After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 3

After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 3

Tang Li came out in less than half an hour.

He didn’t dare to stay in the bathroom for too long.

On the bed, the servants neatly laid out some new clothes, Tang Li took the clothes back to the bathroom and changed into them, they were just the right size.

The tag hanging on the clothing was not yet removed.

Tang Li twisted the tag on his trousers and looked at it.

He was stunned.

Even when his parents were still alive, they did not buy him such expensive clothes.

Tang Li went out of the bathroom, looked around the spacious and luxurious bedroom, and finally his gaze landed on a small bamboo basket laying on the tea table, it contained such items as scissors and rulers.

He approached, picked up the scissors, and gripped the hanging tag.

Even after gripping the tag for a while, he had not yet started cutting.

After putting the scissors down, a sudden knocking noise came from the bedroom door.

Tang Li hesitated for a moment before he finally said please come in.

As his voice fell, a servant opened the door and came in.

“Young master Tang Li, we need to redesign your bedroom.

Please go to the living room on the first floor and wait.

” Tang Li nodded and left the bedroom.

The Shen house was as gorgeous as he imagined, but it was always accompanied by a depressing sense of coldness.

Tang Li sat on the sofa for an afternoon.

There was no noise except the occasional sound of heavy objects landing on the second floor when the servants were carrying furniture.

Everything is silent.

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COM Even Shen Yu, who decided to adopt him, never showed up.

Tang Li thought Shen Yu would appear at dinner.

When evening came and the servant led him to the dining room.

Tang Li had subconsciously taken greater care of his clothes in order to make a better impression on Shen Yu, so he felt a little restrained.

Unfortunately, while there are many delicate and delicious dishes on the table, there is only Tang Li sitting alone at the table.

Tang Li had a bad time at his relatives’ house and was always and after-thought to his relatives in terms of food, clothing, housing and transportation.

In more than a year under the roof of his relatives, he seldom had a full meal, so the dinner before him was undoubtedly the most abundant meal he had ever enjoyed since his parents died.

But Tang Li felt it was a little bland.

He forced himself to finish most of the dishes on the table.

He knew that he was too thin and too short.

Even Shen Yu, who sat in a wheelchair, could look down at him.

Remembering Shen Yu’s gentle eyes, there was a feeling of spring breeze that left an Tang Li with an odd sensation, as if even his cold body had a little warmth.

He needs to grow up quickly! It was the first time Tang Li had such an urgent need.

——————————————- Shen Yu has been in the world for a half-a-year[1].

Because the original owner of this body is not in good health, he was forced to get rid of many of his former bad habits.

However, it was only in the case of his bad eating habits that Shen Yu could not change, regardless of how hard Uncle Zhang tried to persuade him.

In the past, he also ran a dessert shop that was very successful and had a good reputation.

He was the only owner and the only pastry chef.

He was particularly interested in studying the practice of western pastry making.

He himself had designed many popular pastries.

Of course, during the process of creating a new dessert, it is unavoidable to make a pile of test batches.

Shen Yu got used to both tasting during the baking, and then eating again until he was full.

Uncle Zhang stood in front of the kitchen door and watched Shen Yu eat five pieces of cakes and seven or eight fist-sized croissants.

His face instantly turned green [2] and he choked.

“Sir, you’d better go and have something to eat.


Liu said that these desserts cannot be your staple food.

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COM “I’m not hungry yet.

” Shen Yu took off his apron [3], and steered the wheelchair back out from the table.

He then ordered the servant that was assisting him, “Put the tray into the oven.

Ah…I really don’t know how it will turn out this time.

” Uncle Zhang helplessly said: “… What if it hasn’t succeeded yet?” Shen Yu raised his lips and patted his belly confidently.

“There are still four croissants here.

I am confident that I can make the type of taste I want within four trials.

” “…” Are you really not hungry? Uncle Zhang looked up and sighed with despair.

Shen Yu couldn’t help laughing.

He manipulated the wheelchair to go over to Uncle Zhang, as he was just about to comfort the worried housekeeper, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a small head peeking out from the door.

Shen Yu, who was caught off guard, felt stunned.

Just as he was about to take a closer look, the little head quickly retreated.

Shen Yu: “…” He really was like a squirrel, acting frightened from beginning to end.

Shen Yu was unexpectedly amused, and the upward curvature of his mouth could hardly be suppressed.

If it hadn’t been for his perseverance, the people who knew the original master of this body would have collapsed.

Uncle Zhang immediately noticed Shen Yu’s eyes.

Frowning solemnly, he turned to walk out of the kitchen.

Within a few seconds, he returned with a depressed child.

“He just finished his dinner and got lost while taking a walk.

” Uncle Zhang brought Tang Li over to Shen Yu.

Tang Li knew that peeping outside the door was wrong.

For a while, the little villain blushed, buried his head, clenched his lips, and said nothing In fact, he lied to Zhang housekeeper.

He was not taking a walk.

He just came to see Shen Yu under the guise of taking one.

He learned from the servants that Shen Yu was in the kitchen, so he had spent a lot of time winding through this labyrinth-like house before he found it.

However, the feeling of being caught peeping is not good, and maybe Shen Yu will even hate him because of it… Thinking of this, Tang Li felt a sense of panic well up in his chest.

He raised his head quietly and tried to secretly observe Shen Yu’s reaction, but in the next second, he couldn’t avoid locking sight with a pair of smiling eyes.

Tang Li was stunned.

Shen Yu was indeed laughing.

The peach blossoms eyes were like half-moon shaped curves.

They were full of smiles.

It was like a lake sparkling in the sunshine.

The sparkling light almost blurred Tang Li’s vision.

At this moment, it seems that he couldn’t see anything else.

Only Shen Yu’s spring-like smile remained in his mind.

Shen Yu laughs so beautifully… It’s a pity that Shen Yu did not know what Tang Li was thinking.

Seeing the child staring at him in amazement, he thought that Uncle Zhang had just frightened him with his fierce manner.

So, he reached for the croissant wrapped in paper on the table and handed it to him.

“Do you want to eat it? I just baked it.

” Shen Yu is more or less afraid of this little villain, and when he speaks to him, he will inevitably mix in some flattery.

Even if the little villain is unwilling to accept his kindness, he is tolerant enough to understand.

After all, he’s a villain.

How can he be called a villain if he immediately trusts strangers? Shen Yu was ready to be ignored again.

Unexpectedly, Tang Li quietly raised his own hand and took the croissant from Shen Yu’s hand.

“Thank you.

” Tang Li whispered, the tips of his ear already red.

“You’re welcome.

” Shen Yu returned with a smile.

Just now, when Tang Li was brought in by Uncle Zhang, Shen Yu noticed his new clothes.

He had to admit that clothes really do make the man.

Just by changing clothes, Tang Li changed from an ordinary child to a delicate and beautiful little boy.

It’s just the hanging tag hanging outside that’s a bit eye-catching.

Shen Yu slightly pulled at the tag on Tang Li trousers.

As a result, he unintentionally saw the price on the tag.

Suddenly, he fully understood the intention of the servant.

The Shen family’s servants have always been rigorous in their work and would never have made a low-level mistake like leaving hanging tags on their clothes.

This is obviously to let Tang Li know how much the Shen family spent on him.

Shen Yu: …… Shen Yu sighed in his heart.

He thought Tang Li might have guessed the servant’s intent, so the child not only didn’t cut the hanging tag but might have also deliberately took it out and hung it in a more conspicuous position.

Just from Tang Li’s method of doing things alone, it’s hard to imagine that he is only a ten-year-old child.

But thinking about Tang Li’s experience over the past year and his establishment as a villain, Shen Yu once again relaxed.

“Who prepared the clothes?” Shen Yu asked Uncle Zhang.

“Aunt Chen.

” When Uncle Zhang answered, he understood Shen Yu’s meaning.

“I’ll ask Aunt Chen to bring the scissors.

” Uncle Zhang came back soon after he left, followed by Aunt Chen, who looked terrified.

During this time, Shen Yu asked the servant to bring out the tray in the oven and gave the croissant, which had been successfully made, to Tang Li.

One big person and one small person finished their croissants quietly.

Aunt Chen looked at Shen Yu and Tang Li, and said with some trepidation, “I’m sorry, sir.

It was my own negligence.

I’ll immediately cut the tag.

” Shen Yu said, “Cut it.

” Aunt Chen’s head was almost buried in her collar.

The poor aunt’s face was so pale that she dared not breathe in even the air.

She quickly cut all the hanging tags on Tang Li’s clothing.

Shen Yu knew that Aunt Chen actions were for the Shen family’s sake.

He didn’t want Aunt Chen to be embarrassed, but he didn’t want Tang Li to feel that the whole Shen family was rejecting him.

After considering it, he knew he had to clarify his intent to Aunt Chen.

“Aunt Chen, from now on, Chestnut will be a member of our Shen family.

I entrust him to your care.

You must work a little harder than others to care for him.

” Shen Yu continued, “But in turn, you will be equally compensated.

Starting this month, your salary will be doubled, and a bonus will be added every quarter.

” Hearing this, Aunt Chen was surprised and delighted.

She flew from hell to heaven in an instant.

She realized that she was so excited that she had almost forgotten to show her appreciation, “Thank you, sir.

I’m sure I’ll do a good job!” “En.

” Shen Yu nodded.

He looked down at Tang Li and said with a smile, “You can go upstairs with Aunt Chen and rest.

I’ll go back to my room later.

” Tang Li didn’t want to leave, but he had to be obedient.

He looked down, concealing the negative emotions in his eyes and followed behind Aunt Chen.

“Good night.

” Shen Yu called after him.

Tang Li did not respond, but instead, stepping with his slender legs, quickly disappeared from Shen Yu’s sight.

Shen Yu pouted his lips.

Turning around, he saw Uncle Zhang looking at him in silence.

He shrugged his shoulders and said, “Little Chestnut is still so shy.

” “The child’s character is not good.

” Uncle Zhang said bluntly, “It will be difficult to raise him.

” Shen Yu didn’t speak.

He pushed the wheelchair over to the table and began tidying up the messy table with the servant.

He quietly spoke without raising his head, “Uncle Zhang, I know you just want what’s best for me, but since I’ve made a decision and Little Chestnut is going to stay in this house, I don’t want to hear you speaking badly about him anymore.

” Uncle Zhang abruptly paused and then immediately bowed his head.

“My apologies, it will not happen again.

” “That’s better.

Families should live in harmony.

” Shen Yuzhen smiled.

He pinched his sore neck and said, “Let’s go, it’s time for me to sleep [4].

Tomorrow we’ll take Little Chestnut out to buy some things.

” Uncle Zhang: “…” He wanted to ask Shen Yu if he was raising Tang Li as his son.

As the question was about to slip from his mouth, he swallowed it.

[1] This says it’s been a year, but the last chapter specified half-a-year.

I can’t tell if this means he’s had the bakery open for half a year, but Shen Yu has been in the world for a year, or if the author made a mistake.

So I’m just going to change it to half-a-year and keep it consistent.

[2] Originally 菜色 [cài sè], which literally means “vegetable color”, or “emancipated”.

[3] The sentence uses 塑料手袋 [sù liào shǒu dài], which mean “plastic bag”, and that is not a metaphor for apron.

However I couldn’t figure out why he would need a plastic bag unless it was to carry cooking utensils (I carried a bag with me everywhere when I was on crutches, even if it was just around the house), but the paragraph didn’t specify if that was the reason.

So, I replaced it with apron because that made more sense.

[4] Translated literally he said “come along, back to bed” which sounds fine in Chinese but really ambiguous in English so I had to specify that Shen Yu was not, in fact, taking Uncle Zhang with him to bed.

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