FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 78

FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 78

FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 78: Bye fantasy! Hello Earth! ▷Please check your report card carefully!▷Name: Kang Han Soo▷Combat Ability: SS▷Achievement: B▷Reputation: B▷Character: B▷Note: This punk got B-grade? Something’s wrong about this! ‘Tsk-tsk.

Give it up.

’ No matter how much the Fantasy God insisted something was up by himself, my innocence and brilliance was heeded by the sky and witnessed by the earth.

Having slain Demon King Pedonar with ease, my combat ability was SS-grade.

This grade was as I had expected, but the three other subjects didn’t turn out badly either.

Triple B.

I guessed that my grade in achievement fell as I had omitted to conquer the northern continent and intentionally avoided hunting so as to lower my Level.

My reputation had likewise fallen, as the time I had spent in the Playthrough had been far too short for rumors to spread.

Even if it hadn’t been as long as 7 years like in the 6th Playthrough, had I had at least several months, I would have gotten an A-grade.

But as for character… I didn’t quite get why it was dropped.

▷You have passed.

Passed! It was sweetness to my ears, like a celestial melody.

▷Congratulations on your graduation.

▷Certificate: The above student always adventured with earnesty and practiced righteous good deeds of his own accord.

Furthermore, he became a role model for the natives of Fantasy by always caring for and giving way to his companions.

Therefore, the above student is to be appointed an A-rank Hero.

Sincere congratulations on graduating.

I was appointed a B-rank Hero back in the 4th Playthrough, where my graduation was put on hold due to an unfair judgement, but this time I received an A-rank.

In all honesty, I didn’t care whether I got C-rank or D-rank.

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COM ▷Beginning graduation ceremony.

‘A graduation ceremony of all things?! Let’s be real now and not do something like having the principal give a speech!’ ▷The teaching staff are pleased at your graduation.

▷Specialist instructor’s disciplinary probation will be lifted.

▷Job “Hero” will be revoked.

▷Weapon “Holy Sword” will be retrieved.

▷Condition “Student” will be removed.

Like the other graduates I had met during the Hero Festival, I too lost the education-purpose Job “Hero”, but all that was actually taken back was the Job.

I didn’t possess the training aid “Holy Sword” that was smeared with automatic features, to begin with, and I wasn’t even aware of the Condition “Student”.

Things were going according to my calculations, but at that moment… ▷Principal’s speech.

‘Really? Not kidding? Please, keep it short.

’ ▷Speech: I sincerely congratulate you on graduating with excellent grades when you must have been unfamiliar with the elementary education curriculum.

I cannot help but feel a tremble every time I witness an outstanding graduate.

I give a few words of entreaty to you, who will soon be taking the first step out into the world.

First, go out into the world and meet new love and friendship.

The bonds you have built up here are precious also, of course, but think of where you must truly be—your family and hometown are awaiting you.

Second, foster hopes and dreams as you have been doing.

A journey with no desired destination will become wearisome in no time.

Fix your gaze on the high mountains and go forth without fear.

Third, do not forget the knowledge learned and beautiful memories made in this unfamiliar world.

They will protect you from the trials and hardships that will someday find you like destiny.

There will be nothing to worry about so long as you do not forget the teachings until now, because you are a graduate that we have acknowledged.


One more lastly.

No matter how tough the going gets, how lonely you become, never give up.

As long as you do not give up, the teaching staff will always be by your side.

There was a time when the staff were also students.

They know your heart better than anybody else.

If the seniors lead their juniors, and the juniors support their seniors in harmony, we will be capable of doing anything.

Have courage and strive forward with strength.

Once again, I sincerely congratulate you.

‘… Is it finally over?’ He had gone on and on, unnecessarily so.

At my middle school graduation ceremony, my homeroom teacher had said, “Contact me if you run into any difficulty!” but we never contacted each other to meet.

Rather than not having the chance, I simply didn’t? In the future, I wasn’t going to even take a leak in the direction of Fantasia, though I didn’t know what direction that was.

‘Barbaric fantasy! Let’s not ever meet again!’ ▶Sniff: I feel relieved yet sad, Cadet Kang Han Soo.


‘Of course, Miss Trainee Teacher’s an exception! Call me whenever you’re missing the strong chest and arms of a man.

If it’s you, I’ll give at least a night’s sleep regardless of face and figure.

’ ▶Pout: I’m popular myself, I’ll have you know?! Though by no means does that mean I’ve slept with many men before! Cadet Kang Han Soo.

Please refrain from saying things that’ll cause misunderstandings! Huh? Didn’t I say something similar previously as well? Anyway! Please take care in front of other women too! Miss Trainee Teacher had been guarding my side for almost 8 years since the 4th Playthrough, though I couldn’t remember most of that time as I was frozen the entire 6th Playthrough.

We had a special relationship, in a way, and seeing how we were going to part like this, I did feel a bit sad.

“Well… I’m sure I’ll totally forget her as I meet with some refined ladies of Earth!” ▷Ending graduation ceremony.

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COM ‘Oh beloved Earth, Kang Han Soo is coming for you right now.

’ *** Blinking, I opened my eyes that had been blurry for a moment.

A city covered in sooty smoke, far yonder, was caught in my sight, but it was no shabby city of a fantasy world.

There I saw towering buildings of artificial concrete and glass, as numerous as the trees in a forest.

It was a modern city I was seeing again after a whole 17 years.

Night had long fallen, yet the city alone was shining.

No, even the road leading to that city was illuminated by streetlights.

While the stars of the sky weren’t visible, hidden by the thick, dirty smoke, the city itself sparkled bright like a jewel box—a spectacle that could never be seen in a fantasy world.

Even the Sage’s Tower, which had magic that was advanced to the utmost at its disposal, wasn’t able to achieve such a night view.

“Hooooph!” I inhaled deeply and felt an unpleasantness, as if my lifespan would shorten even if I merely sat still breathing.

It was definitely the smell of the polluted air I remembered from my home planet, but being careless was taboo.

I steadily gazed with sharp eyes at the night sky.

When I concentrated, there was no constellation that I couldn’t see with my vision that surpassed even that of an astronomical telescope.

I could see the constellations I had learned about during earth science lessons; Scorpio, Sagittarius, Polaris… And the last was the one and only pure-white moon.

“I’ve really come back-! Hahaha!”