FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 105

FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 105

Chapter 105: This Mr Hero’s Career Again…Chapter 105 [8th Round] This Mr Hero’s Career Again… I came to my senses as soon as I recognized myself.

First of all, I checked if the senses of my lower body were fine.

Because my mom might have a fit if this thing disappeared, and she would hit my head with a tennis racket as soon as she woke up.

Shuuak! Fortunately, testing showed that there was nothing wrong over here.

That fact alone was enough to reassure me.

I had passed the minimum danger if it wasn’t a sex change or eunuchism.

Now, let’s check the stats that activated the Blackbox leisurely.

▶ Species: Natural Human▷ Level: 1▷ Job: Demon King (Hero → Level↓) ▷ Skill: Prodigy ZZ Divinity Z Demonic Energy Z Spirits MAX Blessed MAX Fabrication MAX Hope SSS Love SS ■■A Friendship A Interpretation A Luck A Storage C Infinity D Festival D ▷ Status: Pervert, Holy Sword, Magic Sword, Saintess Please Keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM The species changed.

From a ‘chaos human’ who was deeply related to the First Hero, to a completely unfamiliar ‘natural human’.

A natural human? It meant a living organism with a human body.

It was a collective noun for humans who had equal legal standing before the law.

There was another hidden meaning behind natural humans.

Humans that escaped the mundane world and lived in nature.

It also meant humans who didn’t belong anywhere under the law.

For example, let’s say a company CEO insulted his employee and it was claimed as a ‘natural human’ mistake rather than the ‘company’s’ fault.

Then it would end up as a trivial argument between individuals and not a CEO using his position to oppress the weak ones.

“It’s fun.

” These characteristics were well reflected in the species ‘natural human’.

If I enabled the details, ▷ Type: Species▶ Name: Natural Human▶ Grade: Unique ▶ Uniqueness 1: Absorbs EXP.

▶ Uniqueness 2: Preserves EXP.

▶ Uniqueness 3: Uses EXP.

▷ Characteristic 1: Receives spirits’ love.

▷ Characteristic 2: Be under nature’s protection.

▷ Characteristic 3: Receives universe’s energy.

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COM ▷ Species 1: Reproductivity is superior.

▷ Species 2: Has limitless potential.

There were a lot of changes in the species characteristics.

We would know if we used the Uniqueness 3’s ‘Use EXP.

’ ability by ourselves, but simply put, it was absorbing EXP and storing it.

There were already similar effects to this.

Methods such as how vampires used ‘blood’ as a medium to take away humans’ EXP, or how healers received EXP as a price for treatment, and so on.

But none of those methods came without any conditions attached, unlike this one.

As proof, Level: 1→ Level: 2 My EXP increased even though there was no one to take away the EXP from.

I absorbed the power that was scattered across nature.

I couldn’t believe my level went up even if I stayed still.

It was species characteristics that broke away from the existing EXP system.

Literally, ‘natural human’-like tyranny! The difference was more apparent compared to my previous species before reconstructing from the root, ‘chaos human’.

▷ Type : Species▷ Name : Chaos Human▷ Grade : Ancient ▶ Ancient 1: Can learn all skills.

▷ Ancient 2: The possibility is hopeful.

▷ Characteristic 1: Chaos effect is rising.

▷ Characteristic 2: Destruction effect is rising.

▷ Characteristic 3: Oblivion effect is rising.

▷ Species 1: Reproductivity is superior.

▷ Species 2: Has limitless potential.

Everything changed except the basic effects of the ‘human’ species.

It wasn’t just all nice.

Because as the spectacular species characteristic that said I could learn all skills disappeared, Divinity Z and Demonic Energy Z started to collide.

Kheuk! Kaboom! It seemed dangerous.

So I deactivated Blackbox and sealed away the two skills.

But 1 level? To go against Demon King Pedonar, the lower the level was the better it would be.

But didn’t it go down a bit too much? Where were they thinking of collecting EXP…… “Mr Hero! You’re awake! Did you sleep well?” I was lying down upon my back and the First Spirit, who was sitting on my Adam’s apple, was greeting me with a bright smile.


How long did I sleep?” “I think around 5 years.

” “Oh my…” My Fantasia career had increased by 5 years in a blink of an eye.

The others would return to earth after 2 to 3 years, but I had been staying here for 25 years already.

By the way, what was with this spirit auntie…? “What are you doing on my neck?” “Was it around last year? A very nice smell started to come out from Mr Hero’s body.

Especially, if I smell the sweet breath you exhale, I unconsciously get drunk in the scent.

So by the authority of a First Spirit, I’m in the middle of having the perfect place to smell the scent to myself.

” …I can’t believe a human male’s bad breath made her feel good? This spirit must be a pervert.

“What do you mean by in the middle of having it to yourself?” “Literally that, take a look at your body.

” “…I see.

” The spirits were attached on my arms and legs like leeches.

By the look of it, it seemed like it was the influence of species characteristic ‘receives spirits’ love’.

I never expected an honest environmental destroyer like me would have a harem of spirits.

I also checked the First Spirit while I was at it.

▷ Type : Species▷ Name : First Spirit▷ Grade : Unique ▷ Uniqueness 1: Produces EXP.

▷ Uniqueness 2: Does not go extinct.

▷ Characteristic 1: Receives spirits’ love.

▷ Characteristic 2: Is under nature’s protection.

▷ Species 1: Has excellent sociability.

▷ Species 2: Is specialized in one element.

It seemed like some of my species characteristics came from her.

The environment where I was surrounded by countless spirits had an influence on my reconstructing from the root.

I was thankful for that but, “Auntie, get off.

You guys too.

” I stood up while waving my hands around as if I was swatting annoying flies.

The First Spirit sat on her ass, treating my head like a cushion, the spirits started to spin frantically around me while bursting out laughing.

Level: 2→ Level: 5 The level still diligently went up even in the midst of this.

Based on my close observation, the power of the elements that the spirits naturally released was replaced by high density EXP and it was getting absorbed into me.


I moved my head slowly from left to right and looked around.

The place where I was just lying down was the center of a flower garden full of beautiful flowers.

The sky was blue and the wind was refreshing.

It was either I was moved after I fell asleep with Prodigy ZZ’s effect, or this whole area had turned into Shangri-La due to the continuous habitation of the spirits.

“Tell me all the big incidents that happened in the 5 years I was asleep.

” “Yes, Mr Hero.

” The First Spirit started to tell me in detail.

But there was no important incident.

11 years of being a hero.

Hero Sieg, who went on an adventure to the southern continent that was burnt down like a lump of charcoal, knocked down the 5 Disasters.

But in that process the Sword King Alex died in the battle because he got a herniated disc at a crucial moment! The corpse couldn’t be retrieved since he died after drowning in lava, of all things.

So, Saintess A couldn’t restore Alex back to life.

12 years of being a hero.

Hero Sieg went over the eastern continent that had turned into an archipelago, after almost all of its land had been submerged.

He succeeded in knocking down the 5 Disasters with mermaid Aqua playing an active role.

But too bad she was a freshwater mermaid.

Aqua, who was exhausted after getting exposed to seawater for a very long time, got caught by seawater mermaids that were enraged by the death of the Guardian Angel.

And she was pickled with salt.

13 years of being a hero.

Hero Sieg led Saintess A and Lanuvel and moved to the western continent that had turned into the land of the dead.

Saintess A, who had a powerful divinity, went against zombies that rushed in continuously and didn’t budge an inch.

And finally even the 5 Disasters were subjugated! But the souls of the dying 5 Disasters got inside her tired body and the tragedy repeated itself.

Hero Sieg’s choice? He ran away to the central continent as Lanuvel tried to stop Saintess A who had become a new disaster stronger than the 5 Disasters.

And Hero Sieg then married a beautiful princess 12 years younger than him.

What about Lanuvel who was left alone on the western continent? She self-destructed while hugging Saintess A who had gone crazy after the corruption of the 5 Disasters and the death aura.

“Huh! He’s worse than me!” I also sent away many of my colleagues to their death in the 1st round.

But I was different from Sieg.

There was not even one incident where I killed my colleague because I was weak or stupid.

The reason was always their own carelessness or wrong choices.


Any other stories beside those about asshole Sieg?” “Hmm… ah! There is.

” 14 years of being a hero.

On the peaceful north continent, the sword girl who gave birth to a healthy prince was a regent.

She united the north continent after 2 years.

It was said that the military force of the Northern Continent Unified Empire, who were able to completely absorb and use the Golem’s power, would be enough to make even the 5 Disasters run away.

“What about the Demon King?” I cut the spirit’s explanation because I didn’t want to keep listening to stories about the northern continent.

Flutters~ Righteous wings sprouting on my back before I knew felt ticklish.

I wanted to fly right away to the northern continent… The First Spirit shook her head from side to side.

“I don’t know at all.

Because my kids can’t be in a place where demonic energy and divinity are dense for a long time.

” “I see.

” “But I know about Hero Sieg! He tied up the central continent with a marriage of convenience after getting motivated by the Northern Continent Unified Empire.

Quickly, while suppressing the kingdoms that refused to do so with military force.

Sieg married 8 times last year alone, and he has an elite guard unit consisting of beautiful women.

” I gently pressed my temple after hearing this far.

It wasn’t even over.

“Mr Hero.

You woke up at a really good timing.

Sieg is on his way here to invade, with the troops appointed by every country in the central continent.

He said he’d turn the elf race who had betrayed humans into slaves.

” “Huh?” He was the first one who betrayed humans.

What kind of bullshit was that? It was then.

“Mr Hero! Mr Hero!” Sylvia, who was the princess of the Elf Kingdom, was coming running hurriedly while calling me.

But she was dressed up like a primitive from the stone age.

She didn’t even wear thin underwear.


What is that you’re wearing?” “To live along with noble spirits in nature…” Seeing how her eyes shook as she talked, it seemed as if this elf really didn’t wear the primitive outfit because she wanted to.

▷ Species : Arc Elf▷ Level : 647▷ Job : Slave (EXP 50%) ▷ Skill : Attractiveness S Spirit A Collecting A Dance A Flattery B… ▷ Status : Urgent Did she serve as a slave diligently for the last 5 years? Even though it was way below the SS grade it was in the past, Sylvia succeeded to recover her Spirit skill to A grade.

Seeing her skills, it seemed as if she really went through a tough time.

“So why did you call me?” “Ah! Please save us fairies! I’m sure Sieg holds a grudge on me.

Mr Hero, I will do anything you tell me to.

At least this body if you want to…” “I don’t need your body that’s full of recessive genes.

” I didn’t hesitate even for a 0.

1 second and refused it firmly.

▷ Type : Species▷ Name : Arc Elf▷ Grade : Rare ▷ Rare 1: Unlimited vitality.

▷ Characteristic 1: Hearing effect is rising.

▷ Characteristic 2: Attractiveness effect is rising.

▷ Characteristic 3: Prodigy effect is rising.

▷ Species 1: Has excellent vitality.

▷ Species 2: Has corrected genes.

‘Arc Elf’s species characteristics that I checked in detail were quite great, but Fantasia’s stats weren’t everything.

Sylvia’s genes that I had observed were really low-grade.

“T, that…!” “But I’m interested in your EXP.

” I swiftly kissed Sylvia’s plump lips.

She was flustered because she wasn’t ready, but it was only like that at first.

She didn’t reject me and quickly adapted.

She put her arms around my neck and kissed me back aggressively.


” “Sshp-!” But my goal was her EXP and not her body.

I wished she wouldn’t misunderstand too much.

“Oop…?!” Sylvia, whose three-inch long tongue was a natural at the act, as if she had practiced a lot with Sieg, opened her eyes wide.

It seemed as if she only realized what was happening after all the fun was over.

Kang Han Soo : Level: 7→ Level: 647 Sylvia : Level: 647→ Level: 1 The species ‘natural human’s EXP absorption rate was really high.

Was it because I absorbed it by kissing, which was something familiar to me? I’d know for sure after trying it out using more various methods, but I was really satisfied with the species characteristics for now.

Flop! Sylvia, who became lethargic because of the sudden drop of level, plunked down helplessly on the flowers.

On the contrary, I was overflowing with energy.

“Okay! Shall we go to catch Sieg now that I’ve received an advance payment?” Let’s go out to see what would happen if I used the EXP I had absorbed!