FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 20

FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Guardian Hero of Love News of the Elf King’s death dealt a sudden shock to the continent.

The personal connections of the Elf King, who had lived for a very long period of time, were exceedingly numerous and deep.

In the 1st Playthrough, from the moment Prince Nasus ascended the throne after the Elf King’s death in the rebellion, he was denounced by the people from everywhere across Fantasia’s continents.

Following that event, the Hero’s party set forth to attack Elfheim with the aid and support of the Elf King’s friends… This time, however, the situation was largely different.

The likes of the Elf King attacked the great Hero! And even his reason for doing so was petty.

As the truth about the king attacking the Hero ‘first’ because he was human, the matter only blew out of proportion.

Even those who knew the Elf King said “This madman is hopeless even with friendship” and kept silent, let alone lament his death.

Things were turning out swell.

Nobody was implicating me.

There were no problems to my reputation.

▷Fatigued: So you killed the Elf King who fell for the prince’s taunt.

The way to persuade another is not by words, but through one’s behavior.

Was your action not excessive to be called self-defense? A bow pulled back too far is bound to break.

‘Professor Morals.

I see you’re popping up everywhere now.

’ ▷Negative: I did not plan on coming this time as well.

There were several cases of the prince’s rebellion being stopped in advance, but Student Kang Han Soo is the first Hero to personally murder the Elf King.

And it happened much too quickly! That is why I have come to investigate.

‘Aha! I’m receiving attention in various ways.

‘Though I would more grateful if you specially let me graduate.

’ Please Keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM ▷Apologetic: That would be difficult.

Those were the words Professor Morals left before vanishing.

It seemed he had really only come to see if the Elf King was killed by me.

‘Damn nagging…’ ▷Just Remembered: I will be right back after taking care of the urgent papers.

I will be coming by tomorrow at the latest.

Please get along with your companions until then! This is a request from me.

Understood? ‘Yes! Professor Morals! Don’t worry!’ There were only two companions to speak of, though.

▷Warning: That includes past companions.

Professor Morals left this time for real.

I couldn’t wrap my head around it at all.

I had raised up Porter as Alex’s substitute and placed him in an important post in the kingdom.

What could be the reason for Professor making such a fuss when there were no problems at all? In any case… Humans VS Elves.

The situation had escalated to the point of war breaking out between the two races.

The Elf King’s existence had played an extremely large part in the Elves, who had been suppressed by the humans to the extent of becoming hunting game, maintaining their kingdom.

He was someone who had gone beyond the ordinary with his absurdly high Level.

Although he was really nothing much in an actual fight, to the humans who didn’t know his Skills were poop, the Elf King was a fear-inspiring character covered in haze who acted as a war deterrent.

But he had died.

And there was adequate reason to wage war against the Elves too: Let’s help Sir Hero and smash up the Elves’ country! … But the busybody Hero showed compassion.

He stood up for them saying that not all Elves were human-abhorring nuggets of EXP like the Elf King and thus, the sparks of war quickly died out.

Of course, I hadn’t worked for free.

I ate EXP, made an achievement, gained fame, received gifts, and women too… Mm.

Anyhow… “Amazing.

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COM I felt like I could appoint Prince Nasus as my second sponsor; though, I wouldn’t be getting any support ever once I returned to Earth this time.

Still, amazing things were amazing.

“Are you talking about me?” asked Female Elf knight Eiris coyly, lying sideways on the bed.

I did bully her quite a bit from last night after the banquet ended.

Noticing my gaze, she dragged up the blankets which had slipped down and barely covered her curves.

‘… But it is amazing, isn’t it? Elf chests are supposed to be like LCD monitors.

’ “Of course, you’re amazing too.

” I strongly supported the union of humans and Elves.

An amazing hybrid would be born if only the advantages of the two races were joined.

Eiris was proof of this.

The eyes of young ladies would turn starry if I introduced myself as the Hero in a human kingdom.

Emphasizing their own sexual appeal was a given.

The Elf kingdom was different, however; the Elven ladies might be curious about me, but they didn’t view me as a potential lover.

Not wanting to give up, I had met with countless Elf women in the welcome banquet, but not a single one of them had thrown me even a jokingly flirty glance.

100% pure Elves were a lost cause, however… “It’s been a really long since I’ve had a man.

” Eiris, whose blood was one-fourth human, had sneaked a dirty peek at my ‘Excalibur’ and giggled.

Her husband had died during sexual intercourse about 2 years back.

It was a tragedy that struck within two days of their marriage—the man couldn’t handle Eiris whose passion was unlike an Elf’s.

Having abruptly become a widow and because the Elf men kept away from her, Eiris couldn’t even enjoy a one night stand, let alone remarry… for no less than 2 thousand years! “I rested well thanks to you, Eiris.

” “Did you really have a rest? I’m exhausted like a water-drunk Elemental, though.

” “I’ve rested very well.

My weary heart, that is.

” A bit of the stress which had piled up due to studying them morals was eased.

“… You can’t let up a single moment when it comes to the exciting verbal expressions of humans.

May your days ahead be only full of blessings, Sir Hero who is hot like fire and hard like rock.

” “Thanks.

” After exchanging a deep kiss for the last time with Eiris, I left the bedroom and swiftly prepared to leave—there was no reason to further stay in Elfheim.

I had easily achieved my objective in coming.

Hunting the Elf King.

This was why I had said “amazing” to myself.

While the Elf King was really quite pathetic, he was far higher up than the Oblivion Dragon King in terms of pure Level.

And that was boosted fivefold with the Hero’s perk! I had instantly gained an immense amount of EXP greater than what could be had by an ordinary Hero killing all the Five Disasters alone.

“This standard of equipment can be considered outstanding too.

” Nasus, who had ascended the throne in a natural manner, had given me an assortment of things as thanks: helmet, armor, necklace, ring, earring, potion… It would be difficult to obtain more arms and consumables than this in a short period of time; they had to be custom-tailored.

I had to search through ruins or scrounge up high-quality materials by hunting, and go find a legendary blacksmith or alchemist.

Putting aside that it would be troublesome, it would take a lot time to do so.

“Sir Hero~!” Deep, dark circles under her eyes, Lanuvel came over running after spotting me.

As an archaeologist with a curious heart, she must have went around the entire Elf kingdom through the night; after all, she had done so in the 1st Playthrough as well.

This was because Elfheim was the one place that even the well-knowledgeable Lanuvel hadn’t visited before.

For a long time the Elf kingdom had been closed off to the outside world.

Its cities, villages and so on were beautiful like art on the outside, but there was really nothing to it all if you looked just a bit closer.

Politics, economics, techniques, philosophy, art, music… Everything had been preserved according to convention dating back to ten thousands of years.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call them modern cavemen who had rejected civilization; though, that might seem attractive to scholars.


Did you have a good look at the folk village?” “It’s not enough.

Give me just a few more days! Even if it’s one more!” “No can do.

” Timing was always important.

As of present, it was widely known that I had subjugated the Oblivion Dragon King who had laid waste the half of the middle continent, and that I had meted judgement to the incompetent previous Elf King.

As such, I had to take down the Demon King as well before my current popularity cooled down.

I would be able to get an A-grade in reputation at this timing.

While I was slightly uneasy regarding achievement, the related requirements were bound to be satisfied in the process of wiping out demons in the Demon King’s territory.

“Sir Hero.

Even when I’m asking you like this?” Lanuvel gazed at me with sorrowful, upturned eyes.

She was putting up the cute act even stronger than usual.

It seemed the Elf country was considerably to her liking.

However… “If you like it so much then live here.

” I deflected her flimsy pretty-woman attack with a single snort.

“Aww…” Lanuvel and I, the former pouting like a pufferfish, used a spatial transfer magic circle to return to the kingdom whence we came.

Something good had been going on there as well.

*** “Congratulations, Porter.

What did I tell you, that it would go well, right? Even a princess beloved by the people is nothing without a man to protect her.

Someone like you is a more than worthy match.

” “Sir Hero.

So I was thinking you should call me by name n…” “I’m so happy for you! Subordinate A!” “Ah, okay.

” A marriage between the timid Subordinate A and the beautiful princess! Their relationship which had been making no progress had developed at the speed of lightning from the moment news of the Elf King’s death spread.

It seemed the Dumpling King and the nobles had persuaded the princess and as a result, they had already even spent their first night together.

“What gratifying happy events.

” “Sir Hero.

The bride’s expression is dark, though?” Upon hearing Lanuvel’s indication, I examined the Status of the princess who was just entering the wedding hall amidst applause.

▷Race: Human▷Level: 73▷Job: Princess(National Strength=Charm↑)▷Skills: Charm(B) Coquetry(C) Song and Dance(D) Sociability(E) Eternal Youth(E)…▷Status: Resigned, Tense, Expectant, Worried Her Level and Skills were excellent, and her status was extremely good too.

You couldn’t only be excited and happy getting married for the first time, could you? Newly-married life, childbirth, postpartum recovery, problem of succession… There was a great mountain of worries to be had from now.


It’s your worthless imagination at play.

Just clap instead.

” “Aww… okay.

” Clap clap clap! Clap clap! The beautiful wedding ceremony was nearing its end; however, at the moment the bride and groom were about to exchange vows after having put on their wedding rings… Crash-! A youth kicked open the doors to the wedding hall, intruding without permission, and caused a commotion yelling, “I object to this marriage!” Palace knights joined the scene after him.

“Catch that punk!” “What mischief is this?!” “Interrupting this sacred marriage…!” The youth causing a problem was something I remembered.

In the 1st Playthrough, he was Mercenary B who convinced the princess, whose political marriage had been decided with an allied country, to flee under cover of night to a country that had no relation to either side.

An outstanding mercenary, he was a rather renown young man of influence.

But that was all.

From my perspective, Mercenary B was a strong-armed ruffian hitting on the princess who often left the palace to play with her maids.

Shiing- I unsheathed Elemental Sword Endymion.

I couldn’t find a single reason nor need to spare that barbarian who had interrupted this sacred marriage.

“Wai-, wait a moment!” The kind-hearted princess began to plead for the the youth to be let off.

Although it felt like the verdict had been made too hastily, since spilling blood in the wedding hall was bad luck, it was decided for the matter to be closed with him being chased out.

Immediately after the disturbance ended… “That man.

He must’ve dearly loved the princess.

” Lanuvel spouted something strange.

“Love? It’s obsession born from a filthy desire to possess.

” Subordinate A’s formerly bright but now stiff expression drew my attention.

Tsk-tsk! How his heart must ache… But then suddenly, I recalled Professor Morals’ request for me to take good care of my companions.

“Yes, that’s right…” I never left future troubles be no matter the occasion.

*** Mercenary B, who was beaten and then chased out of the wedding hall, didn’t give up.

After receiving first-aid from a healer companion, he secretly snuck inside the palace under the cover of darkness.

His objective was the bride’s bedroom—he was targeting the woman who had only just married.

As a righteous Hero, I couldn’t turn a blind eye to this, could I? Stab! Elemental Sword Endymion pierced through Mercenary B’s neck.

“Kagh-! He-, Hero…!” “Punishment for the home wrecker.

” Envying and trying to steal another’s beautiful bride? Just what kind of monkey was he to be unable to contain his lust and emotions? But even that was now finished.

I reduced Mercenary B’s corpse to almost nothing, turning it into a handful of dark matter.

“Now, isn’t this a strange feeling?” It feel cool and refreshing inside, as if I had drunk a cool glass of cider! I simply felt great despite that taking care of this kind of home wrecker didn’t add to my achievements or help reputation in any way.

I wished for Subordinate A to become happy.


Feels good.

” It was definitely a sign telling me that I was doing good.

It felt like I had drawn closer to the epilogue.

*** The Hero and Lanuvel wished Subordinate A happiness before parting with him.

It was with light hearts that the two set their foot upon Demon Lord Pedonar’s vast territory.

There would be no stopping from hereon—until we reached the Demon King’s castle.


You keep your ass safe in the back, and then later on spread far and wide the awesome tale of how the great Hero, yours truly, wiped out the demons.

You can do that much with magic, right?” “Probably…?” ‘My lady Earth.

I’m coming to meet you now.

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