FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 69

FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 69

Chapter 69: You mustn’t seek encounters! ⑱ Was there a monster like this at the Dark Commerce? While I hadn’t put in my all behind it, the previous blow I dealt had carried enough force to send Demon King Pedonar to the other world in one go—simply because it was divine.

And yet… ▷Race: Second Demon▷Level: 999+▷Job: Queen(Charm→Rule↑)▷Skills: Dark Energy(Z) Vigor(Z) Immortality(Z) Charm(Z) Fortitude(SSS)…▷Condition: Rage, Demon Sword My opponent was even more formidable.

Four transcendental domain Skills? Was this a joke? The demon proceeded to speak.

“I did guess it from the time you went on a killing spree against your own race, but you aren’t like a Hero at all.

What rock did you crawl out from under, you phoney angel?” “From planet Earth!” I leaped forward for the second time as I retorted; this time I attempted close combat since my ranged attack, which was meant to split apart the female demon’s skull, had failed.

I immediately summoned Holy Sword 2, and strengthened my body with its amplification effect as well as Blessing.

Fwooosh~! A whirlwind combined with Divinity and Dark Energy coiled around Holy Sword 2, and added to this was the amplification effect of countless Skills and Blessing—it was the strongest attack I could currently manage to pull off.

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COM “The same power as the Hero of Origin?” The female demon composedly summoned her Demon Sword, but I wondered to myself: could that thing be called a ‘sword’? Instead of a blade made of metal, a violet body of light shot out from the hilt.

That is to say, that thing was… “A lightsaber in a fantasy world?!” It had utterly transcended genre.

“Why? Is there a rule that says you can’t use one? In the first place, I don’t want to hear such words from a human who’s fascinated in playing with childish robots, yeah?” “Don’t condemn a man’s romance!” Transformation and combination super robots were justice! Pzzzt- A circular wave of impact occurred as Holy Sword 2 and the Demon Sword clashed.

The atmosphere was naturally affected, and even the earth surged like waves and destroyed everything that came into contact.

“Uaargh~?!” “S-save me~?!” “Kyaah~?!” The small-timers of the Dark Commerce caught up in this were launched flying away.

While they were highest ranking officers who held influence over Fantasia’s northern continent, they were no different than scum from the moment they became embroiled in the fight between the female demon and me.

This showed what a different league this battle was.

“Kugh…?!” “Pft-hahaha!” Although I lost out in terms of the number of Skills that had reached the transcendental domain, I was surprisingly able to eke out a tie; it was thanks to Divinity being fatal to demons.

The female demon shouted while quivering in anger.

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COM “Cowardly phoney bastard!” “Don’t compare me to those cowardly angels!” Those birdbrains were nothing but good Divinity supplies.

The terrain of the continent overturned all over the place each time Holy Sword 2 and the Demon Sword clashed.

Landslides and earthquakes constantly occurred, and even thunder and lightning began to rage accompanied by a storm.

And our clothing disappeared one by one as they were hacked to pieces.

“Cowardly bastard! You aimed for my clothes on purpose, didn’t you?!” Yelling prudishly, the female demon’s kick landed on my shin.

“Kurgh?! Cowardly shrew! How could you distract my eyes with those unnecessarily large tits!” “A sexually harassing Hero?!” “Hah! What sort of talk is that in a fantasy world!” That lightsaber was one thing, but this female demon had a strangely good sense about her.

It was the same just a moment ago—this was the first time I had ever heard the term ‘sexual harassment’ in my 11 to 17 years in this fantasy world.

Just what was this demon’s identity? Her combat ability had already far surpassed that of the Demon King, and her race was ‘second’ demon.

This being the case, could it be that she was the daughter of the first demon, Demon King pedonar? Or was it that she was the second demon to be naturally born? But whatever the case, it was certain that she was strong.

I would have been in no small degree of danger if I hadn’t been able to take the upper hand with Divinity which was fatal to demons.

By no means did this mean that my situation was better, however; the female demon’s two Z-rank Skills, Immortality and Vigor, raised her lifeforce and defensive ability to the extreme, and so I couldn’t see a way to defeat her.

This called for drastic measures, and so… “Kyah?!” I pulled on the female demon’s long hair that reached the small of her back.

“Good!” “Dirty asshole!” It didn’t matter what she said; after pulling on her straight long hair and breaking her balance, I used Holy Sword 2 to stab her ches— Boing! The blade was bounced off by her breasts’ elasticity.

“Dishonorable shrew! How could you make use of sexual discrimination!” “How the hell do you see it that way-?!” In any case, the female demon was also granted an opportunity as my decisive blow failed; she didn’t lose this opening and thrust her lightsaber over at me—but I had expected this much at least.

I hurriedly pulled back Holy Sword 2, which was bounced off by her outrageous breasts, and blocked the violet lightsaber.

No, I was supposed to have blocked it.

Fwip—Thwack! The body of the lightsaber suddenly disappeared, and because of that the blade of my Holy Sword 2 which had lost its target struck hard against the female demon’s left shoulder, and at the same time… Vwiing—Paf! After she received Holy Sword 2 with her shoulder, she once again summoned the blade of the lightsaber and mercilessly slashed sideways across my waist.

Splurt- Considerably deeply.

“Kugh-!?” I had thought my innards were going to spill out from my slashed belly.

Although the injury healed immediately, it wasn’t an easy thing to take back a momentum that was lost once.

We had both exchanged blows, but the loss I suffered was far greater.

Srrr- And this was because the recovery ability of the female demon, who had raised Immortality to the transcendental domain, was at a ridiculous level.

Forget her shoulder being cut through by Holy Sword 2, it pushed the blade back instead, following which the wound on her shoulder shot out thorn-like crimson blood at me.

Purk! Purk! Purk! They stabbed into my left chest region in rapid succession.

“Cowardly bastard, now it’s over for you too!” The female demon thus triumphantly cried out after attacking using her Skill Vigor.

As she said, I was indeed in a truly dangerous situation.

Those ‘thorns’ would have penetrated through to my heart if I hadn’t utilized Master Mollang’s teachings to thicken the skin around my chest; however, that was that.

I didn’t want to hear it was the end for me from a pervert woman acting conceited in the nude.

“Who says it’s the end!” I gathered divine energy at my forehead and launched a headbutt with all my might.

“Kya?!” It wasn’t like having Immortality meant she couldn’t feel pain; the female demon, focusing on the movements of my limbs, had been completely ignoring my head and ended up receiving a direct blow.

Wham! Her high nose bent downwards and shot out blood from its nostrils, and even her legs became tangled as she reeled about.

The female demon didn’t take it lying down, however; she swung her lightsaber in a counter-attack and targeted the lower half of my body, my precious other self.

Fwiing- It barely grazed past its target thanks to my having parried it with Holy Sword 2, but I was so surprised that my little brother shriveled right up.

“This dastardly shrew-!” There were some spots that were morally wrong to attack in the world; however, this cowardly demon was the first to break this rule, and therefore: ‘No holding grudges now.

’ I released the summon of Holy Sword 2, which was utterly ineffective due to my opponent’s Immortality(Z), and used both hands to grab hold of her voluptuous body like it were a handle.

And then I twisted.

“Kyaaagh-?!” My attacks until now had been utterly unsatisfactory; however, my attack this time was effective to the point of making the female demon unable to recover her senses; she gasped for breath as she contorted her waist in pain.

In the end, the female demon loosed a scream as she let go of her Demon Sword and also began to take dastardly action for real—she tenaciously aimed for my precious other self as if bent on devouring it.

I neither succumbed nor took fright at this, but mustered my strength and held on like mad.

Bewildered: It’s a chaotic mess… I lightly shrugged off Miss Trainee Teacher’s reproachful words.

I was about to die this very instant, so how could I play fair and square? We scratched and tore at one another, and rolled about the scorched earth entangled.

“Sneaky scum!” “I should be saying!” I had encountered the most cowardly and despicable enemy in all my 11 to 17 years of life in this fantasy world, but I didn’t give in and instead fiercely fought against her.

The fight had seemed as if it would never end; however, at last, this close fight came to an acceptable conclusion.

*** I didn’t know where I was.

It was impossible to determine the location as the sky was pitch-black from the dust expelled from a volcano’s eruption, and the terrain had completely changed due to our overly fierce battle.

Nevertheless, I could see my surroundings.

I drove back the female demon into the hard face of a precipice.

“Ugh!” She groaned upon colliding against the rock, but she hadn’t suffered any notable damage; this despicable demon had used her tight buttocks to minimize the impact.

That being the case, there would have been no meaning in driving her back if I stopped there.

This time, I had prepared a fairly good plan of my own.

Tak, tak.

I grasped hold of the female demon’s slender wrists, with this I had blocked out her dangerous Demon Sword attacks, and I stuck my body close to hers so that she couldn’t lift her detestable legs; her sharp knee strikes were too great a threat to my tender other self.

And now I had completed phase one of overpowering her.

The female demon spoke as she heaved hot breaths.

“Give up.

You can’t win against me.

” Once again she taunted me, the count of which I had forgotten, but her face was excessively red for a woman claiming to be invincible.

I let out a chuckle, and commenced phase two of my plan.


”“Uuhb?!” It was as she had taunted.

I had subdued her because I couldn’t kill her, but this fight would never end by only doing that; thus, I covered her lips with mine so that she couldn’t even gasp for breath, and… Crack! Broke her slender neck.

The female demon’s limbs went limp, but this time as well she quickly attempted to revive herself.

Things were playing out the same as before up to this point, and there would have been no point in covering her lips if I were to let it end like this.

“Tssp!” “Oom?!” The real fight began from here—the Divinity(Z) power extract I had passed into the female demon’s throat hindered her revival, and began to destroy her innards.

It was extremely effective.

Quiver…! The sneaky female demon pretended to tremble piteously, despicably jiggling her breasts and trying to draw my gaze below.

But I didn’t take my lips away from hers until the end.

Tsssp! I sucked on the Dark Energy that endlessly flowed out from the female demon along with her lips, and injected the power of my Divinity deeply into her throat so that she couldn’t spit it out.

And how much time must have passed in this manner, I wondered to myself.

Sigh: Is Student Kang Han Soo’s kiss a one-use item…? ‘Don’t you think the weather is so fine, Miss Trainee Teacher?’ The sky had become murky from the ashes of the volcanoes that had erupted everywhere.

This was bound to be good for skin health, as it would allow one to evade direct sunlight.

I stared down at the female demon who had collapsed from being worn out by the power of Divinity.

“She was damn tenacious.

” It was the first time in my life seeing such a cowardly demon.

Although this was a bit strange coming from a Hero, it was necessary for such demons to learn a thing or two from Demon King Pedonar, who was gentlemanly in an un-demon-like fashion.

But putting that aside, where was this? “O chosen Hero! Do you not think the hurdle too high for a Hero to hold a relationship with the Demon King’s daughter? Or could it be! Am I failing to follow the trend…?” “… Daughter?” I looked upwards from where I had heard a familiar voice.

There, atop a splendid-looking terrace, I saw a male demon standing behind the Elf King’s wife, who stood in an alluring posture holding onto the terrace’s handrail with her rear end stuck out backwards.

He proudly shouted towards me, donned in his birthday suit.

“In any case, you did good in coming without notice, Hero of legend! To think you would get in my way when I was just about to take the Elf Kingdom’s beautiful queen! The Elf King is fortunate!” ‘Fortunate my ass.

’ It was plain to see that he had moved on from intimacy on the throne to indulging in outdoor play.

Perhaps this speed of progress was on the rather slow side considering 6 years had passed? I pointed at the female demon lying limp on the ground as I asked a question.

“She’s your daughter?” “Before that, I will start with my introduction! I am the very pinnacle of all evil, Demon King Pedonar! As my expression of respect for your spirit in charging in here all alone, I shall release the Elf King’s wife for free!” Demon King Pedonar thus shouted generously.

But as for me, I wasn’t happy in the slightest.

“I was just doing my Hero thing and yet…” The place where I was mistaken to be holding a rendezvous with a demon… was below the Demon King’s castle, which was built atop a steep natural precipice.

But I had no memory of crossing over to the middle continent from the north… Reproach: You were busy looking at the chest of a certain lady.

In any case, I didn’t know what had happened.