they also seemed to be full of thousands of amorous feelings.

At the same time, these eyes are also very aggressive.

In the novel, the male lead once said to the female lead that what he hated most was Tang Li’s eyes, which held concern for nobody, and seemed to be calculating all the time.

However, at this moment, these beautiful phoenix eyes are full of smiles, and the clear bottom of the eyes only reflected Shen Yu’s figure.

Shen Yu was shocked for a long time before he recovered.

He picked up the cup of water on the table next to him and handed it to Tang Li: “Drink some water.

” When Tang Li took the cup, Shen Yu suddenly realized that he had drunk half of the water.

He rushed to grab the cup and said, “Wait a minute, I have already drunk from that cup…” Tang Li’s hand quickly moved aside and easily avoided Shen Yu’s movements, and then he raised his head and drank the remaining water in the cup.

Shen Yu: “…” This kid… Hands and feet are too quick! Tang Li put the empty cup into Shen Yu’s stiff hand, which was still hanging in mid-air, and said seriously, “Thank you.

” Shen Yu squeezed out a smile: “… You’re welcome.

” ———————– Shen Yu’s rehabilitation exercise has always been done by Uncle Zhang.

When the original Shen Yu survived the car accident, he was seriously injured and traumatized.

He always refused rehabilitation and psychotherapy.

After the current Shen Yu came, he began to cooperate with doctors to carry out rehabilitation exercises.

In the process of rehabilitation, Shen Yu suffered a lot.

It is not easy to control such feeble legs to walk on the ground.

Every step requires great strength and courage.

The soreness and pain of the legs make Shen Yu walk like he was on the tip of a knife.

Only after six steps, Shen Yu could not support himself and planted himself on the floor.

The servants quickly helped Shen Yu sit on the soft sofa.

Shen Yu’s face was pale, without a trace of blood.

He gasped heavily, and the sweat from his face gathered in drops under his chin and ran down his white neck into his already wet clothes.

The heavily distressed Uncle Zhang looked at the timer and said, “Three seconds more than before, there is progress.

” Shen Yu felt he was dying of pain and thought of giving up, but it was only a thought.

After Shen Yu cooled down, the servants pushed the wheelchair over and helped Shen Yu sit in it.

Shen Yu put in some effort to smiled and said, “It’s been hard for you.

” “The person trying hardest is you.

” Uncle Zhang put away the timer and suddenly remembered something.

“By the way, Aunt Chen just came over and said that Tang Li’s aunt and uncle have been waiting in the living room for about an hour.

” Shen Yu was not surprised.

In the original text, Tang Li’s aunt and her family used Tang Li as a springboard to approach Elder Shen and Shen Yu in order to climb up into the Shen family’s good graces.

Unfortunately, Shen Yu had no sympathy for Tang Li, and instead and was always on guard against Tang Li.

Until finally the Tang family was killed by Tang Li himself, and they could no longer touch the Shen family.

When reading the novel, Shen Yu disliked the Tang family very much.

The author described the calculating faces of the ordinary people very well.

Every time they appeared, he was very disgusted.

Uncle Zhang observed Shen Yu’s expression and frowned at him.

He immediately said, “I’ll have Aunt Chen send them away.

” “No hurry.

” Shen Yu raised his hand to stop Uncle Zhang.

“I want to see them.

” Uncle Zhang was stunned for two seconds before bowing his head and replying, “As you wish.

” [1] The text does not specify what he actually coaches, just that he’s really good at it.

[2] Originally, 加油呀 [jiā yóu yā], which literally means “add oil”.

It’s similar to saying ,“get a move on”, but not quite that harsh.

[3] Originally 吹了一堆彩虹屁, which literally translated means “to blow a bunch of rainbow farts”.

Which just means to praise someone in an exaggerated manner.

I’d be like praising your boss.