FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 94

FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 94

  7 years of being a hero.

The northern continent was covered in a chaotic war.

The small nation that was placed at the end of the east side was growing fast while putting the ‘Golden Golem’ to stand ahead and savoring the nations around them.

The Magic Kingdom that was called the colonial master of the northern continent hereupon gathered the philosophers and stepped in to stop it, but they failed and got their capital city and philosopher’s pagoda occupied instead.

The ringleader was the Golden Golem.

The name ‘War God’ got widely known since then.

It seemed as if the emerging empire that carried the War God on their back were going to unify the northern continent in the blink of an eye.

But then the Dark Company decided it was the best time for a business and started to sell the ‘Red Golem’ they had piled up.

The kingdoms were also scared of the emerging empire’s force, but they still bought the Red Golem without hesitation for the reason that the Red Golem broke the prejudice ‘Golem lacks cost-effectiveness’.

The kingdoms of the northern continent that had secured the Red Golem’s war potential became high-spirited.

But the Golden Golem was way stronger than they expected.

More than anything else,“Huk?! It’s a large-scale raid!”“Wizards summon the Golem!”“Knights protect the Wizards!” The Dark Company also sold the Red Golem to the emerging empire.

Would they get called as the Dark Company for no reason?The Dark Company controlled the quantity of the Red Golem they were selling so that the war wouldn’t come to a lull, by selling more for the emerging empire when the situation became advantageous for the kingdoms alliance, and selling more for the kingdoms alliance when the emerging empire got stronger.

The kingdoms and empires couldn’t stop them even though they knew this fact.

Because a ceasefire was impossible since their grudge was already deep in their heart.

The main faction of each nation that consisted of nobles and treacherous people that got recruited by the Dark Company was also a problem.

The northern continent gradually weakened….

Meanwhile the War God knew no defeat.

Before he got the eyes of the Hero party that were passing by on him because he got on their nerves.


”The memories of the first round kept surging today of all days.

“Kill them! Kill them all! Hihi!”“For our king!”“Kikikik! Nice! Very nice!” The criminals that were gathered from the snowy mountain M were charging towards the emerging empire like an overflowing flood.

There was a stereotype that a criminal is ugly and ignorant, but there were a lot of handsome and beautiful ones that were easy to win people’s hearts over and geniuses with excellent eloquence.

Because they had to be that way for them to deceive others well!If they were stupid no matter how strong they were they would’ve been caught early and executed, to begin with.

The criminals didn’t possess the Red Golem but they were cunning and persevering beyond that.

It was basic to kill wizards and seize Golems.

They also drugged foods and threatened people after kidnapping their hometown families.

The ones that gathered up were not just the Demon-followers and demons.

The scale was beyond imagination as the gangsters, thieves, black-marketers, bandits, assassins and others that followed them also joined in.

This went beyond even my expectations.

“Au?”This is weird, though? What the Hero had been doing?7 years ago a divine message which said that a Hero was summoned came from above to each temple of the 5 continents, but it was said that nobody had even seen a picture of the Hero.

And the Fantasia continent was neglected like that.

It was crowded with villains.

But it didn’t make me suffer a loss nor was it bad in any way.

Because the more Demon-followers there were, the more it would reduce the effort I needed to make by stepping in myself.

Though, it didn’t mean I was only playing around.

I kept developing endlessly every time the demons and the Demon-followers that I ruled crushed the emerging empire.

Conquest F→ Conquest SSPassion C→ Passion AProdigy D→ Prodigy SSLeadership E→Leadership SDignity F→ Dignity B Please Keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM My skills proficiency and levels increased continuously.

After I ordered the demons and the Demon-followers to keep attacking the emerging empire until they collapsed, I lifted up the job ‘Devil King’.

The way to do it was really simple.

It was to deactivate the Black Box.

That way I could gain the benefits of the job ‘Hero’ in return of not being a ‘Devil King’ anymore and not being able to order the demons and Demon-followers around anymore.

EXP 5x!▷ Species : Chaos Human▷ Level : 304▷ Job: Hero (EXP 500%)▷ Skill: Immortality MAX, Survival MAX, Conquest SS, Prodigy SS, Leadership S…▷ Status : Holy Sword, Magic Sword, Golem, Development It only consisted of the skills I gained since I started this round.

It was too bad that there was no direct battle skill, but it was enough to knock down the Devil King Fedonar that received the penalty.

Holy Sword Nucleon, more than anything else.

It was more powerful than any other offensive skill.


”He finally came.

“The War God has come!”“The incarnation of victory has come!”“We’re safe now!”“Whoaaaaaaa!” The Golden Golem appeared in the war.

He was far below the level of ‘Captain Fantasy’ –the forever idol living in my heart, but he also boasted a dignified presence in the category of Super Robot.

His performance was also outstanding.

▷ Species : Grand Golem▷ Level : 999+▷ Job : War King (Armor → Indestructibility↑)▷ Skill : Indestructibility SS, Greatsword SS, Large SS, Divinity S, Restoration S…▷ Status : Speculating, Reinforcement, Blessed, Perfection In the first round he was ultimately crushed after surrendering to the Hero party’s wicked power of friendship, but the performance was impeccable.

The job ‘War King’ –that got stronger the better their armor was– raised the Golden Golem’s SS-grade Indestructibility to a level higher skill, and made the solidity of the S-grade Divinity and Restoration unfairly greater.

The skill Large on top of that.

It had the effect of being more advantageous the bigger their build was.

Khoong! Khoong! Khoong! Boooooong-! The finishing is the skill Greatsword.

The bigger and heavier the sword was the sharper and more solid it would be.

It would be a disaster if the additional effect of the skill Large and the advanced Golem’s basic strength were added here.

“Aaaa?!”“Aaaak?!”“Aaaarghk?!” The villains that were high-spirited while going wild on the battlefield just now got swept away by the Golden Golem’s Greatsword like fallen leaves in the fall.


The Red Golem that they seized were also weak-kneed, no different.

It was because they couldn’t pierce through the armor that was protected by the Golden Golem’s S-grade Divinity using those things that weren’t permeated by Divinity and Dark Energy.

The Golden Golem dominated the battlefield alone.

The War God’s wars were always like this.

“Tahaaaat!”Then, a disrupter challenged the War God.

The Sword Girl that firmly let out a shout of concentration shot out an unwavering blue sword aura at the Golden Golem’s direction.

Pajijijik-! please keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM The normal case would be for it to have no effect because it was a general attribute, but the Sword Girl’s ‘Magic Sword’ could pierce through the Divinity since it released Dark Energy attribute.

But the Golden Golem was still powerful without the Divinity S’ effect.

And he was fast, fitting his build.

“Kkyak?!” It was only a strike.

It was also like that in the first round.

The Sword Girl didn’t avoid the Golden Golem’s Greatsword and tried to cut him with sword aura but failed.

And she fluttered away, covered in blood.

In the first round the Fairy Princess Sylvia caught her using the Spirit of Wind, but she didn’t have anyone to help her this time around.


The Sword Girl was caught in the Golden Golem’s huge hand.

“Au!”Please kill that bitch! The Golden Golem! But the Golden Golem didn’t give strength to his grip.

If he gripped slightly harder the Sword Girl’s ribs and internal organs would crumble prettily, why didn’t he!There was that reason.

“Haha! The Sword Girl also doesn’t have much to show in front of my Golem! Beautiful Sword Girl.

I shall put you whom nobody owns into my Harem.


Don’t be ridiculous….

!”“Not only your appearance, but I also love that aggressive personality! Alright.

The harder you are to be captured the more I’m burning.

Haha!” A conversation between the War God and the Sword Girl was heard.

My mood that was excited while cheering for the Golden Golem dropped.

This was like that miserable feeling of witnessing a national player ridiculously blowing away the chance to turn over the table through a penalty kick in the world cup final! I wanted to hit the lower jaw of the player and the coach.

But at that time I was only a cultured-citizen individual that was watching through the television so there was nothing I could do even though I felt frustrated.

But now? “Au….

!”“Sir Baby?!” I got down from Nanny’s soft special seat.

“I will escort you, Master.

” Saintess H that was summoned snatched me up and flew fast while hugging me.

She cut across the chaotic battlefield and went straight close to the Golden Golem.

There was no need for a subservient conversation.

Bbyong! I summoned the Holy Sword Nucleon.

I hugged it with my right arm since I couldn’t grab the handle of the Holy Sword with one hand because my fingers were short.

If it was like that then it would be too much to present swordsmanship but I didn’t care.

Because I had no thought of swaying messily.

I will end it in a strike.

Puk! Chwaaaaak-! It was no use even though the Golden Golem was strong, he was nothing more than ‘a slice of pizza’.

My Holy Sword Nucleon, on the other hand, was a whole pizza!The existence densities were different.

The result was presented in front of my eyes.

The Golden Golem that ridiculously blocked even the Sword Girl’s SS-grade Sword Aura was cut and melted softly like yellow cheese.

The Holy Sword didn’t give the Golem’s restoration function any permission.

Holy Sword Nucleon.

Because this lethal weapon was the ‘real Holy Sword’ that was designed with the intention to push down even the Survival ability of the Devil King Fedonar that had been reborn perfectly.

It wasn’t a quality that something like Golem who didn’t have any skill in the transcendental domain could block.

Let alone if it was a slice of pizza….

“Wh, what the…?!” From the backside, an astounded expression of the War God that was puffed up looking at the Sword Girl was seen.

He had a cooler expression than when it was the first round.

Bbagak! Saintess H swung her walking-stick like a stick and crushed down the unfortunate face of the War God that was spacing out.

It was an instant death.

After that, Saintess H swiftly moved and caught me safely before I fell onto the dirty land.

Soft soft.

I arrived safely, softly on Saintess H’s breasts that perfectly absorbed the gravity acceleration and the falling shock.


It was a cool dingaling*.


” Enough of the straight compliment.

The Golden Golem that was destroyed didn’t get restored.

In the first round he was a persistent Golem that recovered quickly even though the internal devices were destroyed as long the core was fine, but the cutting caused by the Holy Sword Nucleon couldn’t stick again as if it was put under a terrible curse.

Kigigik- The Golden Golem’s scar got widened just like wooden chopsticks that got split into two and, Kooong! He collapsed completely.

Prodigy SS→ Prodigy SSS304 Level →647 Level Was it because I knocked down a powerful enemy with the body of a baby?The level of the skill ‘Prodigy’ was going up again.

The influence of the job ‘Hero’s EXP 5x benefits was really big.

But the leveling-up hurt my bones.

I thought it would be okay as long as the Golem’s core was fine, but it seemed like I underestimated the performance of the Holy Sword Nucleon.

I should be more careful next time.

“Uhuk uhuk! Wha, what on earth….

?” The Sword Girl that got set free from the Golden Golem’s grip was puzzled.

It would’ve been nice if her broken ribs stabbed her lungs or her heart, but she retreated safely with the help of the subordinates that came right over.

The Sword Girl’s arms and legs looked fine from the outside.

The War God must’ve gone easy on her.

“The War God died in a battle!”“The Guardian Angel of the empire was destroyed!”“Oh! Oh my goodness!” The death of the War God that was known as the incarnation of victory got widely announced in the battlefield.

Thereupon the soldiers of the emerging empire gave up resisting and surrendered right away.

One single defeat.

The result was immediately spread all across the northern continent.

The descendants of the collapsed kingdoms rose in arms simultaneously in all parts of the continent, the powerful people and ambitious people that were dispirited from the War God’s strength rose in revolt against the emerging empire and went independent.

The emerging empire was torn into pieces in just a few days.

And I? “Ooh! This person right here is who they said is the last of the lineage…?”“Does it mean the noble blood was continued!”“Our family will be loyal again to the royal family.

”“Your Highness! Please believe us from now on!” The junks from the collapsed kingdoms came together and pledged allegiance to me.

They were already lining up even though the war had not ended yet.

I didn’t hate this kind of sneaky nobles.

Because it only meant they were clever to read the trend.

Perhaps they were aiming for the position ‘regent’.

But they didn’t know me.

“Get lost.

”“……”“……” I slowly was able to speak.

“Get lost.

Get lost.

” Those were the only words I could say but from now on in a few days the vocabulary I could use would be increased drastically.

* 9 years of being a hero.

The emerging empire disappeared into history, the righteous Mister Hero that saved the Fantasia northern continent had grown up into a boy.

“A girl is sending greetings to Your Highness, the northern continent’s great Emperor.

” I also got crowned Emperor that ruled half of the northern continent.

Though it wasn’t intentional.

Death penalty for the bastards that threw flattery to Nanny, death penalty for nobles that were after the regent position, death penalty for traitors who rose a revolt, death penalty for the knights that became bandits, death penalty for wizards that acted up with the Golems, death penalty for the chaps that shoved their lineage to me…Then I naturally became an Emperor.

“Get- ehem.


What can I do for you, dethroned Princess?” The despicable Princess of the holy empire that ruled the northern part of the central continent came to the northern continent across the ocean.

Did she escape to the northern continent because she was being pursued by her brother and the aristocrats?If she was thinking of seeking help then she came to the wrong place.

“Hero is crazy.

”“……” The other kingdom’s Princess that had lost her fear insulted me as crazy.

Wasn’t it this bitch that was crazy?I should hang her on the entrance to the royal palace naked.

The new Emperor of the central continent’s holy empire must’ve sent his irritating sister that kept aiming for the throne to me so I could kill her for him.

With an addition of a declaration of war!It seemed like the northern continent that was impoverished from war looked easy to him.

“I don’t avoid a picked fight.

”“Yes?!” The Princess got taken aback by my answer.

I –who was planning to order for this bitch to be dragged and stripped down naked without leaving any of those provocative black underwear on to be hung on the castle gate, hesitated.

Because it seemed like this conversation was a bit out of focus.

Would this smart Princess come here to kill herself?Commonsensically, it was weird.




Please explain in detail.

” So I gave her a chance to live.

“Yes, Your Emperor Highness.

The Devil King Fedonar’s large-scale army is in the middle of invading the central continent.

But the hero that was enchanted by the Fairy Princess is staying in the Fairy Kingdom’s Elfheim and has no thought of coming out.

Please help us! It would be the end of the central continent if it keeps going like this!” The Fantasia was going crazy.